Posted by: Kimbaforeva | March 6, 2012

Find Ed on Facebook!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have access to your favourite characters’ inner most thoughts and private conversations? Well now you can!

Amy, Alex, Victoria and Aaron’s new flame Ed have just opened their own Facebook pages.

You can follow their shenanigans here:

Amy’s Facebook / Alex’s Facebook / Victoria’s Facebook / Ed’s Facebook

See what they’re up to, share their stories and join in their conversations.

And if you think that’s good, you’ve seen nothing yet – this is just the tip of the iceberg for Emmerdale’s new digital initiative for 2012.

Stay tuned as introduce more characters, more stories and more new and exciting ways to get involved in the world of Emmerdale.




  1. Danny tweeted the other day that he was filming some extra online stuff, after he’d officially finished filming on set last week. Is this telling us that Aaron does leave with Ed and he posts Aaron related things? I’m intrigued.

    • me too although if he does post pictures of Aaron, I hope they’re better than this one. It’s not often you see a bad picture of Danny.

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