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Spoilers (19th – 23rd March)

Monday 19th: There’s a sense of Aaron fooling himself as he tells Chas and Paddy that he’s okay with Ed going to live in France.

Tuesday 20th: Aaron is unexpectedly upset when Ed cancels a date.

Wednesday 21st: Chas and Paddy worry that Aaron is going to get hurt by Ed. Aaron pretends that he wasn’t bothered by Ed standing him up yesterday, but gives Ed a taste of his own medicine by leaving him waiting at the café. Aaron then gets sick of Debbie and Cain’s meddling when they tell Ed that Aaron will meet him in the pub that night. Aaron tells them there’s no point stringing it out – he’s finishing it with Ed.

Later, when Ed arrives at the pub, Aaron tries to end it. However, Ed soon leaves Aaron gobsmacked when he asks him to consider moving to France with him…

Thursday 22nd (7pm): Aaron tires of Adam’s increasing resentment towards Cain and reminds him that his mum wasn’t an innocent victim. Soon afterwards, Adam quizzes Moira about Cain, but she finally snaps – telling him that he should look at his own actions if he wants someone to blame. Adam then drives erratically into the village, looking for Aaron.

Adam is unable to find Aaron, but instead sees Cain working at the garage. Cain riles Adam until he throws a petrol canister at Cain’s injured leg, with petrol leaking everywhere. Cain is left in agony and is powerless when Adam knocks more flammable liquid to the floor. In a moment of madness, Adam picks up the blowtorch and reckons it’s time that Cain begs for forgiveness. Adam throws down the blow torch, igniting a fire. He hesitates for a split second, before leaving Cain locked inside the garage…

Elsewhere, Chas has a go at Ed about his hopes of whisking Aaron off to France.

Thursday 22nd (8pm): Cain desperately looks for a way out of the garage as the fire spreads. Hearing his cries for help, Adam panics and accelerates away on his quad. The fire starts to take hold and Cain sees the situation becoming more dangerous.

Adam’s conscience soon makes him turn back, but he realises that he can’t get into the garage and calls the fire brigade.

Soon afterwards, Adam kicks the door in and heads into the flames. Aaron sees the fire and alerts Debbie before racing to help, ignoring Bob’s warnings. Cain, Adam and Aaron all make it out of the garage and Cain seethes about what Adam has done. Aaron confronts Adam about starting the fire, but seeing how petrified Adam is, tells him to keep quiet. Aaron then implores Cain to spare Adam, promising that he’ll never ask anything of him ever again…

Friday 23rd: At the scene of the garage fire, everyone is shocked as they come to terms with what has happened. Soon afterwards, Holly finds Adam panicking and is stunned to hear that he started the fire. Moira is suspicious of the pair’s behaviour, but Aaron arrives and backs up Adam’s story. However, Adam continues to panic as he doesn’t know what Cain is going to tell the police.

Later, Cain tenses when the police arrive to take his statement. Shortly afterwards, the police arrive to question Adam at the farm just as he is about to crack. Suspicious of Adam’s story, Moira visits Cain and is left reeling when he reveals that Adam started the fire. But has Cain told the police yet?

These scenes air from Monday 19th March, weeknights at 7pm, ITV1.


  1. Is it just me or is this feeling like too much is missing
    I mean we know Danny is leaving and that theres not alot of time left to make this believable then why isn’t aaron’s relationship being shown at all this week it makes no sense

    They’ve not had more the half a date and ed is already gonna ask him to go to france come on now

    Maybe this comment is premature and I want to be open too it

    But the amount of time left isnt being utilizes when I heard about this love story I thought aaron episodes would be on overload but its seems like thats not going to happen 😦

    I have been so happy with the episodes so far and im hoping that im so wrong about the lack of episodes this week and that they some how make ed asking aaron about france believable.

    *Fingers crossed*…the ending needa to be perfect

  2. Have we lost the full eppy’s, oh gosh, I hope not..

  3. OMG, what happened to the full episodes? I came home from work to watch today’s and ……? Did ITV catch up with it and shut them down?? So sad…

  4. Are there no more episodes?

  5. I’m sooo Sad.. Jon, what happened?

  6. I was wondering the same thing. Has something caused you to remove them? I sincerely hope this is just a restructuring thing and that you will be running again with the episodes soon! I hope nothing is wrong and that you are well 🙂

  7. Looks like we lost it again…….only seems to happen with Em and not Corrie.
    Ah well back to the drawing board.

  8. what heppend?? please fix it frpm sweden

  9. Hey Jon, would it be possible for you to tell us if you are okay and if you are going to continue with new episodes? It’s been quite a few days now and I’m hoping nothing is wrong.


  10. Yes, just drop us a line and tell us what’s up. Hope you’re okay!

  11. Hi guys,

    ITV seem hell bent on no longer allowing Emmerdale to be put up anywhere on the web, so unfortunately I’m no longer uploading the episodes to Dailymotion. It does seem peculiar to me that they still allow Coronation St to be uploaded and not Emmerdale, despite Corrie being the bigger of the two soaps. Still, there’s nothing I can do about it now unfortunately. 😦

    I won’t be attempting to upload them again elsewhere now, my final uploads of Emmerdale will be at the beginning of April for Aaron’s exit. Hope you all manage to find alternative ways of watching it eventually!

    Thanks for the support.


    • I concur with you Jon it really sucks!i can’t find any resent episodes anywhere ITV have made it there mission 2 turn fans off this show by any means possible I know there are other fans in the UK that feel the same way & support what you do 4 fans who can’t watch the show. What if all these fans were able 2 bomb bard the internet with Emmerdale there would know way 2 stop It. That’s how much this show means 2 those who don’t have access id appreciate it if any one who has a link 2 watch resent episodes cud let us know. Thanks again Jon 4 ur uploads 2 keep us in the loop Edepisodes rulz from a emmerdalion.

  12. That is terrible news, but thanks so much for all the episodes that you have given us!!

    I even emailed ITV to see if there was a way to watch it over here in Ontario, Canada by paid subscription, either online, or by TV, but they said no. In today’s age of modern technology, that’s ridiculous! Thank God, we still have Coronation Street on TV here!

  13. It all comes down to money. They don’t want those of us watching in areas that don’t pay for the distribution rights. If Emmerdale was aired worldwide in almost every country like Coronation Street they wouldn’t fuss as much because they wouldn’t be losing out on potential distribution revenue (if those non purchasing countries opted to stay that way due to all the free access elsewhere). It’s ridiculous. They are choosing distribution revenue (that they may never acquire) over loyal fans who could potentially rally for that purchase via their networks. Crazy stupid. I am so upset as this is my favourite program and they are making it impossible for me to stay connected. I love the show but I’m so incredibly disappointed in the network. Thank you Jon for trying to keep us going, It was appreciated more than you could possibly know.

    Best of luck to you,
    Lynn in Canada X

    • Lynn, your comment was so true and that’s exactly how I feel…
      Thanks to Jon for giving us what you could!

      Tammy in Ontario, Canada

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