Posted by: Kimbaforeva | September 9, 2011

Aaron’s self-harm: Video Interview

Aaron hasn’t been the same since the jury declared him not guilty of killing Jackson, and is now punishing himself physically for ending Jackson’s life.

Actor Danny Miller talks to about this sensitive storyline, which gets much worse before it gets better. Can Aaron learn to forgive himself and overcome this dark chapter in his life?


  1. As much as I admire Danny’s enthusiasm for his storyline, I don’t agree with him saying: “Aaron’s got some great stuff coming up” by which he means Aaron purposely cutting himself with a knife. Sorry, but not my idea of great viewing. I’ll be glad when they ditch this storyline and decide to make Aaron gay again.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Shawn.

  2. While I appreciate that ED is trying to tackle these difficult matters and that they made a very atypical love story (because you have to admit it is quite original), it is no fun to watch. Danny is doing a good job and they give him more and more material like this, I can’t help but think it completely destroys Aaron character. I can’t see him recover from that at all. His journey (and how far he’s come) seems now rather pointless.

    They’ll soon run out of controversial subjects. I know that making Aaron suffer brings high viewership and awards. But it won’t last long. After a while it’ll become a parody. I’m not saying they should suddenly create a suger-coated gay romance. We’ve got plenty of that. But surely there must be a way of doing something else they could do to make some progress.

    Anybody has an idea where this is all going?

    • Hi Charlie

      You’ve raised some good points here but to be honest, I’ve no idea where they are going with it! All I’m hoping is that this self harming storyline comes to a head sooner rather than later and we start to see some kind of recovery for Aaron.

      The thing is, first of all, he needs to get professional help to help him deal with his grief because at the moment he’s just cutting himself off from grieving for Jackson by hurting himself. Until he gets help, things will just get worse.

  3. donne lui quelqu’un’ un a aimée au lieu de lui faire traverse un horrible vie de culpabilité il mérite de retrouvez son coeur remplie d’amour pour un autre compagnon et lui donne de la chance de vivre enfin une histoire d’amour

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