Posted by: Kimbaforeva | July 11, 2011

Spoilers (18th – 22nd July)

Monday 18th: Hazel advises Aaron not to throw Chas’s offer back in her face, pointing out that she was prepared to make a massive sacrifice for him. Carl’s resentful when Chas thanks him for the offer but says Aaron refused it. Chas visits Aaron and Hazel at Dale Head and sees they’ve cleared up and is pleased when Aaron apologises for being off with her.

Thursday 21st:  Chas and Hazel worry about Aaron when he says that he didn’t see the barrister.

Friday 22nd: Chas is worried about Hazel’s state of mind and Bob’s annoyed when Chas pressurises Hazel to say the right thing, leaving her stressed and upset. When she visits to apologise, Chas can see that Hazel is scared of failing them and worries if she’ll be able to cope in court.



  1. It looks like this week is building up for the trial which starts the following week, beginning Monday 25th. I’ve read that after the trial, Aaron heads into a dark period.

    My thinking is that Aaron is cleared of murder but will revert back to his self loathing ways and will constantly beat himself up over helping Jackson to die. He’ll ultimately regret doing what he did. Dark days for Aaron ahead and lots of ’em. Joy.

    • Yay! It’s been all joy since January. They kind of said he won’t be back to his previous self, didn’t they? I’m wondering what the “dark path” may be… Maybe he’ll start to take drugs or something.

  2. Emmerdale just isn’t the same without Jackson. Take a look at any photo of Marc Silcock and tell me you don’t miss him.

    • I agree David, I miss Jackson’s cheeky face and gorgeous smile so much… 😦

  3. I think Aaron will punish himself enough without the court having to. He will never forgive himself for what he did and will always regret it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Emmerdale left his relationship with Jackson as the only relationship he’ll ever have, make his way of coping being never to get involved with anyone ever again, never put himself in the position of having someone else to care about or worry about. Dark days indeed.

  4. After seeing tonights episode, it’s obvious Aaron thinks that he should be punished. Jerry had a go at him and Aaron didn’t even try to defend himself. It’s almost pitiful to see Aaron thinking that he deserves everything he gets after what he did for Jackson. It’s so sad to see all the fight gone from him.

    • Hi Shawn,

      I agree. I like the new Aaron that we had up to Jackson’s death but I’d love to see some of the old Aaron coming back now, the Aaron with a bit of attitude, who stood up for himself. Now, it seems he feels so guilty about what he did, he’ll take punishment from anyone who wants to dish it out. He might as well wear a sign round his neck saying kick me.

      He even defended Jerry when Hazel was having a go about his behaviour saying “we did that to him.”

      I still can’t believe Jerry lied on his police statement either, saying that Aaron bullied Jackson into the assisted suicide and Jackson was scared of him. That laptop better make an appearance in court so they can see what Jackson really thought of Aaron and it would be a good way of Aaron getting to see the message that was played at the funeral.

      Having said all that, I’m really looking forward to the court scenes. They should make some great viewing with Danny doing what he does best, tugging at the heartstrings.

  5. Hi Sharon

    Yeah, I certainly agree with everything you’ve said. Aaron is a broken man. He’s lost Jackson and he’s lost his fight. The doubts over what he did are creeping in and he thinks he deserves to be punished.

    Jerry is pretty deplorable, lying in his statement. Everyone in the village knew Jackson was as stubborn as a mule and so was Aaron and that’s why they fought like they did. I hope Jackson’s laptop videos relay the love he felt for Aaron.

    Also lookimg forward to the court scenes. Our little Danny will indeed be acting his litte heartnout,Gretn drama to comemto come!

  6. Ha, I must’ve been on the hard stuff last night! Trying to type whilst nodding off is not good if you’re trying to make sense! What I was trying to say is that there’s some good drama coming up in trial week and the weeks following. I’m looking forward to our Danny acting his socks off!

    As for tonight’s episode, I’m glad that Aaron has been there for Hazel over the last couple of days. That shrine was not healthy, even though there was dozens of pictures of our lovely Jackson from happier days smiling, I’m glad she started to take it down. Though I don’t think she’s safe from that breakdown yet.

    • Hi Shawn,

      Don’t worry mate, I understood what you were trying to say and it was only the last couple of sentences that went a bit wrong 🙂

      I liked the way Aaron apologised to his mum for the way he treated her, showing that maturer side to him and the way he stroked Jackson’s face on the photo he was holding was very sweet. It’s nice he’s there for Hazel but you’re right, she’s not safe from that breakdown yet.

      How’s this for an appropriate description of Aaron at the moment:
      I used to be a fighter but without you, I give up.

      Sums him up pretty well, doesn’t it?

      • Hi Sharon

        Is that line from a Bon Jovi song?? Sounds vaguely familiar!

        Also liked Aaron stroking Jackson’s face on that photo too, so sweet.

        • Hi Shawn, it’s from Always, it was playing the other day and it just seemed to fit cos Aaron has given up.

          I used to have quite a thing for Jon Bon Jovi a few years ago!!

          • Hi Sharon

            Haha, I thought so! I must admit, that song was and still is one of my guilty pleasures!

            • Yep, it’s a classic! You can’t beat a love song by a soft metal band.

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