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Spoilers: 2nd – 9th March 2012

Friday 2nd: Aaron is chuffed and hopeful when Ed gives him his number.

Monday 5th: Aaron nervously calls Ed to ask him out for a drink, but soon cancels to help Adam, who is struggling at the farm with a broken roof.

Later, Ed arrives with two teammates, and they step in to help fix the barn roof. Holly takes an instant shine to Ed, but it’s not long before Aaron gets the confirmation he wants – Ed is gay. Oblivious to this, Holly continues to flirt with Ed.

Later, Ed is gutted to see Aaron and Adam share a moment of closeness. Once the job is done, Aaron is nervous as he stays behind with Ed while the others head to the pub. Ed asks about Adam, but Aaron is quick to explain they are just friends.

Moments later, Ed and Aaron share their first kiss.

Tuesday 6th: Holly still fancies Ed and fishes for gossip from Aaron, who is forced to explain that Ed is gay. Soon afterwards, Aaron gets anxious when he realises that he and Ed are going to Bar West for their first date. The evening starts relaxed, but when Ed has a quiet word with the barman, things take a turn for the worse and soon the atmosphere between Aaron and Ed seems tense.

Aaron is confused when Ed suddenly makes his excuses and leaves. Aaron follows him out and discovers that Ed’s coolness is because he found out about Jackson at the bar. Aaron is angry that Ed expected him to have explained about Jackson on his first date and walks away.

Wednesday 7th: Aaron is annoyed when Paddy tries to talk to him about Ed.

Thursday 8th (7pm): Aaron realises that Paddy is right, and he should speak to Ed about what happened on their date.

Thursday 8th (8pm): Aaron decides to phone Ed, but is disappointed when he doesn’t call back. Aaron fears he’s missed his chance, but is glad when Ed arrives and they go into the back room. Aaron is scared as he decides to brave showing Ed his scars from self harming. However, Ed seems unfazed and as they talk about it, Ed pulls Aaron into a kiss.

Wanting time alone together, Ed suggests they could go back to his place for the evening. Aaron covers how gutted he is when Ed tells him that he’s leaving for France in four weeks as he has just signed a contract with a rugby club over there.

Friday 9th: Aaron and Ed have spent the night together.

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  1. Glad to see Aaron moving on. But does this mean he will take off to France? I hope they got something better than that cooking. Danny Miller deserves a better exit than that!

  2. Really hope his leaving storyline is better than him going off to France with Ed!!

  3. It seems Holly has a thing for gay guys, lol. Is it next week yet? Thanks Kimba fo all your hard work with the blog and videos. I will miss watching after Aaron leaves.

    On a shallow note…we need to see some more of Aaron with out his shirt. Wow he is fit. 😛

  4. I tried to resist, I didn’t want to see the spoilers…..I wanted to be surprised…but it was stronger than me …LOVE THE SHOW! and many thanks for uploading Aaron storyline…it’s difficult to watch the show in Belgium..
    just hope some day somebody put the subtitles because the accent is very strong sometimes if you’re not an english mother tongue I will watch it again…
    Really sick of dead and disaster in gay storyline, we cry a lot with Aaron… we deserve an happy end!
    can’t wait to see the new episodes…

  5. Oh Holly. When will you ever learn?

    • She not too bright! LOL! I love the fact that Aaron has to break it down for her!

  6. Love the show got hooked on it thru you tube here in Mumbai India used to watch it when I was in London cheers for it

  7. It’s really nice to see an update on this site, thank you and welcome back!

    Also nice to see a full week of ‘Aaron action’ on screen next week and the focus is back on his storyline rather than just popping up in someone else’s!

    I really want Aaron to be happy, god knows he deserves it after everything he’s been through with Jackson but for me, pairing him with new character Ed just doesn’t sit right.

    It would make more sense, in my opinion, to pair Aaron with Flynn, even if only as friends, as Flynn knows Aaron’s back story already and hasn’t judged him, unlike Ed, who does next week.

    • Well fancy finding you on here!! This brings back memories.
      looks like there’s loads of Aaron to enjoy next week and about time too. I’m looking forward to seeing a happy Aaron for a change. That smile’s been missing for too long. I’m with you, would have loved to have seen Flynn brought back but I am a bit biased about Flynn aren’t I?
      As for Ed, I’m reserving judgement until I see them together. He’s got a tough act to follow though.

      • Ha, well fancy finding you here too! Just like ‘the old days’!

        I agree, it’ll be nice to see Aaron back on screen with his own story continuing, though not sure if it’ll be ‘happy Aaron’ more like ‘angsty Aaron’!

        Yes, I know you really got to love Flynn, didn’t you? Shame they only brought him back for that one episode last September.

        Ed has got a tough act to follow and as likable as he may seem, there’ll never be another Jackson.

  8. I’m loving that Aaron is finding a new love interest.. but that is not exactly a full on snog.. it is looking just a little half hearted… maybe they will warm up a little 😉

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