Posted by: Kimbaforeva | July 22, 2011

Danny Miller: ‘Buzz’ Interview

Danny Miller tells buzz how he almost turned his back on his TV career

British tv’s man of the moment Danny Miller reckons he’s the Wayne Rooney of Emmerdale, but confesses that he almost quit acting – and could walk away from the ITV soap.

In an exclusive in-depth interview with this weekends buzz magazine, the award-winning actor – who plays Aaron Livesy – modestly praises his workmates, but admits he knows he’s the superstar behind the Dale’s revival.

“I am shy about my success,” says Danny, 20, who won Best Actor at this year’s British Soap Awards. “It’s like football – Wayne Rooney is always the one who’s picked out at Manchester United even though there’s a whole team behind him.

“Anything I do, I do for the show. I don’t like being singled out.”

He insists he has “just had a roll of good luck” after picking up numerous awards since joining Emmerdale in 2008. But there’s no luck involved in his ability to move viewers to tears with his crying scenes.

So, what’s his secret?

“There’s stuff they can put under your eyes but I try to do it myself,” he reveals. “I’ll sit and reflect on my past and anything sad that’s happened, so that when I’m filming I can just cry. But it’s not pretty, is it?”

Soap fans are fortunate to have Danny on our screens at all, as he nearly embarked on a completely different career.

“I was on the verge of becoming a traffic policeman,” he says. “But then I got the Emmerdale audition. If I hadn’t got the role, I’d probably have given up altogether.”

And viewers should make the most of him while they can – as he has huge ambitions.

“I’d love to do a big drama,” says Manchester-born Danny. “And obviously film too. In the next few years, I’d like to experience the whole auditioning world.”

Danny also reveals his secret beauty regime, and explains how he feels playing a gay man – only in this saturday’s buzz.

Read the full interview below, scans courtesy of Danny Miller Fans.




  1. The Wayne Rooney of Emmerdale? No ego on this lad. His co-stars must feel so….blessed to work with him.

    • The only thing he’s saying is that he gets all the spotlight and yet there’s more to this success than him.

  2. how many times has it been mentioned in interviews about he almost quit acting and was going to be a police man.. OLD Boring!

  3. have to say though, do love his hair longer like that and not the usual crew cut Aaron had

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