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Spoilers (25th – 29th July)

Monday 25th: Everyone seems anxious about the first day of the trial, but Aaron appears calm. As the court case begins, Chas worries about Hazel crumbling under the prosecution’s questions as she’s called to the witness box. Chas despairs as Hazel tries to defend Aaron’s actions but is tripped up by the prosecutor and ends up implicating Aaron. Chas leaves the court frustrated and as her emotions boil over, Aaron overhears her criticising Hazel. Aaron remains detached as Chas apologises to Hazel, telling her that she must stay strong.

Tuesday 26th: Ashley has decided to attend the second day of the trial, but Laurel warns him to be sensitive. As Jerry is in the witness box, the judge warns him from speculating about Aaron’s hold over Jackson and instructs the jury to strike his comments from the record. Afterwards, Hazel has a go at Jerry but Aaron tells her that he has a right to be there.

Aaron’s full of self-doubt when the defence play Jackson’s video and Chas and Hazel are devastated when Adam is forced to admit that Aaron confessed he killed Jackson. Chas feels bitter and worries about her son, while Aaron sits alone in his room, re-watching Jackson’s video.

Later, visiting Ashley at the church, Aaron gets angry as he questions Ashley over what he thinks about his actions and crumples in despair, feeling tormented.

Wednesday 27th: Aaron’s mood is increasingly dark and when Steve arrives in the village and wishes him luck for the trial, it’s clear he feels he doesn’t deserve his best wishes. Once in the court room, Aaron is disinterested as the defence try to demonstrate his closeness with Jackson. When the prosecution try to suggest that Aaron didn’t want to be burdened with Jackson, he inadvertently strikes a chord with the jury, suggesting he thinks about Jackson every single day. As Paddy takes to the stand, he states that he’d be proud to be Aaron’s dad but his confidence is shaken when he lets slip that Aaron once hit him and apologises later for potentially damaging his case. Chas, Paddy and Rhona worry about Aaron’s state of mind when he questions whether he’s done the right thing after all.

Thursday 28th (7pm): The prosecution and defence sum up their cases for the jury and the judge asks them to go and consider the verdict. Chas has a go at Lizzie outside the court as they wait to be called back in, but is hopeful when Lizzie shows her and Hazel support. Zak calls them back in as Aaron re-enters the court to await the verdict…

Thursday 28th (8pm): Aaron is shell-shocked as the jury reach a verdict.

Friday 29th: Aaron breaks down – overwhelmed by guilt.

These scenes will air during the week beginning Monday 25th July 2011.



  1. Looks like we’re in for an emotional week. Aaron crumpling in despair, then breaking down, I better get the tissues ready. He can’t really be found guilty can he?

  2. No. He wants to be found guilty because he wants to be punished. He’ll be found innocent – and that will send him over the edge.

    Totally off-topic, who the heck is Lizzie? :

    • The blind lady with the orange hair

      • Thank you – I didn’t know her name – and am surprised she figures into this at all. Another sign of bad writing: Aaron turning to Ashley. The vicar has already made his feelings clear and has never been a figure in Aaron’s life. He should lean on Paddy – or even Cain.

  3. there should be a poll about the verdict – what will it be? – guilty or not guilty. oooohh exciting stuff!

    • Agreed!

      *goes to create poll*

  4. Hi all

    I’m most looking foward to our Danny giving possibly his best performance yet. Blimey, that boy can act! Also I’m looking foward to the drama of the trial as Emmerdale is a ‘serial drama’ after all and some of the storylines since Jacksons death have seemed a little lack-lustre to say the least.

    I’ve said on other threads that I believe Aaron will be found not guilty. He wants to go to prison because he now feels that what he did was wrong but how he says he feels about Jackson must make the jury sympathize with him. Their verdict will make him totally lose it and then there will come that breakdown we wondered about some weeks back.

    I agree with Mark who didn’t understand why Aaron seeks Ashley’s opinion when he’s already made his feelings clear. Paddy and Cain and the rest of the family are going to be biased anyway, aren’t they? So I suppose he thinks he’s got no one left to talk to who’s impartial.

    • I think the reason he goes to talk to Ashley is because Ashley was one of the first to say to his face that he thought what him and Hazel did was wrong. Now Aaron is starting to agree with him, maybe he feels he needs to talk to him some more. I just hope Emmerdale don’t have Aaron joining him in wearing a dog collar any time soon.

      Danny’s performances will be emotional and brilliant as always. Can’t wait for it all to unravel.

      • Hi guys
        Looking forward to next week, it’s been a while since Danny had the chance to act his socks off (as you say Shawn, it’s been very lacklustre since Jackson’s death).

        If it wasn’t for Danny, I’d have given up watching by now!

        • you & me both!

          • And me three!! Totally agree with everything you’ve said guys x.

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