Posted by: Kimbaforeva | July 25, 2011

Judgement Day: Video Interview

It’s time for Aaron to face judge and jury as he stands trial for killing Jackson. Danny Miller chats to about this controversial storyline.

The trial continues every night this week, 7pm, ITV1. 



  1. I kinda hope it’s guilty for aarons sake

  2. Can I just say that I LOVE your edits!! the ones you make for the header/banner they all are so beautiful ❤

    @Cutie, totally agree 😦

  3. I’m in two minds right now.

    On one hand, maybe Aaron should go to prison – just to save his own sanity. He wants to be punished for ending Jackson’s life.

    On the other hand, I don’t want to see Aaron get sent down but if he’s found not guilty, he’s just going to go to pieces and this will be even more painful to watch.

    Oh I don’t know…!!!

  4. Although Aaron wants to be found guilty and punished for what he did, will it really help him in the long run if this is the verdict that is reached? Will a spell in prison be punishment enough in his eyes for what he did or would he still punish himself further when he’s released?

    Whatever the verdict, I don’t think he will ever feel he’s been punished enough for his actions and it will be something that will haunt him forever.

    • Hi Sharon.

      I agree with you. It doesn’t matter if the verdict is guilty or not guilty. In Aaron’s mind he IS guilty. He’ll punish himself regardless and you’re right in saying his actions will haunt him forever.

      Also it pains me to say, I can’t see him proping up the bar at Bar West anytime soon.

      • Hi Shawn,

        I think Bar West will be a dim & distant memory for Aaron for a long time to come.

        Tonight’s episode was really moving. I had a lump in my throat for most of it. Aaron, like the prosecutor, is taking that one line of Jackson’s about how he could have years ahead of him completely out of context. The clip he needs to remember is what Jackson said on the morning of his death. That was a truer reflection of how he was feeling. Knowing Aaron though, that won’t be what he’ll remember.

        I felt sorry for Adam tonight as well, knowing what he was going to say was going to drop Aaron further in it and Paddy does the same tomorrow. It doesn’t look great 😦

        • Hi Sharon

          Bar West, to Aaron, will always be his and Jackson’s place. Upon leaving, the last time he and Jackson were there, he had a little look all around as if it’d be the last time he saw the place.

          Yeah, trust Aaron, like the prosecutor, to focus on the wrong Jackson clip! The one where Jackson said he’d got years ahead of him was obviously an earlier video diary entry, in Whitby? And he was maybe having a better day that day. Once the seeds of doubt are sown in Aaron’s mind, it’ll be hard for him to think anything else.

          I really felt for Adam too. He really was backed into a corner. I felt his betrayal of Aaron. So sad. Also, Aaron sticking up for Jerry too infront of Hazel surprised me. And Jerry too by the look on his face. Can’t wait for Aaron to take the stand in tonight’s, Wednesday, episode!

          • Hi Shawn, I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode too. Apparently, Danny wasn’t supposed to cry at what Paddy says but couldn’t help himself so any tears we see are real, bless him!

            • Hi Sharon

              Yes I heard Danny quote that also. Paddy’s speech about his feelings towards Aaron; that he loved him brought a tear to my eye too. You can tell that they’re probably very close in real life as well. Loved that scene! Well, until Paddy cocked up about the fat lip, doh!!

              Very worrying performance from Aaron tonight, acting like he couldn’t give a stuff about the questions being asked by the defence and the prosecutor. His little speech about the golf clubs nearly started me off! I just can’t believe he’s taking the prosecutor’s words to heart rather than Jackson’s. Sad to see Aaron starting to unravell.

  5. just watch tonights (wed) .. what did danny (aaron) have on his wrist/hand in the village – it looked strapped up to me???

    • It was his tie wrapped around his hand for some reason.

      • but the way it looks, it doesn’t look right…. !!!

        • I know, I had to look twice but it’s definitely his tie. He’s wearing it when he’s in court.

  6. Hi Shawn,

    I know, that speech about the golf clubs had me shouting at the TV, cheeky sod. How dare he!! Aaron’s reply though was the first indication that the jury had seen that he did actually care about Jackson seeing as he’s been doing his best to get himself sent down. He didn’t even help the defence when he was asking him questions that could have shown things in a much different light. He really really wants to be punished doesn’t he?

    Paddy’s speech was lovely and he was doing so well up until that point. Mind you, that prosecutor has tied everybody up in knots so at least Paddy’s not alone. I hated hearing Aaron say that the prosecutor had him convinced he was guilty. He’s going to come apart very soon and I don’t think it will be pretty to watch.

    Verdict tonight, guilty or not guilty, I’m still not sure which way it will go.

    On a completely different subject, next chapter is nearly ready for your proof reading. I’ll try to get it sent to you today. I’ve had to work all this week so far so don’t believe everything you hear about teachers getting the whole six weeks off work !!

  7. OK so now the trial is finished what they’re going to do with the character? It wouldn’t be believeable if he just moved on right now. On the other hand, going back to self-loathing stage is a step backwards… Point is he still needs to have a major storyline, because of the ratings and popularity, but I can’t see it.

    What do you think?

  8. Just read somewhere that Chas & Aaron are involved in a horrific car crash next week. Things just keep getting better & better for him don’t they??

    • Not again!

      • I know,that’s what I thought providing it’s true of course. For a mechanic, he’s gonna hate cars!!

  9. Hi Sharon, Hi Charlie

    I did kind of think that Aaron would be found not guilty. I think it was probably Jackson’s last video diary and Aaron’s response to the prosecutor’s golf clubs remark that swayed the jury. This leaves him free now to spiral out of control.

    Sharon, I read those spoilers for the second week in August and I was shocked to read about the car crash. I don’t think Aaron or Chas will be badly hurt but maybe this might bring him to his senses. Though, knowing the writers, his meltdown might continue past this.

    Charlie, I think that’s the whole idea; Aaron will regress and return to pre-Jackson Aaron, full of self loathing having ended his boyfreind’s life and now regretting doing so and I think his destructive state will be the story line for a while yet. Also, I don’t think Aaron will be ready to move on with anybody.

  10. Amazing, tearjerking stuff from our Danny tonight. Poor Aaron. He’s now taking his guilt out on Hazel, asking her why didn’t she stop him from giving Jackson ‘that’ drink.

    And what about Cain? What a git and as tactless as ever! The scene at Chas’ where Aaron broke down nearly started me off. Asking her: “help me, mum”. At last, the tears flow, the grieving commences and the meltdown begins :’-(

    • From the minute he walked through Chas’s front door to when the end credits rolled, Danny Miller’s performance was just brilliant. He played it to perfection from the stunned almost zombie like “I don’t know what I’m doing here” to the pleading for help at the end when the tears finally came. I just wanted to reach through the TV screen and give him a hug, tell him it’ll be alright but this is Aaron and it won’t be alright for a very long time.

      So, the grieving and the self loathing and the breakdown begins. Poor Aaron 😦

      I know we keep saying it but boy can that guy act!!

      • Hi Sharon

        Yes brilliant acting from our SLFM. Actually, do you think he’s secretly relieved now that he doesn’t have to do any ‘gay’ acting now as part of a couple and can return to the angst and drama he does so well? But an absolutely brilliant performance from Danny. I totally believed he was a broken young man.

        I must admit, I don’t like seeing Aaron like this, intent on punishing himself. I find it hard to watch when he’s so full of hurt and rage. I much preferred cute Aaron when he was with Jackson, pre-crash. *sigh* those were the days.

        • Hi Shawn,

          I don’t know if he’s relieved or not. He’s always said it was difficult to begin with, which it would be, but that he didn’t have a problem with it and it just became a part of his job. Also, remember, he took all the flak for the way Aaron & Jackson were portrayed on screen when actually it was a joint decision between him & Marc to play it that way and it’s not as if he didn’t get to do the angst and drama while he was with Jackson is it?

          Plus, if he is as grounded as everyone says he is, he knows his success is down to playing a gay character so maybe he might be glad of a “little break” shall we say but I don’t think he’ll be relieved as such.

          I don’t like seeing Aaron like this either although Danny does do anger and rage nearly as well as tears and crying so it should make for interesting viewing. I still prefer the new improved Aaron though. Hope he comes back at some point.

          • Hi Sharon

            Me too, loved new improved / cute Aaron! xx

  11. To date, i still believe Aaron is a murderer and a fxxkin’ coward.

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