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Spoilers (8th – 12th August)

Monday 8th: Aaron tries to make a fresh start by moving into The Woolpack following his not guilty verdict – but he’s still wrestling with his demons and remains on a self-destructive path. From the outset, Diane is unhappy that Chas has allowed Aaron to move in, as a share in the pub’s accommodation wasn’t part of the original deal when the feisty brunette bought into the business. To make matters worse, it’s not long until Aaron is at the centre of drama at the bar when he fronts up to Carl threateningly, continuing their long-running war. Chas stays loyal by sticking up for Aaron during the row, but Diane is in no mood for the mechanic’s behaviour and orders him to get out. Still angry later, Diane gets tough with Chas and tells her that the arrangement isn’t going to work out and Aaron has to go. As Chas worries over her son’s future, Aaron’s erratic behaviour is only just beginning…

Tuesday 9th: Chas is terrified that Aaron’s going to lose the roof over his head. She fights for a few day’s grace from Diane, but when Aaron flies off the handle it’s too much for Diane. Later, Aaron has another go at Carl resulting in Diane throwing him out of the pub while giving Chas an ultimatum. Aaron tells Diane that it doesn’t matter as he’s leaving tonight. Aaron then breaks into Mill Cottage, smashing things up. Carl and Jimmy rush to stop and restrain him, before Carl makes a phone call, telling Aaron that he’s calling the police. But actually, he calls Chas…

Wednesday 10th: Chas tries to talk to Aaron about the break-in but gets nowhere. Aaron is then left conflicted when Hazel brings Jackson’s things for him to look through. Later, he is sent home from work, unable to do his job as he has a cut hand. As the day continues, Chas finds Aaron running scalding water over his cut hand and it’s clear that he wants to hurt himself even more.

In the pub, Carl tries to wind Aaron up about the burglary by threatening to call the police, and Aaron is tipped over the edge. The ensuing argument results Aaron trying to grab Diane. and Hazel slapping Aaron around the face when he pronounces them both murderers. Once the working day is over, Diane tells Chas that she must take control of Aaron but softens towards her when Chas breaks down in tears.

Thursday 11th (7pm): Diane suggests that Aaron should get counselling, but Chas doesn’t get her hopes up. Chas and Carl argue about Aaron and she tips the dregs of a pint over him, but is rocked when he tells her that Aaron doesn’t have much of a chance with a mum like her. Later, Chas goes to talk to Aaron at work and gets in the car with him. However, Aaron is angry and begins to drive recklessly. As he gets more emotional, Chas grabs the hand brake. Aaron loses control of the vehicle and the car swerves off the road into a ditch.

Thursday 11th (8pm): The car and Aaron are both a complete wreck. Cain rushes to the scene of the accident, but what state will he find Chas and Aaron in?

Friday 12th: Aaron struggles to re-gain control.



  1. Oh uh I hope Aaron and chas r ok

  2. Oh dear, looks like Aaron’s breakdown is coming pretty quickly. There’s shades of the old Aaron here, fighting, breaking and entering, the self loathing is obviously on its way back.

    Such a shame, I really liked the new improved Aaron.

    • I reckon the new Aaron dies with Jackson. Chas and Hazel are trying to draw him back out but they’re gonna have a helluva fight on their hands!!

  3. Hi All

    Aaron in meltdown mode. *sigh* I wonder what Jackson would make of this? He really does need to see a bereavement counsellor but I can’t see that hapening, just like Jackson never saw any counsellor for his drepression. Oh, don’t get me started!

    Does anyone know anything about the car crash he and Chas are involved with? Is it serious or just a bump? And what of this big thing

    • The article I saw said a horrific car crash but that was it so who knows!

      Hopefully, it won’t be too bad. I’ve seen enough of hospitals in Emmerdale to last me a lifetime.

      Your sentence finished half way through so what big thing are you talking about?

      • Yay! We might get another court case! :/

      • Hi Sharon

        Sorry about that! What I was saying was, a while ago, there was talk of something big coming up in September, another turmoil. At first, we thought it might be the trial but as that’s just happened… Any ideas?

        On the Danny Miller Fans site, there was a scan from one of the tv mags where it said there is a crash but nothing horrific, although Chas, who’s in the car with Aaron, is knocked unconscious, while Aaron is left unscaved.

        • I doubt Aaron will be left unscaved mentally from the crash. He’s just getting more and more worked up and scar by passing events. And, about self-harming himself by running hot water over a cut on his hand. Could this be a working story, now? Any thoughts?

        • Hey Shawn

          I remember now, yeah, we did think it was the trial didn’t we?

          Right, ideas for September’s turmoil. I have two and I don’t really like either of them. First one, Aaron can’t get over what he’s done and tries to kill himself again and the second idea relates to the new vet. According to the producer, we find out what or more importantly who attracted him to stay on the the village. Maybe, he develops feelings for Aaron, another older character to help him move on although I really really hope not.

          I don’t want to prejudge as I made that mistake with Flynn but I can’t take to him at the moment.

          On a different note, I hate the idea of Aaron self harming. That needs to be stopped quickly.

          • If the big thing in September isn’t Aaron related then I think it might be Debbie/Sarah related. However if it is Aaron related then maybe they’re gonna re-introduce Gordon?

  4. i want it to be serious, cause that hopefully it will be Aaron’s wake up call to get help?

  5. Great pics!!! 🙂

  6. Hi, just wanted to say I thought the drama in September was going to be Sarah being diagnosed with leukaemia!
    Love the site
    P xx

  7. Hi Sharon

    Hmm, interesting ideas. The suicide bid could be a possibility. Obviously, things will get a lot worse for Aaron before they get better. If this does happen and he survives, which he definately will, then maybe this will be the turning point for him?

    And Nicky the vet? Really? I suppose that could be possible too as we don’t know much about him atthe moment. Maybe, as Paddy’s tied up with looking after Rhona and Leo, Nicky will offer Aaron his shoulder to cry on, etc.? Personally, I still want Flynn to come back! Can’t see it somehow 😉

    Agree with you on the self harming thing. Not liking that one bit.

    • I don’t think Aaron would try suicide, again. Remember he failed the first time, so I think if he tried again and survived it’d feel like an even bigger fail. I think the self-harming is more likely as he would be publishing himself for what has happened. Or, ending up in prison on demand and coping there.

  8. Hi Woopack

    I would love to see Flynn come back too. I ended up really liking him in the end.He could certainly help Aaron to rebuild his life and I would much rather see Aaron with Flynn than with the new vet.

    Had another thought about September. If, as it seems likely, that Sarah is diagnosed with leukaemia, how about if they test all family members to be bone marrow donors. Aaron is a match and offers to help. What better way to get over taking a life than by saving one?? Just a thought!

    • Hi Sharon

      What a lovely idea that is! Aaron offering to be a donor for little Sarah. I think he definately would offer as Debbie is his cousin. Like you say, maybe this will balance things out for him and enable him to start to live his life again. Maybe he’ll realise then his life didn’t end when Jackson’s did. Aww, I’d really like to see this happen.

      See, we’re not the only ones who want Flynn back! Woopack is on the same wavelength as us. Maybe after he helps Sarah, he eventually goes back to Bar West for a night out, possibly with Adam, and bumps into Flynn, they talk and he offers Aaron friendship if he wants it? Oh I hope so, Sharon!

      As for your other ideas, my dear, suicide? Would he try that again after failing the first time? And that vet? I’m not sure. I thought he was just a filler character but maybe he’s waiting quietly in the wings…but I also agree that self harming is not the way to go. What about the Shadarach theory – turning to drink to forget? God I hope not. He definately needs a wake up call though!

      • Hi Shawn, hope you’re well. The donor story would be lovely to see, it might bring back the new improved Aaron that we love.

        As for our friend Flynn, you know I’d love to see him back at some point. He’d be really good for Aaron and I think viewers would be more receptive to him second time round especially as the circumstances are so different now.

        My other ideas were a bit far fetched I know. Aaron is too angry to contemplate suicide and the new vet well I just thought of the most unlikely storyline I could think of and he was it. At least Aaron is going through some sort of grieving now although he seems to have stopped at the anger stage. The Shadrach theory is a possibility, finding some comfort in the demon drink but I too hope not.

        A wake up call is needed and quickly but god knows what will get through to him at the moment.

        • Hiya Sharon

          I’m good thanks, hoping you are too? Let’s hope after a fairly turbulent August, September will see Aaron becoming calmer, hopefully due to the Debbie/Sarah storyline. The decision to be a donor will hopefully be the turmoil we talked about along with coming to terms with, although not necessarily accepting, what he did for Jackson.

          I agree with what you said about Flynn. Last time round, he was a threat to A&J’s relationship but now hopefully viewers would see him as a friend; someone to help him get back on the right road. And let’s face it, Aaron needs all the help he can get, so I’d hope people would see this and be more receptive towards Flynn. Look at us, talking like he is coming back! As if those ED bosses would give us what we want!

          I’m thinking the crash with his mum, the Sarah story and maybe something involving Hazel, added together will be that wake up call. I live in hope!

          • Hello you two, I haven’t had much to say lately. I’ve been reading the spoilers on here and, while I know Danny’s performances will be terrific, the writers do seem to have set Aaron on self-destruct again, after taking months to get him to accept his sexuality and calm him down. As other people have said on here, after last year’s brilliant episodes which many could relate to, we now seem to be going round in circles, with characters changing their personalities overnight! Hazel has gone from manic depressive to ray of sunshine in two seconds flat (this reminds me of Paddy going from a caring soul to a zombie, when Jackson was still alive.)
            It’s almost as if they have decided that Aaron isn’t gay anymore and has reverted to a loutish thug. Such a shame.

            • hi Keith, glad to see you’re still with us. I thought you were quiet but having just seen your latest chapter appear, now I know why!!

              I’m just hoping Aaron’s loutish behaviour is a stage of his grieving and will disappear again soon. After the massive steps he took last year and with the whole Jackson story, it would just seem like a complete waste of time if he’s going to go back to the way he was before. That’s why I’m hoping it’s just a phase he’s going through and the calmer, happy with himself Aaron returns.

    • WOW! what an awesome idea.
      Hopefully the writers have the same idea.

      • What’s an awesome idea?

        • Aaron being a bone marrow donor.

          Life lost + Life saved.

          Aaron’s world will be back to equilibrium 🙂

  9. I don’t think Aaron will try to commit suicide, but continue to wrestle with his part in Jackson’s death. I am glad to see that Aaron is coming to release the true seriousness of the other side of his actions. I don’t think that Chas is going to be seriously hurt, but I think the accident is going to reveal she is pregnant with Carl’s baby.

  10. So over this storyline now… writers are on crack or something

    • Doesn’t seem to genuine to me. I know what’s their point (the writers), because they tell me. But I don’t feel anything anything while watching this anymore. It feels like the same episode all over again for the past two months. “We did it, because we loved him”, “That’s what he wanted” all over again. Characters change sides arbitrally all the time.

      Besides, the reason why I even started watching this was because I could relate to what Aaron’s character was going through. It was heartwarming to see a storyline like this being presented in such a way. They developed the character a great deal last year (up until December 2010 at least). And it seems we’re back to square one. Now I can’t understand anything about it at all. Relationships seem fake, storylines seem to have abandoned any sense on continuity. For instance, I don’t get what’s happening with Hazel. She was tortured one week, now she seems completely ok.

      My point is there is no spontaneity in a way this story progresses. It’s just like they’re following some sort of checklist of what should happen. But I can’t see it progressing naturally.

  11. I’m so pleased I’ve found this site! I have no-one to talk to about my Aaron obsession and I’m really enjoying all your comments and speculation. I am finding the current self destructive behaviour depressing and also not understanding Paddy’s lack of involvement. Fingers crossed for a Flynn shaped light at the end of the tunnel. ( sorry for the betrayal Jackson)!

    • Hi, glad you found us. Now you can talk about Aaron any time you want to.

      So, another one who would like to see Flynn come back. The numbers are growing!

      • Haha, another one Sharon!

        People seem to like Flynn, maybe they’ve read your story!

        I think we should start a petition! I wonder what Jon thinks about this? Maybe he can help? ‘Bring Back Flynn’. Oh if only…

        • I know, I thought that too! Whether they’ve read my story or not, who knows.

          Maybe there should be a poll and people can vote, would they like to see Flynn back or not? Would be interesting to see.

  12. Thanks for the welcome Sharon. I haven’t read any fan fic lately, I was finding the jolt back to reality when watching TV was too much! I do watch old aarson clips on YouTube tho!! I’ve never been affected like this by a story line on Tv before! I didn’t like Flynn because he wasn’t Jackson but now I think he’d b the next best thing.

    • Hi Nic – welcome!

      You mentioned Flynn maybe coming back. I strongly recommend ‘An Unexpected Offer’ by If I Could, our Sharon’s excellent Aaron fic, post-Jackson. Enjoy!

      • Hi Shawn,

        you little devil you, what am I going to do with you?

        Seriously though, thanks for the recommendation, next chapter is imminent so watch for your alert x

        • Wow! Fantastic writing Sharon, that kept me busy all morning! If only that was the outcome at the end of all his angst. I’ll try and figure out how to leave feedback on the fabric site!

          • Hi Nic,

            Glad you enjoyed the story and thank you for the compliment.

            I’d love to see this or something similar play out on screen. After all his angst and problems, Aaron deserves a bit of happiness surely.

        • Hi Sharon!

          What? I couldn’t resist! Another Flynn fan who’s been made aware that great writing does exist! Shame just not on Emmerdale right now!

          Can you believe Jackson’s birthday wasn’t even mentioned in tonight’s episode?? I can’t get my ahead around that. Bad writing – again *sigh*. I’m off to read your latest chapter now!

          • Hi Shawn,

            You always say the nicest things!!

            I couldn’t believe Jackson’s birthday wasn’t mentioned either. Hazel and Aaron would never have forgotten his birthday especially so soon after his death. What’s going on with the writing? They spent so much time on David & Leyla that they ignored it completely. Surely they could have moved their story to a different night and at least mentioned that it was Jackson’s birthday.

            It’s all very strange.

            • I think the Emmerdale scriptwriters need to employ you Sharon. I was stunned that Jackson’s birthday wasn’t mentioned. I still can’t get over Paddy’s unsupportive behaviour either. Poor Aaron

  13. Fan fic site not fabric!

  14. Hi Nic, That’s very kind of you to say they should let me write for them.

    They can borrow my story any time they want. I wouldn’t even want paying, just a day on set when Danny Miller is working and a quick coffee with him in between takes. Seems reasonable to me 🙂

    The writing is still leaving me confused. Rhona & Paddy want Aaron to move out because they don’t trust him around baby Leo, the same baby Paddy gave to Aaron to hold and try to settle earlier this week because he couldn’t.

    I’m sure the writers think we have the memory span of goldfish!

    • Hi Sharon, Hi Nic

      Bloody Emmerdale!! What the hell is going on?!? I still can’t believe Jackson’s birthday was ignored again tonight; they’ve forgotton him already :’-(. Rhona’s being a bitch and Paddy’s suddenly gone all unsupportive again… Their behaviour seems to be changing daily.

      It must be because they have different writers writing each episode and they seem to forget what’s happened earlier on in particular storylines. I wish they’d get a grip but forgetting Jackson’s birthday and Aaron in aggressive mode – I’m seriously considering switching off! It’s an insult to us fans. Sorry, rant over!

      Sharon, I agree with Nic, you should write for the show. It’d clear up at the soap awards then!!

      It made me laugh when you said they could use your story and for payment, you’d just want a chat with Danny…! Would you actually have a chat or would you just drool over him? I know what I’d do, haha 😉

      • Hi Shawn, I haven’t heard you this angry in a long time.

        Paddy needs a kick up the backside and I’m seriously going off Rhona. She has the nerve to have a go at Hazel this week for what she did to Aaron, what about what she’s doing to him? No wonder he’s gone all aggressive again. I hate the way things have turned out between him and Hazel too.They need each other and it’s such a shame things have gone so sour between them. I hope they sort it out soon.

        You’re very kind with your comments about my story, the cheque’s in the post!! I’d love the chance to write for them, the things I could do.

        I’m glad I made you laugh with my comment about Danny. I think it’s a fair swap, my story for a chat with him over coffee. As for whether I’d actually chat or not, I’d want to but, once those blue eyes and that smile was opposite me, I have a feeling that words would escape me!!

        And I know exactly what you’d do given the chance 😉

        • Hahaha, what could you possibly mean by that, my girl?! If me and you got the chance to talk to him, Sharon, I doubt there’d be much conversation going on. We’d be too tongue tied and would just end up slobbering all over him like a couple of saint bernards!

          God, I’m still fuming about ED this week. And Rhona really does need a good slap, like you said, she has the cheek to have a go at Hazel and yet she’s the one responsible for Aaron moving out! Arghhh!! Agree, hope he and Hazel make up soon.

          Oh and don’t worry about any cheques, just keep those lovely chapters of yours coming, they’re the only tning keeping me sane right now!!

          • Oh Shawn, you do make me laugh. Two saint bernards, what a pretty picture that conjures up!! Besides, I’m sure he’s used to dealing with tongue tied people and if he is as nice as people say he is, he’d find a way to get us to relax and then we could talk.

            I’m looking forward to next weeks episodes, Aaron going further off the rails and causing trouble. It should be good viewing providing the writing improves.

            As for my story, I’m already working on the next chapter so it should be available soon.

            • Hi Sharon

              I agree, Danny seems like a nice guy and I bet he’s used to putting fans at ease when they meet him. Also, I bet he’s had a fair few saint bernards slobber over him in his time!

              I’m also looking forward to next’s weeks eps. Do you think the incident with Aaron and Chas in the car makes Aaron start to come round or do you think this throws him deeper into despair? I see also that the Sarah storyline is set to gather pace next week.

              Looking fowrard to reading more of your story, Sharon. I must admit, I’ve started to re-read it from the beginning as I’ve really enjoyed it so much!

  15. Hi Shawn, I’m hoping it makes Aaron come round but I have a feeling that as they keep saying that Aaron won’t see light at the end of the tunnel, Flynn shaped or otherwise, for a long time, I have a feeling it will send him further the other way.

    I’ve never actually read my story from start to finish so I’ve no idea what it’s like when you read it all in one go. I only tend to read the chapter I’m working on before I publish it. The next chapter is still under construction but I must have been in an exceptionally soppy mood yesterday because I’ve just read what I’ve written and it’s way over the top. It definitely needs changing so it may take a bit longer that I first thought. Still, I’ll get there!!

    • Morning Sharon,

      Yeah, I think you’re right about Aaron, I don’t think he’ll ‘sober up’ just yet. I think the accident will confirm his idea that everyone he gets close to, gets hurt.

      Maybe next month he’ll start to come round with the Sarah/Debbie storyline. Do you think that he’ll be the only match for the bone marrow transplant and this is the turmoil he finds himself in then?

      • It certainly could be. Like I said before, what better way to make up for taking a life than by saving one. It may even things out in his head but I don’t think he will ever forgive himself for helping Jackson to end his life.

        He may eventually change his mind again and accept that he only did what Jackson wanted but I think he will always regret doing it.

        Still looking forward to next week’s episodes, Aaron at his angry best. Bring it on!!

        • I agree with you, as always, Sharon.

          Aaron will regret what he did, probably for the rest of his life. He’ll always wonder what would have happened had he not given into Jackson’s pleas for help in ending his life. I think, well I’m hoping, that as time goes on, he’ll maybe, not come to terms with what he did but he’ll learn to live with it and realise that he did as Jackson asked.

          I hope helping to save little Sarah’s life, if this is to be believed that’s coming up, will help him with his grief. In the meantime, Angry Aaron. Be afraid!

        • Oh Sharon! Sharon!

          Flynn is coming back!!!

          According to the Emmerdaily site.

          I’m so happy I nearly wet myself, woo woo woo!!!

          • Hi Shawn, Are you serious??? If that’s true, it’s brilliant!!

            Maybe they’ve listened to us after all.

            Having just watched tonight’s episode, it looks like the village needs to batten down the hatches, Angry Aaron is back! Loved Carl saying he’s freaking everybody out and the look he threw after being told his options for duvets were flowers or Justin Timberlake was classic.

            Flynn coming back, can’t believe it. Soooo happy 🙂

            • Hi Sharon

              Sorry, I got a bit excited before, could you tell?! Yes, on the site, under ‘Betty’s Hot Gossip’ thread, it’s there in black and white. Sorry, I don’t have the link.

              Apparently, filming started two weeks ago and actor Ryan Prescott left a message confirming this on his facebook page! If anyone can get through to Aaron, maybe Flynn can.

              Aww, Sharon, someone’s definately been paying attention to us!! Happy now 🙂

              Yeah, tonights episode, scary Aaron! He really does pull those faces, doesn’t he? Although, it does feel like we’ve gone back two years in time.

              Anyway, Flynn’s coming backkkkk!!!!!

  16. Just caught up on Friday’s episode, almost as distressing as Thursdays. Who does Rhona think she is? Poor Hazel ‘s face when Aaron rejected her offer, I wonder if he’ll reconsider in time as I think they do need each other.

    • Hi Nic

      I know what you mean, Rhona is turning into a right cow! It’s as if she thinks the whole world revolves around her and her baby now! Unbelievable. And yes, poor Hazel. Aaron blames her now but hopefully he’ll realise soon that he needs her like she needs him; united in their grief.

      I know he’s been in Dale Head since Jackson died but I think the thought of actually living there, where ‘it’ happened just freaks him out at the moment.

      • Hi Shawn
        Yes I can see why he doesn’t want to live at Dale Head but I hope that with more time and hopefully when he comes to terms with what they did a bit more then he might reconsider. I’m finding it so hard that he’s essentially homeless and has so little support and it certainly looks like that will be even worse by the end of this week!

  17. Hi Nic

    I can’t see Aaron ever wanting to live at Dale Head after Jackson died there but you never know, once he and Hazel reconnect again he just might.

    Essentially he’s made himself homeless by his aggressive behaviour, I can’t see why anyone would want him under the same roof as them at the moment, he’s just too volitile.

    And you’re right, he’ll get worse before he gets better!

  18. I wonder who started writing about the return of Flynn first, me or the script writers. If it was me, I’m definitely owed that cup of coffee and chat, surely??

  19. Hi Sharon

    I’m not sure if the script writers had planned to bring Flynn back later in the year or not, after he first appeared at the end of January. Maybe it was planned. Perhaps they decided to bring him back to try and help Aaron get his life back on track after Jackson’s death. So maybe they decided way back then?

    Or maybe it was you? You should submit your story to them and ask to meet Danny! You never know your luck! Though if you do get invited and you can take a friend, think of me!

    So, do you think Flynn will only stay for a few weeks like last time or much longer? I’m hoping for longer, obviously! But so he can be a friend to Aaron like Adam. Doubt it will pan out like you story though but I live in hope!

    • Hi Shawn,

      Nice one emmerdale. One episode, ONE poxy episode in September where Flynn bumps into Aaron in a bar. What are they playing at? I hope this is just a feeler to see how fans react and they bring him back for a longer run at some point.

      So excited yesterday, now miserable again.

      If I do send them my story and I can bring a friend, you’ll be top of my list but NO drooling ok???

      • Hi Sharon

        One episode? Where did you read that? Although on the Emmerdaily site, they’d written that filming had started with Flynn two weeks ago and then it said that Flynn actor, Ryan Prescott, had posted “awaiting return to Emmerdale” on his facebook page. So maybe we see him briefly for that one episode and then he returns a few weeks afterwards.

        Aww, don’t be miserable, Sharon. I’m sure it’ll work out like I said. Maybe. Double aww, I’m honoured that you’d take me to meet our Danny but I can’t promise to contain the drooling, though. My middle name IS Bernard 😉

        • Hi Shawn

          It’s on Digital Spy but they’ve been quite clever with their wording, saying there will be no relationship for Aaron so soon after Jackson’s death and at this stage it’s a one off appearance. Maybe things will change in the future, who knows, I hope so.

  20. Given that it is only one appearance, I can imagine a scenario in which Adam cajoles Aaron into going out to Bar West – Adam is a huge fan of the pool down there, remember? 🙂 But then Aaron runs into Flynn, who has a proper boyfriend who cares for him, and seeing them together reminds Aaron of what he could have had with Jackson and that just redoubles his misery.

    • Oh no! I was getting so excited about Flynn returning and was imagining Sharon’s story being played out, how great would that be?! I think you should send them your story Sharon and all the positive reviews it got too.
      Mark I’m guessing your idea is the route that they’ll go down though, more sadness and angst!
      Shawn you’re probably right about Dale Head too, I’m just worried about him having nowhere to live and no-one to look after him. Maybe after the crash him and Chas will rent somewhere as Diane suggested. Either that or Rhona can disappear and he can go back to Smithy where he belongs

      • Hi Nic

        Don’t give up on Flynn’s return just yet. It might play out differently to how you think!

        Yeah, think he should think about renting a place with his mum. Chas has stepped up to the job of trying to look after him, so maybe they will.

        I think Paddy will feel guilty that because of Rhona, Aaron was asked by them to move out of the only place he’s called home.

    • Hi Mark

      Maybe on his first reappearance, Flynn does have a boyfriend but upon seeing Aaron again, realises that he still has feelings for Aaron and the next time we see Flynn a few weeks later, he’s single and ready to be a friend to Aaron and maybe more?

      Aaron is jealous that Flynn has a boyfriend at first, fueling his own loneliness but when they meet again, readily accepts Flynn’s offer of friendship. Just a thought.

  21. Hi Guys,

    If I knew how to get my story to them, I would, trust me.

    It would make sense for this reappearance if Flynn had a boyfriend, reminding Aaron of how alone he is at the moment and what him and Jackson could have had, sending him further on that downward spiral..

    Then, Flynn could realise he still has feelings for Aaron and offers his shoulder to cry on, as a friend, Aaron realises he still likes him but it’s too soon for anything other than friendship and away we go.

    So simple, isn’t it???

    Still not happy. 😦

    • Hi Sharon

      No I’m not happy either, now!

      Agree with what you’ve said. I think this is how it’ll go on screen. Hopefully something more will develop over the coming months.

  22. I wouldn’t read too much into Flynn’s appearance. He is the only other gay person Aaron knows and once again he’s a plot device, to remind Aaron of Jackson. DM has said Aaron won’t be having a relationship any time soon. Take from that what you will.

    • In a strange way, although I’m disappointed, it wouldn’t make any sense for Aaron to embark on a new relationship now. He’s got so many issues to sort out again that maybe a one off appearance from Flynn just to remind Aaron he’s still around is a more realistic way to go.

      Danny did say there would be light at the end of the tunnel eventually but not for a long while so again, read into it what you will.

      I have to say I did enjoy watching angry Aaron tonight. He’s almost as cute when he’s angry as when he was the new improved Aaron but only almost!!

  23. Ok so a one off from Flynn to start with and hopefully more later on, I could live with that.
    Angry Aaron playing opposite Carl is great but not with poor Hazel I find it hard to watch and I think tonight might be even harder 😦

    • Hi Nic,

      I agree. I hate seeing Hazel & Aaron so distant. It’s not nice to see him treating her the way he is doing after everything they’ve been through. I wonder what being given the rest of Jackson’s things to go through will do to him – make him more angry or open the flood gates.

      • Hi Sharon

        I can’t believe Aaron just chucked that bag containing the last of Jackson’s things into the bin like they were nothing! That red checkered shirt was probably in there! So no anger there or tears. I must admit he did make me a bit mad there. I just wanted to slap him!

        I found it a bit hard to watch tonight seeing Aaron’s state of mind decline, hurting those around him as well as himself. Poor Hazel, it’s her I feel sorry for. She must feel like she’s lost Aaron now too with his nastiness towards her. I wonder what Jackson would say if he could see Aaron now.

        • Hi Shawn,

          Poor Aaron, I feel so sorry for him.

          When he was looking at the photo of him and Jackson, the tears nearly came until Chas interrupted him. I was actually shouting at the TV No Aaron, don’t do it when he put the bag in the bin. I’m hoping he will retrieve it like the time he threw Jackson’s phone number in the bin and then went back for it or someone finds it, realises what it is and holds onto it to give to him later or gives it back to him now telling him he’ll regret it if he just throws everything away.

          It was hard seeing him in such a state, he’s still so angry all the time. I hated seeing him burn his hand under that hot water, that’s got to stop. I feel sorry for Hazel too. I thought he was softening when he spoke to her outside the pub as he was quite civil to her but once that red mist descended, that changed. She didn’t half give him a fair old whack though didn’t she?

          I like the way Carl is behaving at the moment. He was the one who stopped Jerry from hitting Aaron, he got the money for a lawyer although they didn’t use it and it seems like he genuinely feels sorry for him. Whether he does or whether he has an ulterior motive, I don’t know, I guess time will tell.

          • Hi guys only just caught up with last nights episode of more heartbreaking stuff!! I agree with everything you said Sharon, the emotions were coming from him until Chas walked in and there was a slight hesitation before he put the bag in the bin, if no-one gets it out again I’ll scream!! The photo was so lovely and I think you’re right about the red check shirt Shawn, sob 😦
            Thank goodness for the Kylie and Jason light relief from Marlon and Laurel

  24. I want to see a happier Aaron soon. Even my guilty TV pleasure didn’t make me smile yesterday for the first time ever!!

    • Oh noo Sharon that’s not good, poor you. It is v sad and even more so that he’d developed and matured so much with Jackson but now has gone backwards. I keep watching one of my fave old episodes on YouTube, clip from 11th march, it cheers me up a bit! Let’s see what tonight brings us?

      • So now the truth is out, Aaron wants to be dead. How heartbreaking to hear. The tears are getting closer, it’s got to be only a matter of time before they finally break through and Aaron has a breakdown. I don’t know what he’s going to do now with no job and no proper home.

        Absolutely brilliant performance from Danny tonight, the pain and anguish that he showed in his face was amazing to watch.

      • Hi Nic, a belated welcome from me to the forum!

        I too like watching old YT clips and that one you mention is a fave of mine too. About the last time A & J were happy together!

        Also agree about the writing “going backwards” in ED, when so much good work had been done on Aaron’s story previously. I’d like to know where Aaron’s best mate Adam has gone? Surely he would be trying to help his friend through all this?

        Anyway, if you enjoy fanfics, you may like my stories (I am Ajfankeith on that site). My dear friend Sharon majors on Aaron and Flynn, but most of my stories revolve around Jackson still being alive, or Marc Silcock returning as another character. Well, they are fanfics after all!

  25. Hi Sharon, Hi Nic

    Well, I’m gutted that no one has found that bloody bag yet. All that’s left from Jackson’s life and Aaron’s just binned it like it’s nothing. I hope he retrieves it or someone else finds it. He might regret it otherwise. I’ll have that photo if he didn’t want it!

    The self harming is a worry. It prooves that he feels that his life is worthless without Jackson and will punish himself because of his guilt at any opportunity.

    Hazel’s slap, yeah, blimey, I felt that! Poor Danny, must’ve hurt! Aaron did ask for that though, after that particulary viscious outburst.

    Oh and Sharon, Carl’s still a git! Chas was right to be wary. A leopard never changes it’s spots!

    It’s hard to see Aaron on the verge of a breakdown. It was a joy to see him happy when he was with Jackson but now he’s gone, Aaron’s just regressed to how he was before they met. Sad to see but great drama to watch.

    I’m agreed, it’s heartbreaking to hear him say he wants to be dead. Actually, I want him to have a breakdown, to hit rock bottom. Then we might start to see signs of recovery. Let’s hope so.

    Completely brilliant performances tonight from Danny and Lucy. He was amazing and just mesmerising as totured Aaron and Lucy just giving it all as Chas, a mum at the end of her tether.

    • Hi all, Just had to “jump on” the forum after tonught’s episode. Mixed feelings as I hate Aaron’s self-loathing, but love Danny’s acting. They have really given him something to chew on and he’s risen to the challenge, as always.

      Difficult to know where this is going. Surely Aaron will get back to normal in time, though being homeless and jobless and wishing he was dead doesn’t bode well!

      I too wish he hadn’t thrown that bag away! It was almost like throwing Jackson in the bin! Something else he will no doubt regret!

      • Hi Keith!

        Where’ve you been? We’ve missed you on here, mate!

        I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said: hate Aaron’s self loathing but love Danny’s amazing acting!

        Like I said earlier, I think there is only one place he can go – rock bottom. Then and only then, can he start to rebuild his life after finally accepting help.

        The binning of Jackson’s belongings wasn’t a nice scene to watch. I’ve a feeling someone, maybe Chas or Diane will find it.

        • Hi guys, I felt emotionally drained after watching last night, great acting from DM and LP but still so hard to watch.
          I’ll be silently chanting “find the bag, find the bag” during tonight’s episode!!
          Keith you’re so right, where the heck is Adam?! Although Chas does seem to want to be the only one to help him. Paddy showed some guilt last night but then said he couldn’t go and talk to him with Leo with him?! Why not?! As he said in a previous scene, he just sleeps most of the time. Come on Paddy find your backbone.

          • hi everyone,

            I too am wondering where Adam has gone. If ever Aaron needed a friend, it’s now and Adam does seem to have a way of getting through to him. Hopefully, he’ll reappear soon and help his mate out.

            As for a leopard never changing its spots, that may be true in the case of Carl but what about our Aaron, he changed which is why it’s such a shame he’s gone backwards again.

            I wish Paddy would go and talk to him, it still doesn’t feel right him and Aaron not living together. I’d offload Rhona and have Aaron back in a flash if I was him.

            I don’t know where they’re going with Aaron at the moment. He has to hit rock bottom at some point but the only way to recover is to accept some help and I don’t see him doing that any time soon.

            Fantastic acting to watch though, really felt for Chas for the first time ever.

            • Nooooo, self harming?! I can’t watch anymore.
              Here’s an idea for those writers at ED, Aaron wakes up all disorientated and upset in his bed at Smithy, then Jackson walks in with a towel round him as he’s just got of the shower, Aaron gasps “Jackson you’re Ok, you can walk”!!! Well it worked for Bobby Ewing. It would make me a very happy bunny 🙂

  26. Hi Nic, (you’ve had your reply button nicked; you’ll find Aaron pinches them sometimes; I think Cain puts him up to it!)

    I know what you mean about the self-harming, that actually made me feel a bit sick!

    I like your idea about a “Bobby Ewing” scenario. How about writing a fanfic along those lines? Go on, you can do it!

    • HATE the self harming, makes me cringe watching it. What’s he going to do to himself next?

      Nic, liked the Dallas idea, very funny 🙂

  27. Hi Sharon, Keith & Nic!!!

    Yes, totally agree, the self harming needs to stop NOW! Watching Aaron tonight squeeze the cut in his hand made my stomach churn. Yuck. Mind you, I’d just eaten fish and chips so I don’t suppose that helped!

    Nic, I really wish Emmerdale would ‘do a Dallas’ and get Jackson back, alive and well. Then we could all wake up from this hell on tv right now! If only…

    Adam does seem to have gone AWOL but wht’s Paddy’s problem? I know Chas said she wanted to look after Aaron but Paddy’s supposed to be like a dad to him. Why doesn’t he grow a backphone and help him. Sod Rhona, bloody diva. Really feel for Chas also, desperately trying to help her son but feeling like she’s losing him.

    • Hi All,

      Shawn, you are so right matey! “Hell on TV” sums it up right now! Danny and Lucy are amazing but, at the same time, difficult to watch. The rest of the programme is like wading through treacle at the moment!

      Looks like Danny is taking a back seat after this week so the show will not be worth watching until he returns. I’d like them to make a “spin off” programme, a “prequel” featuring Aaron and Jackson together before the accident; even if it was just a “special” showing them when they went on holiday together, for example. It could be aired after the watershed and show them in bed together; like we all wanted to see! Well, I can dream, can’t I?

      • Hi Keith

        Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. Danny and Lucy have been amazing on screen this week as totured Aaron and worried Chas but at the same time they’ve been difficult to watch because of the nature of the storyline. I never tire of watching Danny, he’s an amazing actor but miss the banter between Aaron and Jackson.

        As you say, the rest of the show is like padding at the moment, you just want to get through it till you get what you want, Aaron obviously! Yeah, it looks like an Aaron free week this week so nothing to look forward to for awhile. I’m still unsure of where they’re going with Aaron’s story, to be honest.

        Keith, I love the idea of the prequel /spin off. I’ve often wondered what happened during their early days together and of course, THAT holiday! But yeah, we can dream, can’t we? Hey, great idea for a new story for you, Keith! Aww, go on, please? Aaron and Jackson: Emmerdale Untold? And who better to tell it than you, mate!

        • Hi guys,

          all I can say is thank goodness for Marlon and his banter with Paddy and his scenes with Laurel. Some much needed light relief.

        • Hi Shawn, Thanks for your support for my storytelling as always.
          I am tempted to write the “between the lines” scenario, so give me time to collect my wits and I’ll see if I can dredge up some more Aarson! (I thought I was “over” Jackson, but I am obviously a hopeless addict!)
          Mind you, it seems that you are too, so I’m not alone!!!

          • Hiya Keith

            Ha, you know me too well, Keith! I still love Jackson, even though he’s gone from our screens, I love reading fics that have him and Aaron together. I’d love for you to write the missing bits of their story. If anyone can write it, it’s you mate.

  28. Hi guys glad you all like the Dallas idea too!! Keith I’d be no good at Fan fic but you could write one for me to read:-)!!
    I might not be able to watch this week but it doesn’t look like I’ll be missing much!

    • Hi Nic, Don’t put yourself down! I’m sure there’s a “writer” in most of us!
      I won’t promise anything, but I’ll have a think and see if there’s anything left in what used to be my brain!

      • That holiday, all we know is that they came back happy and together, ready to give their relationship another go. As Emmerdale itself never filmed anything for the holiday, you could write whatever you wanted to Keith with no original for it to be compared to.

        We did see Aaron and Jackson in bed together, remember, just the once, Jackson had a t-shirt on and Aaron had that lovely white vest. Bet if you wrote another story, Keith, there wouldn’t be a vest or t-shirt in sight would there??

        • Oh Sharon, you know me too well by now, my dear!
          I know that we have seen the gorgeous twosome in bed but, as you say, they were partly dressed and, once in bed, there was no kissing; or even physical contact! You know that there would be no such constraints in one of my stories!
          Just off now to have a cold shower!!!

          • So when you get out of your cold shower, will your fingers be doing some walking over a keyboard then, creating something for me to look forward to when I come back ??

            • I know how to keep you in suspense, don’t I?
              There may well be something on the horizon: that Aaron and Jackson spell that I’m under just won’t leave me alone! (With all these cold showers, it’ll cost me a fortune in water bills!)
              Look forward to chatting when you return. Have fun.

  29. Keith, you’re a tease!!

    and as for having fun, I intend to 🙂

  30. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

    With all this talk of the boys and what they got up to on their holiday and them in bed, naked – blimey, I think I’ll be the one taking a cold shower! Write it, Keith, write it!!!

    • Hi Shawn,

      OK, you asked for it! But I warn you now, this one is likely to be “M” rated! And you know what that means!

      Have a cold shower on standby (or maybe slip something in your tea!)

      I don’t think Emmerdale will be showing what I have in mind anytime soon! 🙂

  31. Hi all,

    According to the spoilers for next week, Hazel finds it hard being in the village and estranged from Aaron, so with Bob’s financial help, she leaves the village for awhile for a break.

    Aaron is meant to be ‘devastated’ when Hazel tells him she’s off. So, does this mean Aaron is at last starting to come around and begin to rebuild his life? I hope so.

  32. Hi Shawn, thanks for the update, I do hope it means he’s coming round a bit, I also still hope that Diane is looking after that bag until the time is right to give it back to him?!
    Does anyone know if this site is still being updated? I hope so

    • Hi,

      If Aaron is devastated at Hazel’s departure, it shows that what we have been seeing is a front and despite him giving the impression that he doesn’t care about anything anymore, he obviously still does. Maybe, this could be the first step for him in beginning to come to terms with what has happened.

      Nic, I too hope that bag is waiting somewhere safe and sound for Aaron when he is ready.

      I think as Aaron doesn’t appear again until the beginning of September, there isn’t anything new to put on the site but I’m sure when there is, it will be updated. We’ve never been let down before.

      Also, is it just me who hates the idea of that horrible little boy latching on to Aaron? We’ve already had the pain in the backside teen who was rude and wreaked havoc everywhere he went, his name was Aaron. I don’t see why we need it again with a new character.

  33. Hi Sharon, Hi Nic

    I am really hoping this is the turning point for Aaron starting to come round and that I’m not putting two and two together and making five! Although I’ve also read in spoilers that the dreadful self harming is set to continue for awhile yet as Aaron tries to blott out his emotions.

    Yeah, I’m really hoping someone, Chas or Diane, has found that bag, looked inside, realised what it is and is keeping it safe until Aaron’s ready to look through it. As for the lack of updates on the site, I agree it’s probably due to lack of Aaron on screen in recent days or maybe Jon, who runs it, has been away. Either way, I think there’ll be an update soon for what’s coming in September, i.e. Flynn!!

    Sharon, totally agree with you as always, what’s with this little thug latching onto Aaron. They must be rehashing old story lines now! Aaron mark II!! Though, thinking about it, maybe this has something to do with Aaron healing himself, looking out for this kid and seeing himself in him?

    • good point Shawn about Aaron seeing himself in the kid, hadn’t thought about that. Also, apparently the kid’s mother is in a lesbian relationship which he hates so maybe Aaron being gay will help him to accept his mother’s relationship. who knows?

      Just looking forward to seeing Aaron back on our screens again.

      • Hi Sharon

        Yeah, I’m thinking Aaron will end up looking out for this kid and maybe helping him to understand his mothers relationship, much in the same way Jackson helped him to understand and accept his own sexuality.

        I’m guessing this is all part of Aaron’s recovery, life after Jackson, though a long road lies ahead for him. Not sure where the Sarah storyline fits into this now? But yeah, am looking forward to seeing Aaron back on screen too but have to say, looking forward to seeing Flynn even more so 😉

        • Hi Shawn,

          I’m not sure about Sarah’s illness now either, it may have nothing to do with Aaron at all I suppose. I know they’ve said that Aaron’s recovery is going to take a long time but I wonder just how long are we talking about – til Christmas, Easter, how long in soap terms is a long time? It’d be nice to see him smile again.

          So, you’re looking forward to seeing Flynn again are you? I wonder why that would be, anything to do with his lovely mouth 😉

          • Hi Sharon

            Maybe Aaron will still help little Sarah. It’s hard to speculate really because you hear or read one thing, then a couple of weeks later, you hear something else.

            I just want to see him smile again too. I think the only way to achieve that is to give him more scenes with Adam, though he’s had his fair share of problems recently!

            Haha, Flynn’s lovely mouth? Mmm. Maybe that’s referring to it’s kissable factor? Aaron obviously thought so in your story and who could blame him? 😉

  34. Hi guys, let’s hope that if Aaron does build some kind of relationship with the boy that it helps him to heal by helping someone else out and not that he goes down his old path again.
    I see that we’ve got some more self harm coming up, apparently he hurts his hand on a gravestone, but at least he does go to visit Jackson’s grave again.
    I can’t wait for Flynn’s reappearance, I’ve started your fanfic again Sharon as preparation!

    • Hi guys,

      More self harming, not good. I hate the description “scraping his knuckles across a gravestone”, it makes me cringe just thinking about it. I guess he’s doing it to block out the emotion of Jackson’s death but I really wish he wouldn’t.

      As for the reappearance of Flynn, it can’t happen soon enough for me. Hopefully, it will lead to a longer run in the programme for him.

      Shawn, Flynn’s mouth could have a kissable factor, as you say, in my story Aaron is quite attached to it. 😉

      Nic, thanks for reading the story again, there’s another couple of chapters now since you last read it so I hope you enjoy them!

      • Hi Sharon

        I’m not liking this self harming storyline one bit. I know it’s because he’s blocking out his feelings about Jackson but to see him deliberately hurting himself is going to be painfull to watch. In an article on the DMF site, Danny said this was his best storyline yet. Well that’s not saying much then, is it?! And the spoilers I’ve read for later into next month, Aaron seems to enjoy hurting himself. So it seems like things will get worse.

        I just might skip these next couple of weeks till Flynn comes back. As you say, his return can’t come soon enough! Hoping he returns eventually as a regular character, his lovey mouth and all!

        • Hi,

          I read that article too. I can sort of see where he’s coming from saying it’s his best storyline yet. To show how some people cope with grief in a very destructive fashion and make it believable would be very challenging.

          What I didn’t like was Danny saying that he doesn’t want Aaron to have another relationship and he wants him to go back to being a bad boy again. Surely, if that happens, it makes a mockery of the last couple of years of Aaron’s story where we found out the reason he was such a bad boy was because he hated what he was which he doesn’t now. Plus, as viewers, we’ve seen this different Aaron and know he exists so how can they just pretend that he doesn’t and make him like he was before. I don’t see how it would really work unless Aaron goes bad temporarily as another way of shutting out his emotions.

          • Hello Sharon

            I know Danny has said he enjoys the challenging storylines and I know what you’re saying about portraying it and making it believable.

            Yeah, him saying he didn’t want Aaron to have another relationship and to become a bad boy again didn’t make sense. Maybe he enjoys the storylines like this rather than acting opposite another man as a gay character?

            But as you say, if that happens, what have the last two years been for? They can’t pretend ‘new and imroved Aaron’ doesn’t exist and never has. Let’s just hope ‘old Aaron’ is only temporary untils he comes through that dark tunnel he’s in at the moment.

            • It probably has to do with the fact most of us (well, some of us) started to watch ED solely because of the gay storyline. That’s what we want to watch. Whereas the writers, producers and actors probably see it differently, from a broader perspective. As a chapter in a larger story or something. That’s what I think.

            • Hi guys, I’m still around in case you’re wondering! Not much to say really, as not much Aaron at the moment, I see Hazel put in a brief appearance tonight though.
              I am not enjoying ED at the moment and sometimes wonder why I am bothering. What they seem to have lined up for Aaron is very disappointing. After the wonderful “coming out” and relationship with Jackson, it’s all gone to s**t now!
              Gavin Blyth must be turning in his grave!!!

  35. Hi Keith, glad to hear you’re still around.

    I know what you mean, for the first time tonight, it got to ten past seven and I realised I hadn’t put Emmerdale on and just thought “Oh well”. A little while back, that would never have happened, I’d have been camped in my chair from five to seven waiting and not moving until it was over.

    It’s so flat at the moment, it needs some sort of boost, something for us all to enjoy again.

  36. Hi guys

    I agree with you all!

    Keith, “it’s all gone to s**t now”. You’ve summed up how the rest of us are thinking!

    Sharon, I know what you mean, I’m not fussed if I watch it these days or not, I’m sad to say.

    Charlie, you’re also right, the ‘coming out’ was just one chapter of Aaron’s story. Downhill from now on!

    This story started out so promising with Aaron’s dramatic coming out and coming to terms with his sexuality with Jackson’s help and now – this? I know this is part of Aaron’s journey but I wish they would just skip this bit and move on.

    To see a character like Aaron who we’ve come to know and love resort to self harming is sad and painfull to watch. We all care too much to want to see this dreadfull storyline unfold.

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