Posted by: Kimbaforeva | September 5, 2011

Spoilers (12th – 16th September)

Monday 12th: Aaron’s agitated by Sean hanging round, while Chas is pleased when she discovers that Aaron is going back to college.

Tuesday 13th: Aaron turns up early to help the Bartons on the farm. Chas is reassured by Diane’s words when she thinks that Aaron is doing well. Soon afterwards, Aaron heads out to visit Jackson’s grave to see the headstone, which has just been put up. His feelings of grief, pain and anger are clear when he takes them out on the punch-bag. Later, Aaron tries to hide his blood-stained hands from Adam when he calls at the garage.

Wednesday 14th: Although Aaron seems to be convincing everyone that he is okay, he snaps at Holly, which concerns her. At the garage, Aaron is close to losing it with Sean and his own rage shakes him, but Rachel soon apologises to him over her nephew’s behaviour.

Later, on a rare boys’ night out together, Adam and Alex give Aaron some space when they bump into Flynn, but Aaron finds it difficult to talk to his ex. When the others have left, Flynn is out of his depth when Aaron reveals the true extent of his self-loathing.

Thursday 15th (7pm): Aaron is exhausted and running on empty, but still turns up to help at the farm before work. When Adam questions Aaron about how he ended the night out with Flynn, Aaron snaps. Moira is concerned that Aaron is pushing himself too hard, while Paddy can also see that Aaron is dead on his feet. At the pub, Chas is worried about Aaron’s aggressive tone towards Sean. But later at the garage, things get more serious when Aaron collapses after chasing Sean, who has run off with the garage cash tin.

Thursday 15th (8pm): Sean rushes to the pub and announces that Aaron has collapsed. The mechanic’s loved ones come to the scene, but Aaron has gone. As the search begins for Aaron, he is seen stumbling along the road by Zak and Sam, who take him home. With Aaron found, Paddy takes Chas to him, but Aaron makes her feel rejected. Later, alone at the Dingles’, Aaron sees a knife and picks it up. When Sam returns to the house, he finds Aaron in surprisingly good spirits. As Aaron throws him a beer, he glances down at himself and covers up the traces of blood starting to show through his shirt…

Friday 16th: Zak is hopeful about his ideas for helping Aaron but Chas continues to worry. Aaron feels that he’s not wanted at the Bartons’ when he heads there for work but they tell him they’re concerned about him working too hard after his collapse. He realises Chas has phoned ahead to explain what happened. Later, Aaron is riled when he sees the punch bag has been taken away and Zak explains that he’s moved it to the Homestead. Despite Aaron acting fine about their interference, Chas knows he’s unhappy about it.



  1. It all seems to be going on this week!

    I can imagine the arrival of Jackson’s headstone stirs up even more emotions in Aaron and again, the punchbag gets it!

    I’m looking forward to Aaron bumping into Flynn and am intrigued as to how their conversation will go but am guessing it might not finish well as he snaps at Adam when he asks about it the next day. It seems Flynn is shocked at Aaron’s state of mind. I’m hoping this doesn’t send Flynn running for the hills!

    I know the scenes with Sean will just irritate me because he seems like he’s going to be an irritating character but the scenes where Aaron hurts himself with the knife at Zak’s, I’m sure will make my blood run cold! The quicker this self harming storyline is done and dusted the better for me.

  2. Hi guys just back from hols with loads of episodes to catch up. Reading these spoilers has made me feel a bit sick! Excited and nervous at seeing Flynn and really upset that Aaron starts to hurt himself with a knife!!
    I’m hoping that Flynn will contact Aaron again to try and help him when he realises what a bad place he’s in, but maybe I’ve been reading Sharon’s fan fic too much!! Great new chapters btw

    • Hey Nic, welcome back and thanks for the nice comment about the fanfic.

      I can’t believe Aaron’s going to start hurting himself with a knife, I thought the knuckles in the disinfectant was going to be bad enough but obviously not.

      I see the spoilers for next week have changed again. We’ve gone from Aaron lashes out at everyone including Flynn to Aaron tells Flynn the full extent of his self loathing. Maybe, with Flynn knowing how bad things really are, this will open up the door for Flynn to becoming more of a regular character. I don’t think it will send him running, he Iiked Aaron too much, I think it will make him want to help but probably scare him as well that Aaron’s in such a bad way.

      I see Danny has altered his opinion on Aaron’s future too. Now, we’ve got I don’t think Aaron will be looking for a long term boyfriend anytime soon because you have to stay true to the character which is much more realistic than what was being said before about Aaron never having another relationship. What a difference a couple of weeks make!

      • Hi Sharon, Hi Nic

        The self harming with the knife is going to be painful for us Aaron lovers to watch – not looking forward to that scene!

        As for Flynn, I’m also hoping he’ll return as a regular. I agree, he will be a bit scared of the situation at first but will ultimately want to help Aaron as he’s always liked him from day one.

        I’m not sure if Flynn has a boyfriend by this point, if he has it could get a bit complicated, or maybe he’s still (hopefully) single and secretly longs to see Aaron again?

        Yeah, Danny’s comment did make me raise an eyebrow, as Keith said, Aaron is a young gay lad so he’s not going to stop being gay. I think he’ll become friends with Flynn and slowly something develops further down the line. Ooh, your story might become reality, Sharon!

        • Hi guys

          If only, Shawn, if only.

          I was reading some of the old comments on here from January/February time, wow, they brought back some memories.

          There were loads about whether Flynn could be as nice a guy as he appeared and whether he was hiding some dark side to his character, hiding some secret. I even suggested that the secret he was hiding was that he had a girlfriend!!!! Aaron copped loads over his behaviour and how horrible he was to Flynn and Jackson. Him leaving Jackson to go running after Flynn to get the bus into town caused an absolute uproar, I don’t think even I defended him on that occasion!!

          Alan was still around at that time and Danny got both barrels numerous times from him. It was good fun reading them all again, seeing how involved people were with the story and how strongly they felt about what was happening and we’re still having our say now.

          Who’d have thought we’d all be so involved in the life of a TV character?

          • Hi Sharon

            I remember those comments from earlier in the year when we all thought Flynn was going to be the bad guy who stole Aaron away from Jackson. We all hated him even before he appeared on screen! Though as it turned out, he was a nice guy who just caught in the crossfire of Aaron and Jackson’s complicated relationship. In the end, Aaron turned out to be the bad guy, running from Jackson for that bus and eventually dumping Flynn when he realised it was Jackson that he wanted.

            We were really involved with it then, weren’t we? And we still are I think, though for me, it hasn’t had the same appeal since Jackson died but I agree, it’s amazing how a soap storyline has gripped us and held our attention for so long.

            • Hi Shawn,

              Poor old Flynn, he was really hated in the beginning wasn’t he? The F Word and all that.

              I agree with you, it isn’t the same without Jackson but I still watch to see what poor old Aaron is going to have to go through next.

              I have to say, I did NOT enjoy seeing him dip his knuckles into the disinfectant but I thought Ashley was lovely at the cemetery.

              I’m looking forward to next Wednesday, Aaron and Flynn on screen together followed by Man United playing Benfica. Top night of TV for me 🙂

  3. Essentially, we’re looking at Aaron’s third suicide story in two years – his own, Jackson’s and now his own by inches. So much for a modern representation of a young gay man. This is cutting edge TV for 1955. Aaron needs a tremendous psychiatric intervention, but on a show with three vets and not one GP, I doubt it is in the works.

    • Hey, Mark

      You do make me smile with your comments, though you’re always spot on with your observations!

      If Aaron was a cow / sheep / pig, I’d bet he’s treatment would be well under way by now!!

  4. Funny how the spoilers paint Flynn as an “ex” even though they never actually went out lol Also Jackson’s headstone is pretty awful, “loving son & boyfriend” … O_o really? Lol

    • Hi Matt

      Not sure about calling him his ex but Aaron and Flynn did actually go out a handful of times when Jackson was pushing Aaron away to see other people.

      I agree about the headstone, it is awful. Not much thought went into that inscription!

  5. Hi Sharon!

    No reply button (that old chesnut again) so I’m down here!

    Yeah, Flynn was hated because of the threat he posed at the time. Now Jackson’s gone, I’m hoping people will see him for the nice guy he is and the one who might be able to help Aaron.

    Even without Jackson, I’m still addicted to ‘Aaron’s Story’ and want to know happens to him and with the return of Flynn, I’m hoping maybe we’ll get some of that excitement back, that we felt when Jackson got together with Aaron.

    I agree, a nice scene with Ashley but the headstone and disinfectant scenes were grim! Actually, I can’t believe they mentioned the three month anniversary of Jay’s beath but forgot to mention his birthday last month!!

    So Flynn and football next Wednesday? The perfect match! Though I’m hoping Flynn’s appearance isn’t as disappointing as I fear it might me.

    • Hi Shawn,

      I know the reason I didn’t like Flynn in the beginning was because he was a threat to Aaron and Jackson and I’m sure a lot of people felt the same. Now that things are different, hopefully people will be more receptive to him, after all it wasn’t his fault he got dragged into Aaron and Jackson’s mess.

      I wonder if they made a big deal of the three month anniversary of Jackson’s death because they forgot to mention his birthday. They know fans don’t forget things like that and if they’d failed to mention both, they would have had a lot of unhappy viewers.

      Like you, I’m hoping next Wednesday won’t be a disappointment both in Emmerdale and on the pitch.

      • Hi Chaps
        I’ve just watched last night’s episode. The whole cemetery scene made me cry, lovely to see Aaron admitting to his grief and how much he misses Jackson and it such great Aaron style too, a few nods, shrugs and a couple of almost smiles!! Its a shame that it’s only Ashley talking to him about it and not Paddy or Adam.
        I agree Sharon, I was amazed that they acknowledged the anniversary and then thought they were making up to us viewers for forgetting his birthday.
        I miss Jackson so much, it’s just not the same without him. I ‘m afraid that my high hopes for Aaron and Flynn will be dashed by the nasty writers! Thank goodness for YouTube and fan fic!!

        • Oh Nic, bless you, hope you’re ok now?

          That’s our Aaron for you, a man of very few words but says a lot with his gestures and expressions. I agree with you, where’s Paddy and Adam when he needs them? Aaron’s not the easiest of people to be around sometimes but they’re supposed to be the closest people to him and they’ve been awol.

          I’m cautiously optimistic about Flynn returning on a more permanent basis, even if it’s just as a friend to help sort Aaron’s head out. After what those nasty writers have put us all through, they owe us something to get excited about.

          • The writers acknowledged the anniversary for only one reason: it served the plot point, of getting Aaron to hurt himself. There was no mention of the first month or second month anniversary, and as others have noted, no mention of Jackson’s birthday, which surely would have loomed largely in Aaron’s and Hazel’s minds. (Also, as the headstone shows, they forgot last year he was 23).

            I do think Flynn will be back – with Aaron returning to college, he’s bound to run into him. But Flynn hasn’t done anything to deserve the unholy mess that Aaron is now. I would tell him to run fast and hard, young man.

            • Mark, you don’t have any inside info do you????

  6. Hi, Sharon – as I’m sure you’ve seen, Ryan Prescott on his FB page has been cagey about his ED appearances. I’m guessing the door is open. From a story point of view, the writers seem to be setting them up to cross paths more often.

  7. Hi all

    Mmm, Mark’s comments make a lot of sense. As Aaron is about to return to college to pick up his mechanics course, it’s inevitable that he’ll bump into Flynn who’ll get pulled onto the rollercoaster that is Aaron’s life! I’m hoping good things will happen between them but this is Aaron we’re talking about! Anything good in his life doesn’t stay good for long!

    Good point about the three month anniversary being mentioned but not the first or second, nor Jackson’s birthday. Just a plot device, as Mark said, for the self harming to step up a gear. I’ve realised whilst watching Aaron’s story progress that the Emmerdale writers aren’t big on sentiment much to our dismay!

  8. You’ve got to check out the interview on the Emmerdale website with Danny about Aaron’s self harming. Three and a bit minutes well spent! 🙂

  9. How our Danny didn’t win the best actor award last night defies belief! Amazing acting in Bar West this eve, poor Flynn got a bit more than he bargained for! I ‘m in tears again!! At least Aaron opened up to Flynn.
    I’ve read elsewhere that in a couple of weeks Chas discovers the self-harming and her and Paddy can’t get through to him. Am I kidding myself hoping that Flynn will come back for more?!

    • Hi Nic

      God, I agree with you, how Danny didn’t win last night, I don’t know! It’s a con, I think as Emmerdale hardly ever win anything and Eastenders always seem to sweep the board. I try and avoid these award shows as they usually end up winding me up!

      Yeah, Danny at his best tonight, definately, describing his feelings about Jackson to Flynn who wasn’t expecting to heat that! I’m hoping that Flynn still does want to be Aarons’s friend. I’m certain he won’t judge Aaron like that; he’s not that kind of person but maybe he might give Aaron some space while he gets his head around what he’s heard.

      • Hi Nic and Shawn, yes, Danny was back to his best tonight and deserves every award going, however…
        How long are ED going to keep up the “tortured Aaron” routine? It can only go on so long before it gets “old”. Some critics (not that I usually pay much attention to THEM!) are calling him “cry-baby Aaron” and I think this may affect his award chances as he needs to broaden his scope (not his fault, as he can only work with what he’s given!)

        • Hi Keith, hope you are well?

          Yep, I agree mate, Danny is an exceptional young actor and he deserves to win awards as he seems to put his all into his storylines but this self harming… to be honest, I’m not enjoying it one bit, especially after tonight’s episode where he cut his stomach with a stanley knife! It actually turned my stomach, even though we didn’t see anything. I don’t want to see this dragging on because, as you said, it could effect his award chances, plus make people switch off, me included!

          • Hi Shawn and Keith
            I agree with you both, we know Danny is amazing at crying and being full of angst but we can just about remember that he also has a killer smile and does awkward tender and emotional so well too. The scene with the knife was horrible and I found myself shouting ‘no not that lovely tummy! As for him getting the help he needs ….. after what happened with Jackson and the lack of help there it seems unlikely. It’s getting harder to watch at the moment so I do hope those writers start to show us a glimmer of hope, maybe with a bit more Flynn ?:-)

  10. Hi Guys, Just caught up on this week’s episodes, this has not been a good week!!

    Wednesday’s episode was good. Flynn was very sweet, bless him, and at least Aaron was honest with him about how bad he feels even if he didn’t mention the self harming. Excellent performance from Danny doing what Danny does best although I do agree with Nic, Danny does do awkward tender & emotional just as well. It’s just a shame that we have to go so far back to see any of it. He does of course have a killer smile too but again, it hasn’t appeared for a long time. Aaron graduating to using a knife is scary, what happens when that doesn’t satisfy his need for pain? What will he try next? Also, it’s interesting that Paddy has suddenly become concerned again, he’s been virtually non existent over recent weeks and Paddy should know that an Aaron who was coping well would have hit him back when he punched his arm at the garage, not just stood there and half smiled at him.

    I hope he gets some help sooner rather than later but he’s got to want to take any help that’s offered and that doesn’t look very likely to happen any time soon.

    • Hi Sharon, Shawn, Nic…
      I am a bit confused over Aaron’s attitude towards Chas. They were getting close, but now they’ve gone back to pre-Jackson! I know he wants eveyone to ‘leave him alone’, but when does that ever happen with the Dingles?
      We really do seem to have take dozens of huge steps backwards!

  11. Hi Sharon, Keith, Nic

    I agree with you all. Danny has acted his socks off this week, especially in the scene with Flynn, admitting his guilt over Jackson. You’re all right in saying Danny has a killer smile and does those awkward tender and emotional scenes so well, it’s just a shame the script writers seem to have forgotten this!

    I love Danny’s acting and Aaron has been a character we’ve all come to love and care about over the last couple of years and even though Jackson is no more, we still want Aaron to be happy, that’s why it’s so hard to watch him self harming. I’m finding it more difficult to remain a loyal viewer seeing what Aaron is doing to himself with no help insight.

    Again, I’m in total agreement with you about Paddy’s up and down concern and Aaron’s hot and cold attitude towards Chas. It’s very confusing. Like I’ve said previously, it must be down to the scriptwriters and having so many write for the same character. They’re bound to forget things that other writers have written. They really need to allocate one writer for certain characters.

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