Posted by: Kimbaforeva | February 28, 2012

Danny Miller praises new Aaron romance

Emmerdale star Danny Miller has predicted that his character Aaron Livesy’s new romance storyline will prove a hit with fans.

Next week’s episodes of the ITV1 soap see Aaron embark on a relationship with rugby player Ed Roberts, who was first introduced as a customer at the garage earlier this month.

Aaron’s bond with Ed marks the first time that he has developed strong feelings for anybody since the death of his boyfriend Jackson last year.

Miller, pondering how Emmerdale viewers will react to the plot, told Inside Soap: “Those who got into the Aaron and Jackson story from the start will still love Jackson. They might not take to Ed at first, but they will.

Lloyd Everitt, who plays him, is a great actor – he’s helping to make it all very believable.”

Discussing the story, he continued: “Aaron has a chance to learn from his past mistakes. This is a positive step for him – getting involved with someone new. Jackson is gone and now Hazel’s left the village, so this is about Aaron moving on.

“He’s attracted by Ed’s good looks and laid-back attitude – even if he’s trying not to make it too obvious how he feels.”

Emmerdale airs Aaron and Ed’s first kiss on 5th March, 7pm on ITV1.




  1. No one will be as good as Jackson as far as i’m concerned.

  2. In twenty years time when people look back at the history of Emmerdale, most will remember ‘Aaron and Jackson’. I doubt many will remember ‘Aaron and Ed’. For me, it will always be ‘Aaron and Jackson’ and anyone else with Aaron just doesn’t seem right to me. It’s like Laurel without Hardy, French without Saunders, Ant without Dec.

    Danny seems sure that people will grow to like Ed but I’m not so sure. People have long memories and will not forget Jackson in a hurry nor what he did for Aaron. He became a main character in his own right, brilliantly played by a brilliant young actor, Marc Silcock. Their on screen partnership even inspired many gifted writers out there to write about them.

    Obviously we want to see Aaron happy but can he truly be happy with someone else? I get that he has to move on but I hope they’re not planning on Aaron’s exit being him running off to France with someone he’s known for all of five minutes, that would be such a cop out!

  3. I agree it’s always going to be Aaron & Jackson.I cant watch Aaron fall for the new guy so it’s all the best Danny & Au revoir to the dales!

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