Posted by: Kimbaforeva | August 29, 2011

Spoilers (29th August – 9th September)

Monday 29th: Bob offers Hazel some hours in the café as the builders arrive to start work on Dale Head.

Tuesday 30th: Hazel is under strain as she tries to get on with things in her new job. Later, when Rachel asks Bob for a job in the café, he tells her that they’ve recruited Hazel.

Wednesday 31st: Bob wants Hazel to have something to look forward to.

Thursday 1st (7pm): Hazel’s touched when Bob offers to lend her the money to go travelling, leaving Brenda unimpressed. Frustrated with Brenda’s moaning, Hazel quits her job and takes Bob up on his offer, excited at the prospect of going away.

Thursday 1st (8pm): Hazel tells Aaron that she’s going away for a while and fights back tears as she goes.

Friday 2nd: Zak offers to help Chas with Aaron.

Monday 5th (Hour-Long): When Zak witnesses Aaron fly off the handle while fixing a car, he reckons he knows what to do to sort him out – he’s going to fix up his old punch bag so Aaron can take out his anger on it. Later, Zak catches Aaron hitting the punch bag on his own and knows he’s made an impression. Zak tells Aaron that he’s not the only one going through a difficult time at the moment and he should look out for others, just like they have been looking after him.

Tuesday 6th: No episode.

Wednesday 7th (Hour-Long): Chas worries for Aaron when she realises he left the house at dawn, and her concerns are heightened further when she discovers he’s not at work either. When Chas sees the punch bag, she’s not impressed – worrying about what Aaron will turn into. At Jackson’s grave, Aaron is wrestling with his feelings while a concerned Ashley offers him words of comfort. Aaron wonders if Jackson would have felt differently a few months on as he scrapes his knuckles along a gravestone to relieve himself of the emotional pain. Later while at work, Aaron hides his grazed knuckles from Cain and enjoys time with Zak on the punch bag as Chas watches on. In the pub, Chas and Zak spot Aaron’s knuckles, but he blames it on using the punch bag with no gloves. Putting his sore hand in disinfectant, Aaron holds it there to let the pain block everything else out…

Thursday 8th (One Episode): Chas urges Cain to trust Aaron again. Later, Chas asks Paddy to speak to Aaron about college.

Friday 9th: Everyone is keen for Aaron to return to college for his mechanics course.



  1. Ouch, scraped knuckles held in disinfectant!! not good at all.

    Poor Aaron, he really needs some proper help but he’s not going to listen to anyone is he?

    I guess the punch bag gives him something to take his anger out on that can’t hit back but it’s not going to solve anything in the long run. It’s his head that needs sorting out and his poor hands of course 😦

  2. As if things couldn’t have got any worse after the awful assisted suicide storyline.

    Now they have, with Aaron self harming. This is not what I want to see on my tv. I know Danny has said it’s challenging, blah blah blah, but to me it’s just dreadfull. End of.

    • Call me crazy, but I like the self harming storyline. It’s so much better than Aaron lashing out. That to me is boring. Aaron has finally found another way to deal with his emotional pain. Not a very good way, but at least it ain’t the same old thing he always does. Plus I like when a soap adds a real life issue, as long as it is not preachy and they do not drag it out for too long. It will be interesting to see how he keeps doing it(i’ve only ever thought of people cutting themselves) and how long it takes for people to figure it out. The only thing that will piss me off if he does not get the help he so desperately needs in the end.

      • Hi Jennifer

        You raise a good point about Aaron using self harm to deal with his emotional pain, rather than having him lash out like we’d expect him to.

        You’re also right in saying that it’d be wrong to drag this out for too long. I too hope he gets help, sooner rather than later. It just pains me to see Aaron hurting like this.

        • The self harming is better than Aaron just lashing out all the time but it’s just so difficult to watch. It’s good the show is portraying someone with a different way of coping with grief than we are used to seeing as long as, like you say, they don’t drag it out forever.

  3. This story just seems to me as if ED is treading water and the writers don’t know what to do with Aaron. Complicating matters, DM says he doesn’t want his character in another relationship – which severely limits his story potential. The further we move from the assisted suicide story, the more I believe it was a huge mistake.

    • I agree Mark, they should never have gone down the assisted suicide route, not when they could have done so much more with the story. As we’ve said numerous times, what a waste.

      • Hi Sharon, Hi Mark

        I also agree, what a waste. The assisted suicide story was a mistake, we’ve all said that and if Jackson had to be written out, they could have done it several different ways.

        The self harming seems to me to be another gritty storyline ED have given to Danny to get his teeth into and stop him from getting bored and wanting to leave.

        Surely he can’t be in a position to say which storylines he wants to do and which ones he doesn’t? Saying he doesn’t want Aaron to have another relationship isn’t exactly leaving the door wide open, is it?

        • I would have thought that the final decision about storylines rests with the producers and if they say it’s happening, it’s happening. I’m guessing Danny would be told of upcoming storylines they have in mind for him and he would then have a chance to say what he thinks. Whether it would make a difference if he said I don’t want to do that, who knows.

          The flip side is Emmerdale know they’ve got a very good actor who is talented and extremely popular with men and women, which is rare so they obviously want to keep him happy and, although everyone is very careful to say it’s not the Danny Miller show, they know that an awful lot of people watch just because Danny is in it. This is not his fault and his popularity is something he’s earned and worked hard for so I suppose they would think long and hard about making him do something he really was against.

  4. Ok, I have to get this off my chest. Watching Sean is as painful as having my finger nails pulled out one by one with tweezers, nails scraping down a blackboard, do I need to continue???

    What is Emmerdale doing? I feel like I’ve gone back three years in time to a story that I’ve already seen. It is like they are re doing Aaron’s story with a lad who is a poor imitation of a young Danny Miller,even the accent is close to Danny’s. The only difference is that Danny played it cheeky rather than just plain irritating. (Sorry to whoever the actor is, it’s obviously not his fault).

    I just hope they’re not preparing us for Danny’s departure at some point by leaving us Sean as a replacement for the village bad boy.

    • Oh god, Sharon!

      You are so bloody right!! I definately found this Sean character painful and irritating to watch. You’re on the same wavelength as me, as I thought we’d gone back three years to when Danny first appeared as Aaron.

      Surely they’re not doing a replay of the village bad boy? Though, agreed, poor imitation! Maybe they are lining him up as a (poor) replacement. I really hope I’m wrong but you do wonder what else they can throw at Aaron before they run out of ideas.

      • Shawn, I’m so glad you said what you did, I thought it was just me!!

        I suppose with new improved Aaron, the village doesn’t have a bad boy anymore so maybe this Sean will be it. If this is the case, let him be his own character, not a rehashed version of Aaron.

        At some point, Danny will leave, he’s said probably in the next few years. Whether that’s early in that time frame, like next year or right at the end of it, only he knows but I agree with you, I do wonder what else they can let happen to Aaron especially after the great stuff he’s had to work with so far before they run out of ideas.

        Quality characters can’t be easily replaced. When Aaron does eventually leave with his trackies tucked in his socks, no doubt, I’m sure he will be greatly missed and leaving behind a clone won’t soften the blow, keep existing viewers or attract any more new ones.

        Right, I’m getting off my high horse now and going back to my usual mild mannered self 🙂

        • Hiya Sharon

          I can tell you work in teaching – you talk a lot of sense!

          The self harming IS a fresh way of seeing Aaron deal with what’s going on in his head, rather having him lash out like ‘old Aaron’ would have. I just hope someone notices what’s up to before too long and he gets the help he needs. I don’t want to see this story dragging on for too long!

          As for the storylines, again you’re right. No one actor in a soap can dictate what storylines they want to perform. He probably does get an opportunity to express his opinions but he’s an actor paid to act at the end of the day, so I guess he’d have to do as he’s asked, though as you say, I don’t think they’d force him to do something he was dead against. They know how popular he is and would try to keep him happy in his job.

          I’m hoping this new lad, Sean will follow his own storyline and not be a clone of Aaron, just a similar kind of teenage tearaway. I’m sure Danny will leave at some point to pursue bigger things but I hope not for a couple of years. As we’ve said, ED know how popular he is and will want to keep him in the show and will keep on throwing these storylines at him. I think there’s still a lot they can do with Aaron so I hope they don’t run out of those ideas anytime soon!

          It was a relief to see in tonights episode that he wasn’t too horrible to Hazel when she tried to talk to him. His response when she told him she was off for awhile gave me hope that ‘new improved Aaron’ was still in there somewhere. And at least he was there to see her off though he didn’t get upset like we were teased he would.

          • Hi Shawn,

            You know me by now, I always try to look at both sides before commenting and if I talk sense, it’s a bonus!!

            Yep, new improved Aaron is definitely still in there somewhere, you could tell by the way he asked Hazel if she was coming back and the way he looked when she said she didn’t know. Also, we even got the briefest of smiles from him when she left. I was pleased he was there to see her off, see, he does still care.

            Looking forward to next week when he gets more screen time although I will probably have to watch the scraped knuckles and disinfectant bit with one hand in front of my eyes.

            • Hi Sharon and Shawn,
              Some good points about “dragging it out”: that’s what Emmerdale is becoming – a drag!

              Like you, I can’t see where they can take Aaron if he doesn’t get involved in another relationship. How many 20-year-old lads out there go without sex for a long time? (Gay or straight!)

              It occurs to me that, Mark is right in that ED is “treading water” at the moment.

              It is often said that Danny is not comfortable playing a gay character, but that’s what Aaron is supposed to be! I really don’t know where they are going with this.

  5. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

    Sharon, it is good to see that Aaron still does care, even though he’s too messed up at the moment to show it properly! I’m looking forward to seeing more Aaron next week but not the scraped knuckles or disinfectant bits! Not nice.

    Keith, I’m with you, I don’t know where they’re going with this story either. Aaron is a gay character, so to say he not going to have another relationship is ridiculous! You make a good point about lads Aaron’s age going without sex. I mean, it’s been nearly a year now since Jackson’s accident, so he’s bound to want to get back in the saddle at some point!

    • Hi Shawn and Sharon,
      I too am looking forward to seeing Aaron this week, but wish they would knock the “self harming” on the head!
      As for Aaron’s lack of interest in a relationship or sex, I feel this is another manifestation of the “Emmerdale cop-out” of the portrayal of gay people. Even throughout their relationship, Aaron and Jackson were shown as a “sexless” couple, with vague references to having “done it” and the very occasional peck on the lips. OK, I know a prime-time soap can’t show pornography, but I’m sure they could have push the bounderies a bit further than they did. Now, Aaron is consigned to being a gay man who has no interest in other men! That’s very realistic, I’m sure!

      Like others have said, the wonderful “coming out” story of last year now seems to count for nothing! I can’t help feeling that Danny’s wonderful acting talent is wasted now (not to mention Marc Silcock, whose portryal of Jackson was top-notch and is sadly missed).

  6. They say little things amuse little minds, well my mind must be tiny then. One proper smile from Aaron and the world’s a better place.

    Also, great picture of Aaron & Flynn on the Emmerdale website. Flynn looks good, I’ve got to say, I don’t remember him looking quite that good before or maybe I’m just looking at him differently now. Anyway, roll on next week!!

    • Hi Sharon, Have you got room for another little mind?
      That smile! If only Aaron would do that more often!
      In the next soap awards, Danny could be put forward for “best smile”. He’d win hands down, I’m sure!

      • Hi Keith, I’ve always got room for you and your little mind!!

        Danny does have a great smile, I agree, it was nice to see it again. Let’s hope we see more of it in future.

  7. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

    Haha, what are you two like? A smile from Aaron and you’re happy! Still, as they are few and far between these days, I can see what you mean. Yeah, I admit it, I was pleased too – three little minds alike! And while we’re on the subject, was it just me or did you notice his blue eyes sparkling? I nearly went weak at the knees 😉

    Am also looking foward to seeing Flynn next week and yes, Sharon, he does look good!! Funnily enough, I’ve really warmed to him again since reading your story.

    Keith, I’m with you on Aaron being a gay man with no interest in other men at the moment but hey, that’s Emmerdale for you! They write a good storyline like Aaron’s coming out and then spoil it by losing their way with it several months later. I’m hoping this changes later in the year.

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