Posted by: Kimbaforeva | July 20, 2011

POLL: The verdict

It’s the moment that Aaron Livesy and his loved ones have been dreading next week, as his trial for murder begins. Aaron is soon plagued by self-doubt as he hears the evidence in court – which makes him question whether he did the right thing by helping Jackson to die after all.

With Aaron fearing that he’s made a terrible mistake and Chas and Paddy desperate to ensure that he avoids a jail sentence, will the troubled mechanic be found guilty or not guilty when the jury reach their verdict?

Vote in the poll below for what you think should happen…



  1. I’m really torn on this, because I think in the real world Aaron would be bang to rights & would definitely be going down for a long time.
    But. . .
    I really don’t want to lose him.
    I can only hope that Jackson’s testimony from beyond the grave softens the jury’s heart & they let Aaron go. Not that he will be free if he doesn’t go to prison, in many ways it would be better for him to get sent down.
    I just don’t want him to leave the programme.

  2. I’m torn between guilty and not guilty too.Even in my liberal country (The Netherlands) law forbids it. Euthanasia is possible, after a thorough research by 2 doctors and a psychologist and a written statement by the person wanting to end his/her life. The police must investigate and in most of these cases a verdict of not guilty is given.
    My father had a brain tumor and went into a coma. The machines were turned off after a lengthy discussion with me. I agreed. Am I guilty ? Is Danny guilty ? How to react to a wish by a loved one ?
    This is a discussion that must take place in all societies.It’s of vital importance to have this discussion, after all it is about an individual’s integrety. Unfortunately it is rather tainted by what happened in the second World War.

    And I dont want Aaron /Danny to leave Emmerdale.

  3. I believe that the verdict should clearly be guilty. No matter how much I care for Aaron, he did it and admitted it. However, the sentencing is the real issue here. Aaron will live and should live with the consequences of what happened….but, it was what Jackson wanted. A prison sentence is not the answer. If I were in the same postion as Jackson was, I really believe that I would want the same fate, and I would not want to implicate any of my loved ones either.

  4. Well, Aaron is obviously guilty…of raising that glass to Jackson’s lips but not guilty of killing him. To kill means to want to end someone’s life and Aaron didn’t want to end Jackson’s life, just the opposite but helping Jackson to eternal peace and to be free of his broken body was the only thing that would make him happy and so Aaron reluctantly agreed. He did what he did out of love, not to purposely kill in cold blood. So of murder, Aaron is definately NOT guilty.

  5. I really think he should be found guilty because it would made the story more interesting than this lashing out Aaron they are doing again…

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