Posted by: Kimbaforeva | November 18, 2011

Danny Miller to leave ‘Emmerdale’

Emmerdale star Danny Miller has announced that he will be leaving the soap next year.

The actor, who plays troubled Aaron Livesy on the ITV1 show, will bow out from his role in spring 2012.

Miller commented: “It has been an incredibly difficult decision but after three years playing Aaron and much soul-searching, I am eager to explore other roles.

“I am so grateful to Emmerdale for the opportunity that I have been given and have loved every moment. I will miss everyone enormously but this might not be the last we see of Aaron.”

Emmerdale‘s series producer Stuart Blackburn added: “We completely respect Danny’s decision and are very grateful for the hard work and commitment he has brought to his role as Aaron. We wish him all the best for the future and in the meantime there is still plenty more drama to come from Aaron well into 2012.”

Miller made his debut on Emmerdale in 2008. The character of Aaron had previously been portrayed by Danny Webb between 2003 and 2006.

Aaron has been involved in Emmerdale‘s most high-profile storylines in the past two years, which have included his struggle to accept his sexuality, a shock train crash stunt and a controversial assisted suicide plot centring around his boyfriend Jackson Walsh (Marc Silcock).

Miller has also won a string of ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best Dramatic Performance’ awards for his portrayal of Aaron.



  1. I have to say i’m not too shocked…

  2. It had to happen sooner or later. Still sucks but I hope he goes out with a bang and Danny Miller goes on to do bigger and better things.

  3. A sad day! I will miss him and am still missing Marc Silcock, too!

    That’s it then, by 2012 Danny, Marc and Pauline all gone! My three reasons for watching Emmerdale so…

    2012: Goodbye Emmerdale from me.

    • Goodbye Keith. We won’t miss you.

      • That’s fine by me.

        I’ll bet you’ll miss Danny though; and all his loyal fans who will be deserting too. Or maybe not?

        • Bigger and better characters/actors have left and the show has survived.

          We wish Danny all the best and hope his career as a twenty something year old teenager in Waterloo Road works out.

    • I totally agree. Aaron should in no way try to score with anyone else. Flynn may be qualified for just a ONS, but no one could ever take the place of Jackson.

  4. I love Danny on Emmerdale but you can’t develop a gay character with an unwilling actor. His relationship with Jackson ( Marco Silcock ) was the most sterile gay relationship on any soap. I always felt that Marco was committed and Danny reluctant. Danny is a fine actor and will hopefully find great acting roles in the future. If Emmerdale wants to continue its exploration of gay characters, they need actors who are willing to give it 100% to make it believable. The show hasn’t been much fun to watch since the Aaron & jackson story line ended, even if I didn’t believe those 2 could have ever been a couple. The assisted suicide story was intense and so sad. Good Luck Danny!

    • I noticed that many people have alluded to Danny Miller being umcomfortable or reluctant with the story line. Is there any proof of this? Is there a statement from him? Are people referring to how he portrayed the character? Aaron’s charater has always been a very difficult, emotionally restrained, untable, unreliable individual. That’s just the tip of things. The fact that he came out only added to the dynamic. I did not expect Danny Miller to do a 180 degrees and portray the character as being very open emotionally and attentive to others needs even his boyfriend, so quickly. It would not have made any sense in terms of the character developement. Marc Silcock character on the other hand was out and been in a relationship before. I did not see the reluctance in Danny Miller’s performance, but I could be wrong.

      • I wholeheartedly agree with you there Demetrius, I’ve voiced this very same opinion on many a forum and it just gets poo pooed.

        • Scott, I think a lot of critical comments about Aaron’s character has a lot to do with people wanting the story to fill a void in their life or fulfill a fantasy, but also they lack or fail to understand the basic foundation of how a story is written; the developement of characters and the parts the characters play. Especially in a soap we have to create a semblance of balance. If not, it will not work.

        • I’ve noticed that too Scott, but the other thing I’ve noticed is that aside from the emotive statemenets tossed about I have yet to read a clear “fact” based opinion to the contrary. It’s all from the direction of what they should have done or liked to have seen as opposed to it fitting into the overall theme and story. It’s “poo pooed” not because of your’s, mine or any other opinions, but because of feelings of unfullfilled expectations. I get it. Every marginalized or under represented group wants to be portrayed in the best possible light. The questions is: Are their feelings/opinions based upon the storyline or their expectations?

      • Although I hear what your saying I have to say this !! no he has not come out and said it!! it would be stupid of him to say it and ruin his fan base that he had accured while on the show!!!! but however action speak louder than words in interviews you can see that he is uncomfortable talking about the storyline and how easy and some what nervous as well take a look at interview he has done and you will see that there is air of uncomfortableness when speaking about the role when it shouldn’t be he is a actor playing apart no?? as far as his role as Aaron I get the touchy feely stuff was somewhat non exstiant but you got to read between the lines to know that the role wasn’t just written that way the actor also had input as to what and how he thinks it should be done for him to play the role to get the best performance!! Aaron being uncomfortable being gay you can tell also the actor not being comfortable playing gay …. From my view he was uncomfortable and didn’t want to play the role anymore and again to be honest after Jackson death I.e. A HUGE MISTAKE) there wasn’t anymore to add to the storyline

        • I don’t follow you at all. I’ve seen the interviews by Danny Miller and what I see is a very young actor who is now in the spotlight and is not as polished when giving interviews. His comments and body language gave off nothing negative regarding the storyline. As far as the role of Aaron ;he played the role the way it is written. Aaron’s character has never been open and honest with his feelings or very emotional except when he breaks down due to the stress. If he played the role as being uncomfortable, it’s because (watch all of the videos) the character Aaron was not fully comfortable with being gay.Everyone wanted them to be touchy feely, holding hands, snogging, but that would not make any sense because that is not the way the character is written. His charater total opposite is Jackson, sure of himself, comfortable in his own skin, pragmatic, emtionally far more stable.

        • In what interview are you referring to the “air of uncomfortableness” ? How much input do you really think an actor has? What input should that be? Should the input follow the character’s developement? What exactly do you mean by the “role was not written that way”, “you have to read between the lines”? Which or what lines? What is your interpretation of the best performance, he should have given? To have allowed Aaron’s character and his relationship with Jackson to be more affectionate or intimate would have been absurd. You have to be completely unware of Aaron’s history to believe otherwise. As I stated before , unless he or someone else clearly stated that he was uncomfortable with playing the character, which he played brilliantly, then all you have is your feelings of being upset, which is fine. To try and justify your opinion by interpreting his thoughts and feelings from interviews is a stretch and weak. Given his age (youth) and lack of experience if there was some misgivings in those interviews it definitely would have came out. Although he is not as polished I applaud him on his ability to carry himself, and articulate his feelings and personal opinion.

    • What do you mean by sterile? I’ve followed Emmerdale and this storyline, so given what is known about Aaron’s character, could you explain? What do you mean by give it a 100% to make it believable, given what you know about the Aaron character? What should they have done to make you believe they were a couple, again based on Aaron’s character?

      I give credit to Emmerdale, by my count, having five totaly different gay/lesbian characters on the show so far, and going so far as to address sterotypes and the fact that we are different in one of the many bar scenes with Aaron and Jackson. I would not be surprised if many people missed the subtleties in this storyline.

      There is another same sex couple on the show and they are very intimate, but there is a reason for that? I’ll give you a clue: It has nothing to do with the actors giving it a 100%.

  5. It’s not a shock or a surprise to me at all since the Aaron and Jackson storyline ended there no were else for that role to go cause I don’t think that Aaron finding someone else will be realistic since the actor is uncomfortable playing the role in the first place!!! so there’s no were else to go but to bow out and leave the role cause after the storyline ended it’s just boring now to watch so good luck to him and all the best

    • It would not be realistic for Aaron to find another boyfriend not becuase the actor is uncomfortable playing the role because there is no proof of that. If there was, I would agree, but there isn’t, and I could give you a list of actors who played gay, “butchered the role” because they were uncomfortable and they still are, and secondly look at the state of Aaron’s character: he’s in therapy from harmed himself and still dealing with his sexuality and the death of this boyfriend; and look at the characters history. If there is a future for this character he has to leave and come back older, wiser and more mature; the character Aaron not the actor Danny. That is a possible direction, depending upon how he leaves. Who knows, he might find someone and leave (questionable) or leave in order to start over, change of scenery, etc.. and come back.

  6. It’s not surprising that he is leaving after the last two years. I’m surprised that he is not the only young adult actor to leave given the limited story lines for his particular age group. They could do more with his character that does not have to center on the character’s sexuality, but since the character is in therapy in secret ( I think only Chaz and Haszel knows), they don’t know what else to do with him. It’s like his character is on the fringe of all the storylines that are happening around him. It will be interesting to see how much the character gets involved in the Barton/Cain storyline once it is revealed what happened between Moira and Cain. Aaron is “best mates” with Adam. Good luck to him in his future career. My guess is that if he is not in line to do movies, more than likely he will land on another soap before 2012 ends.

  7. I have to admit, I’m gutted about this news, though it doesn’t come as a big shock when you think about it. His two main co stars Marc Silcock has left the show and Pauline Quirke is leaving at Christmas; he friend/mentor/producer, Gavin Blythe died last year; his storyline about his guilt over Jackson’s death has now come to an end and he appears to be back with his ex, Kirsty Leigh Porter.

    It’s a possibility these might be contributing factors in his decision to leave. Aaron is my favourite character and I will miss him and his potrayal as the traumatised teen. We’ve been through so much together since Aaron came out, it’s like a member of your own family is moving away. Though the door has been left open for a return. I suppose we should enjoy his last few months on screen and look forward to a, hopefully, great exit story.

    It sucks but hey, that’s life! Emmerdale will go on but it won’t have the same appeal for me after he leaves. Though he’s young and wants to try different things and I understand that and wish him the best of luck!

    • Hi Shawn, well said mate. You speak a lot of sense as always.

      Aaron does indeed seem like “part of the family” and that is down to Danny’s talent to make Aaron a “believable” character. I love to see him act and always watch out for his scenes.

      I hope he goes on to be a huge success in whatever he does and am glad he was not too badly injured in his recent accident.

    • Since this “second” reincarnation of Aaron appeared aside from this particular storyline the two main co-stars for Aaron has been the actors who play Paddy and Chaz; they have been the consistant (antagonist/protagonist) for Aaron’s character. When Marc Silcock was approached to play his love interest, intially he would be there for at least a year, but then it was extended in part to deal with his exit. Pauline Quirk’s intro was also temporary but was extended to the end of 2011. The fact that Marc and Pauline were leaving and subsequently left was in cards over a year ago. Perhaps the death of Mr. Blythe was a contributing factor but it did happen in the midst of the Jackson/Aaron storyline. For whatever reason, contract ending, career move or starting to downplay his character to give more attention to the other storylines. As long the as writing and stories are exceptional Emmerdale will keep it’s core audience. I do hope they execute his exit on a positive note with the hope that he would return. Similar to the gay character on Coronation Street who returned with his boyfriend for an Easter episode.

  8. i hope they will arange Aaron leave the show by successfully committing suicide, then he could be with dearest Jackson again happily ever after

    • Seriously! Really!

  9. Some of the comments gives the distinct impression that most people are only familiar with the character Aaron when he came out and then started a relationship with Jackson. Which is both truth telling and sad from a writer and storyteller viewpoint. If you look back and give any consideraton to the characters’ history and developement you would probably have a better understanding as to why and how the writers, producers and actors directed the relationship between Aaron and Jackson to unfold. It made sense the way they interacted with each other. Watch the videos between J&A and listen to their verbal exchanges. You want Aaron to be as emotionally committed as Jackson but he can’t, because it is a struggle for Aaron to trust, to love or be loved, to commit but most importantly to show affection, except when pushed to limit, and then it’s too late. His character can be irrational (Snipped the wires on Carl’s car; hit his step mom, etc..) and thought nothing of it. He can also be very reactionary and not prone to take the initiative, but Danny Miller did an excellent job playing him and deserved all of the awards and accolades bestowed upon him. Wishing him all the best and depending on his departure, perhaps a surprise return to the Emmerdale.

    • That’s how I see it as well.

  10. I am very sad to hear Danny is leaving as Aaron is one of my favorite characters but every one has to leave at some point. I wish Danny all the best for the future and know he can do much bigger and better things as he is an amazing actor.

    Danny will be sadly missed on emmerdale. xx

  11. Can someone please let us know what happend to the videos/episodes. I always looked forward to them. Even tho it was short lived it was great. Will be in England April so I guess I have to catch up then. Sucks living in Canada I miss all my shows.

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