Posted by: Kimbaforeva | September 24, 2011

Danny Miller gets driving ban

Emmerdale star Danny Miller has been banned from driving for six months, despite begging magistrates to let him keep his license after speeding offences.

The 20-year-old, who plays Aaron Livesy in the ITV soap, amassed 15 penalty points in just nine months after exceeding the speed limit in parts of Manchester and on the M60 motorway.

However, Miller asked Manchester Magistrates Court for a pardon on the grounds of “exceptional hardship” and claimed that a ban would hinder his charity work.

Miller – co-founder and ambassador of the children’s charity Once Upon A Smile – argued: “It will have a massive impact if I lost my licence. I have learned my lesson, I am genuinely sorry.”

According to the Manchester Evening News, bench chair Alison Edwards said when passing sentence: “You have acquired your 15 points in a very short time and not taken on board the importance of keeping to the speed limit.”

The court had earlier heard that Miller was “a very embarrassed young man” who had been given a “grilling” by his parents about his driving.

Miller was fined £800 and told to pay £35 costs. The actor’s driving ban was suspended by magistrates until an appeal is heard at Manchester Crown Court.



  1. When will we be honored with a new episode?

  2. He needs his wrists slashing!

  3. This is a very sad story. As much as I like Danny Miller as an actor, no celebrity is above the law, so asking for a pardon after amassing 15 penalty points in such a short time and saying you are “genuinely sorry” is a bit lame. Was he only sorry because he was up in court facing a ban? And to be honest, he should have thought about his charity work before he broke the speed limit – more than once.

    Speed limits are there for a reason. I lost someone very close to me because some driver thought the speed limt restriction didn’t apply to him. When I started driving I got caught a couple of times speeding but soon realised my licence was too valuable to lose and stuck to the limit. The difference with Mr Miller is that he can afford to get a driver. It’s only six months and the with the number of times he’s been caught, it’s in bad taste to appeal!

  4. Tell them you’re gay Danny! It worked for Aaron….

    Joking aside, ofc he shouldnt be let off… but I dont blame him for asking. Most people would at least ask.

    Do the crime, pay the fine… try and remember not to do it next time.

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