Posted by: Kimbaforeva | July 22, 2011

Video Previews: The Trial

Monday 25th July: Aaron’s trial begins but with Hazel’s grief still raw, how will she cope in the witness box? Will she let Aaron down when he needs her the most?

Tuesday 26th July: As the trial continues, a rant from an infuriated Jerry causes the judge to intervene. Jackson’s video is played as evidence, but will Aaron start to rethink his actions?

Wednesday 27th July: In court, Aaron’s mood darkens as he’s questioned about his relationship with Jackson. Will Paddy  help or hinder his defence?




  1. Some good acting ahead. The actor who plays Jerry is striking a good balance. I know most people hate him but in his own way he grieves for Jackson. Love Aaron in the last clip – essentially doing everything to sink his own case. 🙂

  2. Did Jerry say to Aaron that little fuck

    • Ha, it did sound like that, didn’t it but he was actually saying ‘thug’.

  3. Looking forward to a great week of Emmerdale drama. I can’t believe how not bothered Aaron is in Wednesday’s preview. It’s like he’s saying: “sod the trial, just sentence me now!”

    • He wants to be punished. That’s why I predict a not-guilty verdict is going to send him right over the edge, and he’s finally going to start grieving. And God help anyone who gets in his way.

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