Posted by: Kimbaforeva | March 2, 2012

Danny Miller films final ‘Emmerdale’ scenes

Danny Miller has revealed that he filmed his final scenes on Emmerdale today, after four years in the soap.

The 21-year-old actor, who has won awards for his portrayal of the angst-ridden Aaron Livesy, made a stirring statement on Twitter.

“Well that’s it,” he wrote earlier this evening (Friday). “Can’t explain the emotions i feel at the moment!

“It’s been a pleasure to play Aaron and I love you all for taking the character on and loving his storylines. Thank you so much for your support for me the last 4 years!

“I love you all and finally a HUMUNGOUS thank you to everyone at Emmerdale for the trust and support me like families do! Thank you all so much! X”

Yesterday, a report revealed the location and possible nature of Aaron’s final episode, which will air on April 5th.

Over the next fortnight, the character becomes romantically involved with a professional rugby player called Ed.

Emmerdale bosses have already confirmed that Aaron’s exit will be “heartbreaking”.




  1. So, it was Danny’s final day of filming for Emmerdale today, though we get to enjoy him on screen until 5th April so at least we can prepare ourselves!

    It was nice of him to thank everyone for following Aaron’s storyline and their support; it’s great that he recognises how popular his character has become.

    We’ll all miss him and that village will seem a much quieter place without him! Oh, how I’ll miss his famous phrases like ‘do one’ and ‘jog on’ and also his funny facial expressions!!

    His final scenes at the airport which have been desrcibed as ‘heartbreaking’ sound ominous. I don’t think I could take it if anything bad happened to him! Let him be happy for **** sake!!

    • Hi Shawn, great to have updates on here again and be able to chat about what’s happening. I can’t believe Danny has finished filming and we’ve only got a month of Aaron left!! I think there is very little chance of those Emmerdale writers letting him be happy 😦
      Nobody will ever replace Jackson for me but I did like Ed a tiny bit more yesterday and would like to see Aaron open himself up to someone and try and have some happiness. Damn the writers for killing off Jackson and Danny for leaving! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank goodness for fanfic!!

      • Hi Nic, thanks for the reply! I agree it’s nice to be able to chat on here again and yes, it’s the end of an era, well, the Aaron one anyway! I’m with you, I doubt that the writers were ever going to let him run off happily into the sunset – it was always going to be ‘angsty Aaron’ right up til his last minute on screen!

        Yep, it has to be Jackson for me too! I’m sure Ed will prove to be a nice lad and it’ll be good to see Aaron happy, however briefly. Haha, definately agree, Nic – thank god Aaron and Jackson can live happily ever after in the world of fan fics!!

        • In the minds of the Emmerdale writers, Aaron and happiness just don’t go together. His exit was always going to be a sad one, one last time for us viewers to shed a tear, like we haven’t done enough of that over the years. As long as he leaves alive, that’ll suit me.

          There was an interesting picture posted of Danny’s last day of filming where he was shown wearing a shirt and tie. I can’t imagine that that is what he normally wears when he goes in to work so maybe it was what he wore in his last scenes. If it was, why would Aaron need a shirt and tie???

          Emmerdale just won’t be the same without him. No one else can pull off that trackie bottoms tucked into their socks look like he can.

          • Hi Sharon, yeah, you’re right, Aaron’s exit was always going to be a sad one with a slight moment of happiness beforehand and we were daft to think it’d be any other way. After all, Aaron’s story has been an unhappy one all the way so why would his exit be any different?

            Yeah, I saw him all dressed up in that picture too. Though I’m sorry but I have no idea as to why this is! Hmm, the wheels are turning! Ha, I’m going to miss that trackie bottom tucked into socks look!!

            • not daft Shawn, optimistic, hopeful but not daft

            • Where did u find this picture?

  2. Well, if they can’t make it happy at least make it good.

  3. Hi Louise

    It was on twitter, @salislee on 2nd March under a tweet called the last day.

    • Thanks for the heads up, hadn’t seen that before. xx

      • You’re welcome x

        • I’ve read somewhere that Adam tries to burn down the garage and Aaron takes the rap for it because Adam has got so much going on at the moment and Aaron is such a good pal. Maybe he is supposed to be up in court but flees the country at the last minute?! Who knows? Will he join ED or Hazel or neither?!

          • Hi Nic,

            The idea that he’s meant to be up in court would explain the photo of him in the suit and maybe he does flee the country but would he want to go to France with Ed as a fugitive?

  4. It’s the black tie that worries me. Black ties always make me think of funerals.

    • Ooh now you’ve both got me thinking! I really hope he isn’t a fugitive as that will make it hard for him to come back and I’d love him to pop back at some point! Emmerdale are trying their hardest to make us fall for Ed and Aared! I’m trying to resist him but he’s quite smouldery which I like. Lovely to c Aaron smiling too. But know, I love Jackson and he’s irreplacable!!

      • Hi Nic,

        I’m trying not to be too pessimistic about Aaron’s exit but Emmerdale do love to make us weep over him. Even Danny’s trying to get the fans to like Ed, tweeting to remind us to watch Aared on Emmerdale this week. I have to say though, last night’s episode was very sweet, very nicely acted and as you say lovely to see Aaron smiling again.

        It’s just a shame it won’t last 😦

        • Yes he is trying hard which I find a bit weird! He said in an interview that he thinks those of us who love Jackson will love Ed too. I’m trying to resist or at least think it’s down to Jackson that Aaron has come so far in terms of his sexuality and talking about his feelings. I hope that Jackson gets more than a 2 minute mention when Aaron and ED talk about him.

          • Ok, so now I really am worried about Aaron’s exit. Danny’s tweeted that today he puts on Aaron’s trackies ” for the VERY last time” for some on line scenes. That does not sound very promising to me 😦

  5. I’m so glad Aaron’s exit will be “heartbreaking” because his story has always lacked that one element. Glad to know the writers are trying something new with Aaron. 😦

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