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Spoilers (26th – 30th September)

Monday 26th: Hazel realises that she might need a lodger as the rent for Dale Head has gone up – how will she react when Bob suggests that he could move in?

Tuesday 27th: Bob goes to see Hazel to make sure that she is clear he wants to move in just as a mate. However, Hazel tells him that she’s in a bad place at the moment. Later, Hazel shares her concerns about Bob moving in to Diane, who reassures her. Bob is thrilled when Hazel changes her mind and tells him that he can move his stuff in.

Wednesday 28th: Hazel gets a pang of guilt as Aaron watches Bob move into her house, but is unable to reach Aaron when she tries to speak to him at Jackson’s grave. Later, Hazel is worried but tries to cover it for the sake of Bob and the twins. Aaron is a little more friendly with her in the pub, but she is unconvinced that all is well.

Thursday 29th (7pm): Chas feels positive when Aaron agrees to have breakfast offered by Diane. Soon afterwards, Hazel is thrown by Aaron blowing hot and cold, but she asks him to help her in with her shopping bags. However, Aaron hates being in the house and tells Hazel that he never wants to see her again. Hazel refuses to leave Aaron and goes to talk to him at the garage, where he threatens her and smashes the wrench into the car as he begins to lose control.

Later, Aaron does not want to be questioned by Chas about the incident with Hazel. Chas goes to his room to sort things out and is taken aback to see blood on Aaron’s shirt…

Thursday 29th (8pm): Chas reels when she lifts up Aaron’s shirt and sees the cuts that he has made on his body. Shell-shocked and wanting to help, Chas calls for Paddy and can’t hold back the tears. She feels bad telling Paddy but needs his support. Later, Aaron arrives back with more blood on his shirt and tells Chas that he won’t stop self-harming. Chas is terrified by his controlled manner.

Friday 30th: Chas is barely holding it together as Aaron leaves for work acting as though nothing is wrong. Paddy sits Aaron down and insists that he is going to talk to him, but Aaron is not receptive and Chas worries it will make things worse. Chas feels helpless after Paddy has talked to Aaron, who still refuses to stop self-harming. Chas clings to Aaron when he takes a knife off her after she threatens to harm herself.

These scenes air from Monday 26th September, weeknights at 7pm, ITV1.


  1. those pics made me gag this morning… great stuff ahead thought, top notch!

  2. OK then so this is Aaron’s story so far. He tries to kiss Adam, who doesn’t exactly respond in an understanding way. So he tries to move on and starts a relationship with Holly. Adam then tries to force him to stop that by blackmailing him and telling everyone about what happened. Sometime later he confirms his sexual orientation to Paddy, whom he beats up. But he does that only after Paddy forces him to (emotional blackmail). Then he meets Jackson who tries to push Aaron to be more open about himself. Which, of course, leads to the trail, where he is forced to come out publically (which is even mentioned in the papers). Then he starts the relationship and things kind of settle down in a way. Aaron and Jackson split up, but then they get together again. But, of course, they start to argue and Jackson forces Aaron to admit his true feelings. Which leads to the car crash. Aaron stays with Jackson, because he feels responsible. They split up again. But then Hazel forces Aaron to get back with Jackson (my boy will be all alone speech). Of course, Jackson then forces Aaron to start a relationship with Flynn, which Aaron clearly doesn’t want. Then he blackmails him emotionally yet again into helping him to commit suicide. After that, things gown downhill again (or have we reached the bottom already?). After he’s proved innocent, Hazel tellls him that he needs to lead his life. Of course, because Jackson wanted it this way. And finally Aaron rebels. But then his loved ones tell them that his hurting them by doing that. So he starts the self-harming routine, And now he’s going to be emotionally blackmailed by Chas…

    See the pattern? I can understand why the guy is frustrated. Literally every single character on the soap manipulated him or used his weakness at some point. I actually watched some episodes from month before assisted suicidie. This Jakckson character was a monster. I just realized that. The way he never though of what he was doing to his loved ones.

    I hope Aaron is going to start making his own choices. I kind of understand why he is the way he is right now. And I hope everything around will stop micro-managing his every single move.

  3. OMG, this is some intense stuff man!
    The make up artists did a good job on them cuts, they almost look real!!
    I can’t wait for this stuff to air!!

  4. As much as I’m looking forward to seeing more Aaron on screen next week and despite him being an exceptional young actor, I’m afraid I’m just not enjoying this storyline. To see his chest covered in cuts churns my stomach. I know it’s only make up but the notion that Aaron, a character who we’ve come to love, would want to purposely hurt himself like this is just painful to watch.

  5. What bothers me most about Aaron’s behavior is his ill treatment to Hazel. Aaron is completely wrong for his bad behavior towards her because she lost her son just like he lost his boyfriend. They both lost the one person who meant the most to them and because of that, they should be leaning on each other during this time of grief. As far as blame, Hazel would have the right to condemn Aaron, to hate him forever, to wish that Jackson never laid eyes on him. But she does not do that. Jackson’s father, Jerry, is doing that while Hazel does not blame Aaron at all and only wants to help him because she and Aaron did as Jackson asked. Now Aaron is filled with guilt and punishing himself and Hazel. If he was hurting himself only and not being an ass to Hazel, I would have more compassion for him but right now, its not easy.

  6. Aaron blames Hazel for what he feels he was manipulated in to doing as a result of her not going through with what she promised Jackson she would do. Once Jackson had his mother on board with helping him commit suicide Aaron was totally against it. But Jackson and Hazel were determined to follow through with it whether Aaron was against it or not. Aaron caved in to Jackson’s wishes only because he knew there was no way of stop it from happening. He was only suppose to be there in the end to be with Jackson in the end, but instead because Hazel couldn’t go through with it and Jackson was pleading for help; Aaron took it upon himself to give Jackson what he wanted. Aaron blames Hazel for putting him in the position of having to do what she pledged she would do.
    Aaron feeling guilt for his part and Hazel is part of the problem. She needs to give him the space he needs to get over this. I feel for Chaz, but Aaron needs professional help. She is totally over her head with Aaron’s cutting himself.

  7. I just want to say that after watching these episodes this week, I’ve enjoyed them much more than I thought I would! Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying I’ve enjoyed seeing Aaron like this and whether this is how he would actually react to Jackson’s death is debatable but I think the story this week has been handled tastefully and we’ve not seen him actually cut himself.

    The acting from Danny and Lucy especially, has been amazing this week. Watching Chas at her wits’ end with Aaron who acted so calmly over his self harming was so moving and I found myself mesmerised by their performnces. I’m looking forward to next week too when I believe, after Hazel appears wary of him, Aaron realises he finally does need help. And not before time in my opinion. Amen to that!

    • I’ve just caught up on last night’s and tonight’s episodes and the acting from Danny & Lucy was superb. Aaron’s calmness about everything is unnerving and is in complete contrast to Chas’s visible despair and heartbreak at what he’s putting himself through. Their performances have been very moving and I think Emmerdale deserve a lot of credit for the way they have handled the whole self harming issue. They’ve been careful not to be too graphic with what we have seen while still leaving viewers in no doubt what Aaron has been doing to himself. I don’t like the storyline but credit where credit is due, it has been acted and handled really well.

      Hopefully, with what happens next week, Aaron will realise it can’t go on and will get whatever help he needs to conquer this problem once and for all.

      • Hi Sharon

        You phrased that so well, I couldn’t agree with you more – let’s hope so!

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