Posted by: Kimbaforeva | September 27, 2011

Danny triumphs at Inside Soap Awards

Danny Miller was the big winner for Emmerdale at the 2011 Inside Soap Awards, picking up two gongs at the ceremony, held in London last night.

Danny retained his respective titles of ‘Best Actor’ as Aaron Livesy and ‘Best Dramatic Performance’ for his involvement in Jackson’s assisted suicide scene.

EastEnders were the big winners on the night, taking home five gongs in total including ‘Best Actress’ for Jessie Wallace (Kat Slater) and ‘Funniest Performance’ for Tameka Empson (Kim Fox). The show was also named the all important ‘Best Soap’.

Hollyoaks’ Emmett J Scanlan was named ‘Best Newcomer’ for his portrayal of bad boy Brendan Brady in the Channel 4 teen soap, while Danny Mac (Dodger Savage) collected the ‘Sexiest Male’ trophy.


Coronation Street bagged the ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award for its tram crash storyline and 50th anniversary live episode, with awards also going to Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) for ‘Sexiest Female’, and Bill Tarmey (Jack Duckworth) for ‘Best Exit’.

Elsewhere in the ceremony, Waterloo Road won ‘Best Drama’, while Home and Away was awarded ‘Best Daytime Soap’.


  1. At least he’s agreeing with us now on that Aaron should turn the corner. 🙂 Gongrats!

  2. Very well deserved in my humble opinion but I have to say, if it wasn’t for Danny, Emmerdale wouldn’t have won anything.

    Also, it’s a travesty that Marc Silcock didn’t win Best Exit but there you go.

    Anyway, well done Danny!

    P.S. Looking hot 😉

    • Hi Shawn,

      I have to agree, Danny thoroughly deserved both his awards and, although he’s always quick to point out that it’s not about him it’s a team effort, you only have to look at the fact that it’s him personally who’s won those awards two years running to see where the public’s affections lie and it doesn’t seem to be with the programme itself.

      I’m already worrying about next year. Unless Emmerdale come up with some great new storylines, including something else for Danny to get his teeth into, I can’t see them winning anything next year.

      It was a shame about Marc not winning best exit but when you’re up against the death of Jack Duckworth, there was only ever going to be one winner.

      As for your last statement, about Danny looking hot, I think you missed out a couple of words didn’t you – like extremely or exceptionally 😉

      • So hot in that suit! Such a fab smile, if only Emmerdale would let him show it!!!
        Such a shame about Marc but he was never going to win up against Jack Duckworth!
        Lucy Pargeter was on Tv today and said that currently we’re seeing the culmination of Aaron’s traumatic storylines. Fingers crossed for help for Aaron and some resolution from his demons. I think he talks to Hazel about it next week, I really hope they can help each other.

        • I agree, we need to see more of that smile. I’m sure Danny would quite like to crack a smile every once in a while too. It must be hard for him having to be miserable all the time.

          Hopefully, Aaron will start to get things sorted soon and begin to move on.

      • Yes, well done Danny!
        He is THE BEST actor in soapland at the moment.
        I reckon, if he moved into films, he could bag an Oscar one day!
        As you’ve all said, a pity that Marc Silcock is overlooked, as a lot of the success of the “Aaron and Jackson” story was down to the way the two of them bounced off each other; but still nice to see Danny recognised for his talent.

      • Hi Sharon

        Yeah, I agree, I love how Danny is always quick to point out how it’s a team effort rather than just him but it’s only him that wins the awards rather than the show itself and this is because he is a very popular young guy.

        Danny has said Aaron’s story will get a bit quieter in the coming months and you do wonder if he’ll win any awards next year because of this. Though I suppose it’s not all about winning awards. I’m hoping this won’t make him think about leaving.

        Shame about Marc but as amazing as he was as Jackson, he simlpy isn’t as popular as Danny. Also I wonder if this has anything to do with the nature of his exit, i.e the assisted suicide.

        Ok, as for that last statement, in those pictures and in that suit, Danny looks absolutely ******* amazingly hot – and gorgeous, haha 😉

        • Hi Shawn, haha, that’s more like it. It’s not like you to be so understated about our Mr Miller.

          I hadn’t heard that Aaron’s story will get quieter in the coming months, although I suppose until they decide to let him move on, there’s not a lot they can do with him. Even Danny himself joked that he’d settle for Aaron just cracking a smile every now and then to escape his misery.

          I agree with what you and Keith say about Marc, his performances were amazing but I think his popularity came from being part of a couple with Aaron. I don’t think the nature of his exit had too much to do with him not winning, it was mission impossible up against Bill Tarmey.

          Not sure if I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s episodes or not, all those cuts are not pleasant viewing.

          • Hi Sharon, I am not looking forward to seeing Aaron’s “cuts” either; would hate it if he was really doing that to his beautiful body! (Will have to keep telling myself to admire the work of the “make-up” artists!)

            I suppose Emmerdale will become a lot less imteresting if Aaron is going to be taking a back seat. You’d think they would want to keep him in the limelight as he is the one who wins them the gongs!

            • Hi Keith,

              Yeah, you’re right, Emmerdale will become less interesting if they reduce the amount of time that Aaron is on the telly. Playing devil’s advocate here though, I suppose they have to be careful not to turn it into the Danny Miller Show even though he is the one that wins them the awards and, if they’re honest enough to admit it, probably brings in a lion’s share of their viewers too.

              How many times have we said if it wasn’t for Danny, we wouldn’t be watching? We can’t be the only ones who think that way and the powers that be at Emmerdale must know it too.

              As for tonight’s episodes, I’d really rather not see the damage Aaron’s been doing to himself and would prefer it if he stayed covered up. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!!

  3. After watching this weeks episodes, Danny really did deserve to win those two awards on Monday. He is an exceptional young actor and despite my disliking of the self-harm storyline, Emmerdale would be a much more boring place without him.

    It’s him that keeps us tuning in and him that wins the awards for the show, so even though Danny has said that Aaron’s story will become more quiet in the coming months, I doubt the ED bosses will leave Aaron off screen or out of the drama for too long.

    • Hi Shawn,

      We’ve all been spoiled over the last couple of years with the time devoted to Aaron’s story and still can’t get enough of it so I hope you’re right that he won’t be quiet for too long.

      Interesting poll running on dmf about what should happen to Aaron next, have you seen it??

      • Hi Sharon

        Yes! I did see that poll and, naturally, I voted that Aaron should let Flynn befriend him and help him on his road to recovery!

        No other option made sense in my opinion, especially after Flynn appeared again recently.

        • Hi there guys
          It was hard viewing this week, like Keith I tried to remind myself it was just make-up and enjoyed the view!! Paddy was annoying again, saying “we’ll sort it” but not having any actual plan in place, I wish the old Paddy would return.
          I saw the poll on dmf site too. I’m not sure if the time is right for the Flynn friendship, even though I would love something like Sharon’s fan fic to happen, I don’t feel Aaron is ready for it yet. It seems a bit more likely to me that he will look at how he’s been behaving towards Hazel and how scared she is of him and that might make him look for help. I though Chas was fab on Friday and maybe her actions will get through to him too, here’s hoping……

          • Ps obviously I voted for the Flynn option 🙂

    • I think Chas was even better this week. I’m impressed 🙂

  4. Did my eyes and ears deceive me last night? Smiles from Aaron, a hug from Paddy and they remembered the crash anniversary, well done Emmerdale!
    I can’t believe it’s been a year, I’ll never actually forgive them for what they did to Jackson!!
    I hope we get to see Aaron’s scenes with the therapist, should make interesting viewing

    • Hi Nic, I know, I couldn’t believe it either. I loved the little scene between Aaron and Paddy when he asked Aaron to be Leo’s godfather. It was very sweet.

      It certainly doesn’t seem like a year ago that the crash happened and although a lot of people will never forgive them for what they did to Jackson, remember he was originally supposed to die in that crash so at least we got all that extra time of him and Aaron before he did eventually leave.

      I too hope we see Aaron with the therapist but unless he actually speaks to him, there’s nothing the therapist can do.

      • Hi Sharon, hi Nic

        Hope you are both well. Yes, I was also surprised that the anniversary of Jackson’s accident was mentioned several times in last nights and tonights episodes. Justice has been done for the scriptwriters forgetting Jackson’s birthday!

        I was actually surprised that, despite it being the anniversary, Aaron seemed to be in an ok mood rather than his usual moody self! I’m hoping that after last week when he stopped Chas from cutting herself out of desperation over him, he’s turned a corner now and has started on that long road to recovery. Here’s hoping!

        Absolutely loved the scene with Paddy asking Aaron to be Leo’s godfather. Great banter between the two of them and I loved Aaron telling Paddy to get off him when Paddy hugged him, though secretly he was chuffed to be asked. It was so lovely to see that boy smile again! And hooray for Paddy!! Very sweet 🙂

        It’s a shame about the relationship between Aaron and Hazel though but I think she starts to come round now he’s admitted to self harming to her. Though I was disappointed we didn’t see this scene. It kind of jumped forward so I’m thinking the scene may have been cut. Shame.

        I also can’t believe it’s been a year since the crash. I’ve been watching some old episodes on youtube and it some ways it doesn’t seem that long ago but it others it seems longer.

        I’m hoping Aaron will open up to the counsellor. I think he will as he seems to want to get help now after what happened with Chas and how he’s treated Hazel and maybe he has thought about what Jackson’s reaction would have been.

        • Hi Shawn, Sharon and Nic,

          Shawn, I agree with you, Emmerdale promised us Aaron’s confession about self-harming to Hazel, then it happened “off screen”: Emmerdale untold strikes again!
          Sharon, it was nice to see the ‘godfather’ scene with Aaron and Paddy, just like old times!
          Nic, I’ve never forgiven them over Jackson either! Not so much because of killing Jackson off, which was bad enough, but for wasting the chance to show two regular lads in a gay relationship. In fact, they could have been protrayed as a loyal couple to counteract the merry-go-round of straight couples on the show. It’s Marlon and Laurel now: pur-lease, cut it out!

  5. Hi S,S and K!
    Thanks for reminding me that we were lucky to get as much of Jackson as we did , Sharon. I agree with you though Keith it would’ve been much better to have seen them come through the crash had a relationship, not enough drama in that though I guess.
    I think we were robbed of the Aaron/Hazel scene, I thought I’d missed it and rewound the Tv!

    • It looks like the curse of the scene you really want to see but ends up being cut strikes again. We had it with Aaron splitting up with Flynn to go back to Jackson, we had it on Christmas Eve when Aaron & Jackson were supposed to spend the night together in the hospital and now we’ve had it with Aaron telling Hazel about his self harming.

      I understand that they can’t use all the scenes they film but I wish they’d stop cutting the ones people really want to see.

      • Maybe there was something wrong with it, but they realized it just in post-production. They shoot these things at break-neck speed after all. Who knows?

        • You could have a point there, I never thought of that.

          • Or it could be that they scene didn’t exactly play out as strongly as they have written it. Ah well, we’ll never know.

            Anyway, I’m kind of curious where this therapy thing is going, Is it going to be shown or just carried mostly off-screen? Or are we actually getting all The Silence of the Lambs and see Aaron acting against that therapist? Could be interesting.

            Oh and Aaron’s wearing Primark today (I know, cause I’ve got that T-shirt). Really posh, ain’t it? 😛

            • I hope we see Aaron’s therapy sessions played out on screen but I bet most of it will just be referred to or talked about. I liked the counsellor, he seems the right sort of counsellor for Aaron, not full of jargon, quite happy to let Aaron dictate what happens up to a point of course and able to talk to Aaron on his level.

              As for the t-shirt he was wearing, there’s nothing wrong with Primark but I have to confess, what he was wearing went right over my head, I was too busy looking elsewhere 😉

  6. I was impressed that in tonight’s episode Aaron went back and got that list of counsellors (again not shown!) and went to see one.

    I’m hoping that we’ll get to see Aaron’s progress during counselling and that it won’t just be referred to but for some reason, Emmerdale seem to be cutting out the scenes we want to see again. Bah!

    • I agree Shawn I was shocked but very pleased that he went to see the counsellor. I’m really hoping that we get to see more of his sessions, surely we at least deserve to hear him talking about Jackson. He hasn’t really got any other storyline going on so here’s hoping….

  7. So are there any new spoilers out there somewhere?

  8. Hello! Are we still down here?

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed tonight’s Emmerdale with little Leo’s christening. And any episode where Aaron is in a suit and looking gorgeous is going to get a thumbs up from me, haha. 😉

    I loved his whole demeanour in church; arms crossed then hands in pockets, just like old Aaron and then later when he made his really sweet speech in the pub, it was like new and improved Aaron had returned. Hooray!

    It was a nice scene between Aaron and Rhona too. I really got a sense that he was on the road to recovery and it was nice to see Rhona not being a bitch to him!!

    On a different note, I’m concerned we’ve not seen or heard anything more about the counselling. I know he’s not been in many scenes recently and next weeks spoilers only mention Aaron and that horrible mini-me returning but I hope we are going to see some of his counselling scenes and it’s not just going to be mentioned in conversation from time to time. We need to see this boys progress!

    • Hi Shawn, Yes, we’re still here but there hasn’t been much to say recently.

      I too loved last night’s episode. Aaron’s speech was lovely and it felt like he had the support of everyone there. It was a nice scene with Aaron and Rhona too, he didn’t even pull one of his famous faces as she straightened his collar and tie.

      I’m NOT looking forward to the scenes with Sean. It will be lovely to see Aaron back on our screens again but with mini me sharing the screen with him, it will be pleasure and pain at the same time. I’m sure you know which one is the pleasure!!

      • I don’t know. It might remind Aaron how annoying he was before Jackson. 😉

        • You could have a point there but at least Aaron was cute and annoying, not just plain annoying 😉

  9. I didn’t recognize the characters last night. Rhona has spent months putting down Aaron – she forced Paddy to get him out of the house so Leo could be “safe” from him, so how Aaron ended up as Leo’s godfather – with Rhona’s blessing, no less, is a mystery to me.

    And Aaron’s behavior in the church, the one place where he sought and failed to find comfort after Jackson’s death, was bizarre. Given all he endured recently, you would have thought the event would have raised memories of Jackson’s bailing out on brother Josh’s christening. And when has Aaron ever been the type to stand up and give a toast in front of a couple dozen people?

    • Hello all
      Some differing opinions here and I agree a little bit with everyone!
      He was looking Fine in that suit! It was lovely to see him smiling and giving a speech but as Mark is saying, who was that? He’s been unable to communicate, depressed and self harming and now he suddenly seems cured and back to the marvellous ‘new improved Aaron’! It always makes me sad that Jackson isn’t here to see this and I also like to imagine Aaron popping to the churchyard for a chat with Jackson before or after events like yesterday!
      There’s a spoiler on the Danny Miller site that Chas takes an interest in his counselling sessions the week after next. It had made me think that it’s more likely the sessions will be referred to rather than shown, 😦

      • Hi everyone, it’s been quiet on here lately, hasn’t it!
        Agree with you all, lovely to see Aaron in a suit (male model time again!) and looking happy.
        However, I have to agree with Mark’s points about Aaron and the other characters going “off beam” again! This seems to happen so many times in this soap, where characters suddenly have a “personality transplant”!
        I don’t know about you lot, but I am heartily sick of the Marlon/Laurel affair/non-affair. Not a patch on the Aaron and Jackson story (but then, what is!)

        • Hi Keith and everyone!

          I agree with you about Aaron in the suit! We are shallow, aren’t we?! I also agree with you about Aaron and co going “off beam”. As you say, it happens all the time but I do think it’s partly due to the show having several different writers.

          A couple of weeks ago we had desperate Aaron self harming, now we have happy Aaron at the christening. A bit of a change! It is strange but I like to think that after what happened with Chas threatening herself, Aaron turned a corner and realised he did to get help as his actions were hurting his loved ones too.

          As for the christening, I think Aaron was just making the effort, after all, it was Leo’s day but it also meant a lot to Paddy as well as he’d asked Aaron to be godfather. I do think Aaron pushed himself to seem as happy as he did though!

  10. I agree that Aaron seems to be all over the place at the moment.
    For Aaron… having been rejected by the church for his homosexuality and assisted suicide involvement, its kinda odd to take an oath of obedience to his Lordship.

    • Nah it’s just the problem with the middle-management. Not his Lordship himself. 😉

      • lol nice

  11. Hi All,

    Nice to see Danny on “Family Fortunes” tonight! He got screams from the girls in the audience when he was introduced; quite the “pop star”!

    Pity he didn’t win through to the £30,000 charity round at the end… if only he’d thought of “knob”!!! (Those who saw it will understand!) I thought it strange that he didn’t think of it, as he twiddled the knob on the hi-fi in the famous “Just Say Yes” scene!

    • Hi Keith

      Haha, brilliant, he definately should have thought of that!!

      I really enjoyed it actually. His family seemed really nice, though it’s a shame we didn’t find out more about them.

      He did get a lot of screams, didn’t he? *scream* “Danny Millerrrr!!!” Hahaha. Loved it. I would’ve screamed too had I been there.. !

      • Hi Shawn, What are you trying to tell us? Screaming at Danny! (I don’t blame you one bit!) Reminds me of Aaron saying to Jackson “You big girl!” when Jackson said that he’d brought sandwiches for his lunch, in the early part of their relationship (happy days!)

        Seems like Sean’s Mum is a lesbian; so ED still want a gay couple in the show! I have to ask then, why the hell did they break up Aaron and Jackson (who were far more entertaining than these latest imports!)

        They’d better hang on to Danny as I am fast losing patience with the show! As soon as he leaves, so do I!

        • Hi Keith

          Haha, so we’d both be screaming for Danny?! Question is, who’d scream the loudest, haha. Though I’d definately do a Stacey Soloman and feel that picture!! 😉

          The thing that occured to me whilst watching FF when Danny first came on, was how popular he is, judging by the audience’s reaction, so I can imagine him wanting to move on at some point but I’m with you, mate: if Danny leaves, then I will also stop watching!

          Also agree about the new gay couple. Not interesting at all. The sister is like a lesbian version of Corries Janice Battersby!!

          • A lesbian version of Janice Battersby? No, I’m not going to go there! But I do know what you mean mate.

            As for Danny’s picture…I had to laugh at Stacey Soloman “feeling” it. I’m sure the real thing would be better! (Gets mind out of the gutter!!!!!) It was a hot picture though, wasn’t it!

            Yes, I think you’re right mate, Danny is a very popular lad. I’m sure he’ll move on one day, he is a true acting talent and I’m sure will do well in anything he turns his hand to.

            • hi you two, if there was a screaming competition for Danny, I don’t know who I’d put my money on to scream the loudest but I bet I could give you both a run for your money.

              I loved how he said on Twitter that FF showing him singing as a child increased his followers. Of course it had nothing at all to do with the picture they showed before the video of him singing.

              That picture brought back memories though, it used to be the wallpaper on my old computer. God, I loved turning that machine on!!!

  12. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

    Hahaha. Keith, I’m with you my friend; I’d like to get my hands on more than just the picture!!! Cor yeah 😉 Haha.

    And Sharon, you used to have ‘that’ picture on your computer? Ha, if I’d had that on mine the computer wouldn’t be the only thing being turned on, haha!! Love that picture!

    As for the screaming, well I’d give you both a run for your money, especially with help of a G-clamp, haha.

    When Danny first came on he seemed almost embarrassed by all the screaming especially when Vernon said “it’s Danny Miller!” to even more screams. Maybe this was because his family were with him but I think this made him seem very endearing, as did that home video of him singing when he was four. Bless, aww, etc. Brilliant. Have to say, it made me love him a little bit more!

    • Oh Shawn, you do make me laugh. What you said about what would happen if you had “that” picture on your computer made me laugh out loud. Yes I did have “that” picture on my old machine. A friend of mine emailed it to me as she knew it would put a smile on my face…. and she was right. 😉

      The screaming on Saturday did seem to embarrass Danny slightly as did Vernon asking how many times he’d been nominated for sexiest male. I agree with you, his reaction did make him even more endearing if that’s at all possible.

      • Hi Sharon and Shawn,

        (We seem to be “the last of the few” on this thread!) It has not been updated for a month now, but then, Danny hasn’t featured much lately on ED, has he?

        I too, had to laugh about your comments, Shawn my friend. There is no doubt that Danny is “sex on legs” but he is very endearing as I don’t think he realises how sexy (or popular) he is!

        His brother and sister were not much like him, were they? He obviously ‘struck lucky’ in the gene pool! Not that his siblings were unattractive by any means, just not as gorgeous as our lad! He does seem to get embarrassed about being nominated for ‘sexiest male’, but maybe that’s because he likes to be known as a serious actor; and I’m sure his acting awards mean a lot more to him than being seen as eye candy!

        Anyway, I hope he appears a lot more on ED soon. When we think back to 12 months ago; it’s enough to give you withdrawal symptoms! We had our two lovely lads then, but now we have little of Danny and no Marc! “sniff”!

        • Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

          I love that we’ve been able to have a giggle on here following Danny’s appearance on Family Fortunes. There hasn’t been much to giggle about with Aaron over the last few months!

          Sharon, I’m glad ‘that’ picture of Danny brought a smile to your face, understandably so but I have to admit, it would do a lot more to me than make me smile 😉 haha.

          Keith, ‘sex on legs’ hahaha, I couldn’t agree more mate! If Danny was locked in a room with the three of us, he wouldn’t last a minute with us frothing at the mouth!

          Ha, made me laugh about his sister and brother, I know what you mean but they both look a fair bit older than him.

          I’m sure he finds it embarrassing being called sexy and I bet he’d rather win a ‘best actor’ award than a ‘sexiest male’ one. After all, he is a serious ac-tor dah-ling 😉 but his embarrassment really does make him even more endearing, bless.

          I’m also hoping for more Aaron on screen but it looks unlikely as he’s been away for three weeks so that absence will be coming up and also Danny has said his story will be taking a back seat in the coming months so… I think I’ll have to keep on rewatching that Family Fortunes episode…!

          • Hi Shawn, Hi Keith,

            I don’t know about Danny not lasting a minute, I don’t think I would either, not with you two around. I have a feeling that the old adage of “ladies first” would go right out of the window. It would be every man for himself, literally!!

            Danny has always said he would prefer to win best actor awards rather than sexiest male. He’s said before he finds it a bit embarrassing and only admits he’s ok to look at. Well, if he’s just ok, god knows how he’d describe the rest of us.

            Apparently, we’ve got some Aaron on our screens tonight, which is good news. The bad news is his scenes are with mini me. 😦

  13. Has anyone else noticed we used to have to wait weeks between episodes that showed any affection between Aaron and Jackson yet within a couple of episodes, we’ve seen the new lesbian couple kissing more than once.

    I know it’s only a minor point but little things like that really bug me.

    I’d just like to know why.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Sharon!

    • Yes, Sharon, I noticed that too. Also, Rodney mentioned that his son (Paul) is gay (he hasn’t been in the show for years!) and the old “stereotype” of being a drag queen was also mentioned; but no mention of Aaron (or Jackson, for that matter!)

      As for the kissing, I still think the TV people are more “comfortable” showing two women kissing than two men. You wouldn’t think we live in 2011 sometimes!

      • Unfortunately, Keith, I think you’re right but why they’re more comfortable with two women as opposed to two men, I have no idea.

        I would have thought that the popularity of Aaron and Jackson would have shown the powers that be that more people are ok with seeing two men as a couple than aren’t.

        • Hello folks
          I’ve been away for a few days and it’s interesting to get back and read all your comments. Very disappointing that Aaron is in the show so little at the moment and with him just having a 3 week holiday it doesn’t look likely to improve either. It does make for boring viewing.
          I’m in complete agreement with you all about the new couple, it’s so frustrating that Emmerdale had the best gay couple on tv but they killed them off and now have this dreadful couple on with their irritating family!!! Aarghhh makes me cross!
          I’m off to carch up on family fortunes to cheer myself up!!

          • Hi Nic, we wondered where you’d gone! 😛

            You’ve said exactly what I wanted to say: irritating family! I can’t understand why Emmerdale split up a really entertaining and likeable couple like Aaron and Jackson only to introduce another gay couple of inferior quality. It’s like adding insult to injury! GRRR!

          • Hi Nic

            Welcome back!!!!

            Hope you enjoy Family Fortunes, let us know what you think of “that” picture.

            • Just watched FF, what fun! Loved the home video of Danny altho not the City shirt, I’m a fellow Reds fan! ‘that picture’ certainly looked mighty fine on the big screen! Danny was very sweet throughout the prog. The Soloman family were hilarious!
              Have also caught up on more ED episodes, sometimes I can’t believe I’m watching the same prog as last year, I end up fastforwarding most of it!
              Keith I love your terminology ‘inferior quality gay couple’ lol!!

  14. Hi All

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Aaron seems to have had a personality transplant over the last couple of weeks??

    It was only a while ago that Aaron was self harming, now he’s smiling and acting like he’s pretty much back to normal. Not that I mind that he’s smiling again; l love a happy Aaron but it just doesn’t seem to ring true.

    Oh the joys of off screen counselling – works wonders!

    Nice to see Aaron back on screen this week though but as for mini me and his mother – don’t get me ******* started!!!

    • Hi Shawn
      I completely agree with you. It’s so frustrating that we’re not seeing any of the counselling and Aaron’s just transforming into a different person before our eyes. He’s like an extra at the moment with no real storyline of his own.
      I’m back to watching old Aarson on YouTube again!! That and thinking of ways to get rid of the new family, they’re sooo annoying!!!!

      • Hi everyone

        I’ve been thinking about Aaron’s counselling and the fact that we’re not seeing any of it.

        I’d love Emmerdale to give a whole episode to showing one counselling session, a bit like Eastenders did when they let Dot have an episode to herself to talk about her husband.

        Danny would act his heart out as he usually does and we would get to hear Aaron talk about Jackson’s death, missing his funeral and any guilt he may still feel.

        Now that would be an episode worth watching.

        • Hi Sharon

          This sounds like a great idea and I think they could cover a lot of ground in a single episode between Aaron and Phil the counsellor. Unfortunately, I don’t remember Emmerdale doing a whole episode devoted to a single character. Have they? I think we’ll just have to read Keith’s latest fic instead!

          • Hi Shawn,

            No I think you’re right, I don’t think they’ve given one episode to one character before. I suppose the closest might have been the episode where Aaron found out that Jackson wanted to kill himself although obviously, that involved two characters.

            Still, Keith’s fanfic is a pretty good substitute.

            • Hi guys, it would certainly be a tremendous episode. I feel like we deserve it after all that we’ve been through with Aaron. It probably won’t happen though, I do feel that the quality of ED has gone down in the last couple of months or maybe it’s just because I’m not as interested in the storylines. Thank goodness for the fanfics

    • No, I’ve noticed it too Shawn and while a happy Aaron is always lovely to see, it does seem a bit strange. I know they don’t want to drag out Aaron’s misery for too long but to make it just disappear as quickly as it appears to have done isn’t right either.

      It’s even more bizarre when you think that a couple of weeks ago, Danny was saying that he didn’t think Aaron should have another relationship for quite a while because it wouldn’t fit with the character. How then does turning Aaron from someone who is self harming in to Mr Happy within a couple of weeks fit with the character?

      As for mini me, as far as I’m concerned, he should have been left locked in that van forever so that no one would have to hear his annoying voice ever again.

      • Hi guys,

        I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately (a bit like Aaron in ED!), I’ve been busy writing (as you know!) Many thanks for your support and comments which are always much appreciated (I sometimes feel I’ve got my very own “fan club” – though not as big as Danny Miller’s, obviously!)

        Agree with you all as usual: they should show more of Aaron’s counselling, plus mini-me and his family can disappear as soon as they like! I’m getting fed up with Marlon and Laurel, Cain and Moira and so on. What’s next, Edna and the vicar? Sheeesh!

        Nic, you are right. ED has gone downhill faster than a tin tray on the ice! All Gavin Blythe’s previous hard work is being cr**ped on from a great height!

        I’ve said it before, but at the risk of repeating myself, if Danny leaves the show: so do I! (Not that he’s in it much these days anyway!)

        In the meantime: Happy Halloween all!

  15. Hi all (well Sharon, Nic & Keith!)

    I’m finding Aaron’s story a bit bizarre at the moment, not to mention Emmerdale a turn off.

    It’s strange with Aaron because it seems like now the show is concentrating on other storylines, his is being sidelined. After his trial and the self harming it seems to have fizzled out. They’re not even showing us the counselling he’s receiving as they expect us to believe he’s coming along nicely, thank you.

    This is just odd. A month ago he was agitated and hurting himself, now he’s calmer and we’re assuming the self harming has just stopped? Strange.

    As for the other storylines; they just don’t interest me. Laurel and Marlon? Moira and Cain? Oh please! I agree with Keith, I wonder what the late Gavin Blythe would make of this? After the Aaron and Jackson storyline which was both beautiful and tragic, nothing comes close in my opinion.

    Thank goodness for some wonderful fan fiction stories, that make sense, that are out there!

    • Hi Shawn (and Sharon and Nic),

      Your comment “After the Aaron and Jackson storyline which was both beautiful and tragic, nothing comes close in my opinion” struck a chord with me mate. “Beautiful and tragic” is such an apt description of Aarson.

      I think that’s the problem. We cared about Aaron and Jackson, but we don’t care about the other characters now. I think the Cain and Moira thing borders on the ridiculous, while the “new family” are just irritating.

      Marlon has been turned into a hopeless moron, lusting after Laurel like a love-sick schoolboy. When I think back to him and Paddy about a year ago, he doesn’t seem to be the same person. When Aaron and Jackson were getting together, the Marlon and Paddy partnership was really enjoyable. Now, we are left with Youtube clips to remind us of the glory days!

      They reckon the X-Factor audience is leaving in droves, it wouldn’t surprise me if Emmerdale’s audience are voting with their feet too!

      • Hi guys

        Keith, you’ve hit the nail on the head with what you said about people caring about Aaron and Jackson and what happened to them. I’ve never cried like I did over those two and I used to watch religiously to see what happened to them.

        Now, I only make sure I watch it if Aaron’s in it, otherwise, if it’s on I’ll watch but I won’t lose any sleep over it if I miss it. It’s a shame it’s like that but none of the other characters really appeal to me.

        It doesn’t sound like it’s going to get better any time soon either. According to Danny in a recent interview, things are going to be very quiet for Aaron for a good while and it will be a long long time before he has another relationship. How they’re going to keep their viewers if this is the case, I don’t know.

  16. Hi all!

    This site hasn’t been updated for ages! I know Aaron’s been a bit quiet but it feels like we’ve been abandoned! I might have to start self harming for five minutes. 😉

    I’ve got a new idea for Aaron’s storyline. He slips in the shower one morning, knocking himself unconscious and when he awakes, finds that none of the events from the past 13 months have happened, i.e. Jackson is not only alive but walking. And they all lived happily ever after. Yay!

    What do you all think? Think it’s worth a pitch to the Emmerdale producer? I mean, it worked in Dallas with Bobby Ewing, didn’t it? Well I think it’s a bloody good idea anyway!! Failing that, Keith, maybe you could write us an Emmerdale Untold?? 😉

    • Hi Shawn (and anyone who’s still here!),

      Nice idea, but there are no “happy ever afters” in soaps! Every couple you can think of end up separated in some way: disappeared, divorced or dead!

      The “fics” are a good way of getting what we really want! I’m working on an idea I’ve had, so Aarson lives on in that alternative universe!

      I wonder what Danny Miller is up to at the moment? Maybe he’s having a rest: lifting those trophies must be exhausting work!

  17. Im wondering if Emmerdale has worked out they need to keep Aaron/Danny storylines ready for awards seasons so they just keeping everything bottled until they need a new best winning scene for Danny to play

    • Hi Chris

      Yeah, that makes sense I suppose but as soon as Aaron said to Phil the counsellor that he wanted to continue with the counselling sessions, his current storyline effectively came to an end and now he’s just going to be slotted into the odd scene, appearing now and again.

      • Yes, they need a big storyline soon or there will be no awards next year. The problem is… there is nowhere to go! We had pretty much everything. Drug dealing, self-loathing, suicide attempt, coming out, love story, crashes, growing up, assisted suicide, murder trial, self-harm. That’s a lot. The only thing we haven’t seen is him being nude.

        • Oh wait. He can still suffer from some terminal disease. That would give him another reason to push people away.

      • Hi Shawn,
        It is a real pity that Danny is going to be a ‘bit-part’ player for a while and as Charlie says, he has done practically everything these past couple of years and there are very few places to go with him now.

        I can’t believe that ED are doing a ‘spin-off’ DVD featuring Paddy and Marlon! As much as I like those two, a DVD featuring Aaron would have been much better!! (A DVD of Aaron and Jackson would have been preferable, but that ship has long sailed now!) Have they forgotten already who their ‘best actor’ is? I sometimes wonder what planet the marketing people are on!

        • I really do like Paddy and Marlon characters. Definitely a lot of laughs and both actors do a great job at the slapstick. But I agree… why wouldnt you utilise the actor/story currently winning 90% of all Emmerdale awards for the last 2 years. To me its a no-brainer.

          The last DVD spinoff was the Dingles winning lotto… so I dont see why Aaron and Jackson “what if/dream sequence” couldnt be done either 🙂

  18. Is it just me (again) or is Aaron’s behaviour slighty odd at the moment? It’s like the last few months haven’t happened!

    I mean, is he stiil grieving? Is he still self harming? Is the counselling helping? And suddenly he seems quite happy? I’m confused!

  19. According to the Betty’s Hot Gossip section on the Emmerdaily site, rumours have it that Danny Miller is set to leave the show sooner rather than later…

    • Oh dear, if it’s true, not good news 😦

    • Not good news at all but with the current rubbish storylines I wouldn’t blame him! I agree with Shawn, who is Aaron at the moment? He’s become such a none character it’s hard to judge where he’s at, funny little smiles and shrugs with not much dialogue. So disappointing after everything we’ve had in the past 😦

    • Hi All,

      Really disappointed with Aaron and Adam’s latest scene. Nice to see them together as always, but it could have been such a lovely scene with Aaron sympathising with Adam over Mia’s death, especially with his experience with Jackson
      But, all we get is Adam’s flippant “Mia’s dead, Jackson’s dead” remark!

      Are the writers and producers actually trying to kill the show?

      As much as I’d hate to see Danny go; I wouldn’t blame him!

  20. Hi Sharon, Keith & Nic

    Nic, I agree with you: who is Aaron now? He doesn’t seem like the same character we saw a few months ago that’s for sure. It seems like he’s been taken over by aliens with his funny smiles and shrugs! I don’t get it at all.

    I think the writing has really lapsed which is a shame because Aaron’s story last year was second to none. It really does seem like the writers have given up on him for the time being. His last couple of appearances have seemed so out of character.

    I’m hoping the rumours of Danny leaving are just that – rumours but if not, then I can’t say that I blame him, especially after the passing of Gavin Blythe who Danny was very close to. Maybe he feels like it’s the right time to move on.

    • Emmerdale have just confirmed that Danny will be leaving in Spring 2012 😦 gutted, gutted, gutted! I think they’ll leave the door open for him rather than kill him off. Let’s hope they give him a good storyline to go on.
      I’m off to sob for a while and watch some Aarson on YouTube 😦

      • Gutted too. It won’t be the same without him on our screens. Who am I going to find on TV with a smile like Danny has got to brighten my day now? After what he’s done for the show, I’m sure they’ll give him a great story to leave on.

        Looks like I’ll be hitting You Tube as well 😦

        • Hi Sharon & Nic

          Ditto. Gutted too. A very sad day for us Danny/Aaron fans but I think the writing was on the wall.

          First of all, Danny’s mentor, Gavin Blythe, died last year and then after the assisted suicide story with Jackson, where else could they take Aaron?

          Also, we’ve all been saying how bad his story has been for the last few weeks – it just seems to have fizzled out. It all just seemed inevitable to me.

          A very very sad day but I’m hoping they give him a good send off and that he will return one day.

          Sharon, so much for our Flynn theory huh? Or maybe not…

          Danny, thank you for three years of Aaron and good luck to you!

          • How about this? Aaron and Flynn get back together, Flynn finishes college and they go off backpacking round the world. That way, they could both come back at some point in the future preferably still together,

            • Hi Sharon

              I love that idea!

              I really hope they do this on screen, that would be brilliant!

          • I can only echo what you have said my friends.

            Danny has been brilliant (as have Marc and Pauline).

            I don’t think I’ll ever be affected by another story as I have been by this one.

            We’ll all be watching You Tube as our channel of choice then!

            • Keith, you sum it up so well mate:

              “I don’t think I’ll ever be affected by another story as I have been by this one”.

              I think we’ll all be hitting You Tube after Aaron’s final episode 😦

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