Posted by: Kimbaforeva | November 19, 2011

Danny Miller hospitalised after car crash

Emmerdale star Danny Miller has been injured in a car crash.

The 20-year-old, who plays Aaron Livesy on the soap, was involved in a traffic incident while driving down from Yorkshire to turn on Christmas lights in Reading.

Miller has been taken to hospital, but he later assured fans on Twitter that his injuries are not serious.

“Reading! I am so so sorry for not being there today,” he wrote. “Truly. From the bottom of my heart! I’ve had a check up after the bump and everything’s fine.. Bit of swelling on my knee but nothing to worry about. I’ll make it up to you somehow. I am so so sorry!!”

Snatch actor Andy Beckwith has replaced Miller at the event, according to the Reading Chronicle.

Miller announced yesterday that he will be leaving Emmerdale next year.




  1. no worries danny, the most important thing is that your okay, take care of yourself love

  2. Think it’s time for mr. Danny Miller, get his driving ban.
    It’s less than two months ago he was in court for speeding offenses – collected 15 penalty points in just nine months after exceeding the speed limit in parts of Manchester and on M60 motorway. It sounds like this kid is dangerous behind the steering wheels.
    It’s better he get driving ban before he kill someone.

    • Agree for his own good or he can’t drive without someone with him.

  3. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t too serious and he’s escaped with only a slight injury but we don’t know who caused the “bump”.

    Though, should he be driving? He got banned in Septembr for speeding and having 15 points on his license, surely he should have had his appeal by now?

  4. You wouldnt see it in a soap opera…. oh wait… maybe you would!

    Glad Danny is ok, but cant help but think its some sort of Karma/Omen for his leaving Emmerdale announcement lmao. The cosmos will do anything it can to keep Danny portraying Aaron.

    Keep up the good work Mother Nature… get him to change his mind.

  5. Cant believe Danny is leaving Emmerdale…….I have loved him U his character from day 1 and it just WONT be the same without him…’s gona be a REALLY sad day when he goes and I’m sure I wont be the only one in tears……wishing him all the luck in the world with whatever he does in the future and hopefully he will come back to Emmerdale at some time in the future…………….

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