Posted by: Kimbaforeva | July 16, 2011

The trial begins…

Coming up on Emmerdale, the moment that Aaron Livesy and his loved ones have dreaded arrives as his trial for murder begins.

When the proceedings get under way, Hazel and Adam are among those who take the stand to reveal what they know about Jackson’s death. However, there’s concern for Aaron as he seems strangely detached from the entire situation.

In a further twist as the trial continues, Aaron begins to be plagued by self-doubt as he hears the evidence in court – which makes him question whether he did the right thing by helping Jackson to die after all.

With Aaron fearing that he’s made a terrible mistake and Chas and Paddy desperate to ensure that he avoids a jail sentence, will the troubled mechanic be found guilty or not guilty when the jury reach their verdict?

These scenes will air from Monday 25th July, 7pm, ITV1.




  1. They should sue him at least once a month to make him wear a suit. 😉

    • I agree Charlie, he does look pretty hot in that suit. I’d certainly cross examine him, haha x

    • And yet, its a different suit from the last court case seen here:

      And Shadrach’s funeral

      We all know how much “work” he is doing at the shop… its amazing he can keep finding these suits 🙂

      He is a Dingle though…
      Best not to ask too many questions.

  2. High drama to come next week then! It seems that since Jackson’s death, both Aaron and Hazel have been trying to convince themselves that they did want Jackson wanted and since he was charged, Aaron has had a ‘whatever will be, will be’ attitude.

    Though once in court and hearing the evidence it looks like Aaron stars to question what he did and realises that he made the wrong decision in helping Jackson to die and comes to the conclusion that he should be punished for his actions.

    In an interview Danny has said that Aaron wants to be found guilty and wants to go to prison because of the guilt he feels and a verdict of not guilty would send him over the edge.

    My view is that the verdict is not guilty and this dismays Aaron who decides to punish himself with self loathing, etc, cue the dark period we’ve been teased about in recent weeks.

    Danny seems to be at his best when he’s angst ridden and the writers seem to want to keep on making Aaron suffer and so I doubt he’ll ever find happiness. Maybe they think that making Aaron happy would be too out of character for him? Thank goodness I say, for some of those brilliant writers out there of various fan fics. At least Aaron is happy somewhere in the Aarson universe!

    • Hi Shawn,

      It would make a lot of sense for Aaron to be found not guilty and so have to punish himself for what he now obviously starts to feel is a huge mistake he’s made in helping Jackson to end his life.

      He hasn’t even started to grieve yet, he’s too overwhelmed with guilt so there’s that to look forward to as well. That light at the end of the tunnel for Aaron seems a long long way off at the moment.

      I hate the way in all the interviews, Danny keeps saying Aaron has killed the only man he’ll ever love. Aaron’s nineteen, he can’t stay on his own forever and surely even emmerdale will allow Aaron some happiness at some point.

  3. Hi Sharon

    I have a feeling that it’s Jackson ‘s video appearances, saying that he wanted to die and that he didn’t want anyone to blame Aaron or Hazel, that will make the jury deliver a ‘not guilty’ verdict.

    Also, after the (not guilty) verdict, I’ve read that Aaron ‘breaks down’, cue the start of his grieving process. About time! By the end of trial week, Jackson will have been dead seven weeks!

    I agree, how would Aaron know that Jackson will be the only man he’ll ever love. Obviously, he’s raw now and will be for some months but he’s young enough to fall in love again and hopefully will at some point. Aaron deserves to be happy in the future but I think the writers may have other ideas :-/

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