Posted by: Kimbaforeva | March 5, 2012

Aaron & Ed: First Kiss (Full Clip)

Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) and Ed Roberts (Lloyd Everitt) shared their first kiss in tonights episode of Emmerdale.

After initially calling Ed to ask him out for a drink, Aaron was forced to cancel to help Adam out with a broken roof down at the farm. Undeterred, Ed later arrived with a teammate, and they stepped in to help fix the barn roof.

Ed was later gutted to see Aaron and Adam share a moment of closeness, and stayed behind after the others had left to ask a nervous Aaron about what he’d seen. But Aaron was quick to reassure Ed that he and Adam were nothing more than friends, and moments later they shared their first kiss!

There’s still plenty more to come from these two this week, but in the meantime you can catch up on all of tonight’s action below.



  1. Awe, thank you so much for posting this 🙂
    Its so nice to see Aaron smile again. Ed seems a good match for him. Wont it be nice if the writers finally let him have some happiness 🙂

    • And also, isn’t it so good to hear Aaron announce “and yeah.. I am gay..” so boldly. Such steps.. 🙂

  2. Well, despite my reluctance towards Ed, I did enjoy this scene. Aaron admiting he was gay shows what a long way he’s come.

    I’ll miss Danny’s amazing facial expressions, especially his shyness after the kiss. Too cute for words 😉

    • The way he looked upwards and shook his head was gorgeous! I felt to sorry for him last night in Bar West. So pleased he stuck up for himself saying he didn’t need people judging him and that telling Ed about J wasn’t first date material, absolutely it wasn’t! Poor Aaron 😦

      • Danny Miller back to his best. In the episode with the kiss, he was absolutely adorable. In the first date episode, Angry Aaron returned and he was brilliant at that too. It definitely won’t be the same when he’s gone.

        • No it won’t be:-( Paddy and Aaron last night was just like old times and Paddy and Chas in the pub were hilarious. I’m back to finding Ed irritating again which is good, I feel faithful to Jackson again ha ha!!

          • Hi Nic,
            glad to see you’re still around and sticking with Aaron til the end. You’re right, last night’s scenes with Chas and Paddy were excellent. It reminded me a bit of the June 17th episode where Chas wanted to go out after Aaron and Jackson and Paddy stopped her.

            So, you’re finding Ed irritating are you? Spoken like a true Aaron & Jackson fan. 🙂 I see there was no scene last night of Aaron talking to Ed about Jackson. I guess the writers thought that it was best not to do one. If Aaron was too emotional, it wouldn’t be believable that he would now want to be with Ed and if he was too detached, fans would be up in arms that he could dismiss Jackson so easily.

            Speaking of Ed, is it just me who struggles to hear what he’s saying sometimes? He seems to mumble a lot. Either that or I’m going deaf!!!

            • Ha ha yes you’re right it was like the Aarson episode where Chas said ‘look at you Paddy being all masterful’! We’re such Aarson geeks!! You’re explanation of Aaron not talking about J makes sense but still leaves me sad. And yes I struggle with Ed a bit, have to rewind to try and figure out what he said!!

            • Thank goodness for that. I’m glad I’m not the only one. If it doesn’t get better, I’ll have to start watching with the subtitles on!!

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