Posted by: Kimbaforeva | March 11, 2012

‘Emmerdale’ cast say goodbye to Danny Miller

The Emmerdale cast and crew have bid farewell to Danny Miller in a spoof Tinie Tempah video.

The clip, screened at Miller’s leaving party last night (March 9th), sees Adam Thomas (Adam Barton) rap along to ‘Written In The Stars’, while Kelvin Fletcher (Andy Sugden) dons an afro to play the keyboard shirtless.

Members of the Emmerdale team also don tracksuits like Miller’s character Aaron Livesy and swab themselves with tearsticks in reference to his numerous emotional plotlines.

The 21-year-old filmed his final scenes last week and wrote on Twitter afterwards: “Can’t explain the emotions i feel at the moment!

“It’s been a pleasure to play Aaron and I love you all for taking the character on and loving his storylines. Thank you so much for your support for me the last 4 years!”

Thomas also tweeted: “Can safely say @DannyBMiller had the send off he deserved love u kidda thx for an amazing 3 years love tinie T!x”

Miller has teased that Aaron’s departure from Emmerdale will be “amazing”, but “heartbreaking for some people”.

His final episode is due to air on April 5th.

Watch the Emmerdale team bid farewell to Danny Miller below:




  1. Amazing video! What a fantastic sendoff for Danny Miller! Love it!!!!

  2. Haha, this video is absolutely brilliant, what a wonderful leaving present for Danny from all his friends on the show!

    It’s so funny but tinged with sadness towards the end, I bet Danny watched this with a mixture of laughter and tears, I know I did! I would’ve loved to have seen his expression.

    Adam Thomas is just fantastic! I’ll never tire of watching it.

  3. That was great!! I totally lost it when I saw Kelvin Fletcher. XD I am really going to miss seeing Danny play Aaron. I only hope one day he decides to come back.

  4. Whats everyone’s take on Danny’s recent tweet?

    Saying good bye to my second family tonight for a while! Love them all!! Have a good’en people

    “For a while??” What does that mean? I understand Emmerdale leaving the door open for “Aaron” to return… but for Danny to say it too? Interesting.

  5. Love this video, take a bow Adam Thomas & Kelvin Fletcher. I loved the bit where all the people were messing around with the tearsticks and pretending to cry. I wonder how many of those things Danny’s gone through over the years? What a great leaving present!!

    • Brilliant video, made me laugh and cry, what a fantastic leaving present! I saw the tweet saying he was saying goodbye to his Emmerdale friend’s for ‘a while’. I wonder if he was talking professionally or socially. I’m hoping professionally!!

  6. Danny was the best actor in Emmerdale clearly …
    Aaron gave us the drama and excitement during those years here.
    I have not missed an episode since he arrived in Emmerdale
    I will miss him in Emmerdale.
    Danny Miller has been wonderful, I love you ❤

  7. From Holland: Danny, thank’s so much for the wonderfull way of portraying Aaron!!!
    I’will miss Aaron and I whish you all the best!!!

  8. I am really gona miss Aaron his last scenes made me cry x Gona Miss Ya

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