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Spoilers (26th – 30th March)

Monday 26th: Adam is unnerved to see a fire investigation vehicle parked up at the garage. Soon afterwards, Aaron finds Adam and is shocked to see that he’s in a bad state with a bottle of vodka. Aaron encourages Adam to face his fears, promising that he’ll help him through it. Eventually, Adam returns home and Moira does her best to reassure him that everything’s going to be okay.

At the same time, Ed is shocked about the garage fire and tells Aaron about a mechanics job all ready for him in France if he wants it. Paddy thinks this is an amazing opportunity and tries to get Aaron excited about it, but Aaron is preoccupied as he worries about Adam. Later, Ed’s gutted when Aaron tells him that he can’t move to France because it’s not fair to leave Adam.

Tuesday 27th: Chas and Paddy are thrown when Aaron tells them that he’s not going to France with Ed. Chas is worried when Aaron tells her that it’s because of Adam, and she tries to talk sense into him. Paddy also tries to intervene, but Aaron is adamant that he’s staying for his friend.

Wednesday 28th: Chas reckons that Ed can persuade Aaron to go to France.

Thursday 29th: Aaron postpones his drink with Ed to stay with Adam. When Aaron eventually arrives at the pub to meet Ed, it’s too late. Ed leaves, explaining that as he only has one week left, he doesn’t want to spend it just talking about Adam or being messed around. Aaron’s left devastated.

Friday 30th: Chas tries to question Aaron over why he split up with Ed, but Aaron doesn’t want to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Aaron tries to hide his concern when Debbie reveals that the investigators think the fire was started deliberately. Debbie is suspicious and grills Cain over who could have started it. Aaron can see that Cain is already losing patience with protecting Adam. Later, Adam braces himself when he discovers that the fire investigators know it was arson. Holly and Moira are terrified for his future when he says that he will have to own up…

These scenes air from Monday 26th March, weeknights at 7pm, ITV1.


  1. I can understand why Aaron would cover for Adam and would want to be there for him as they’ve been friends for a long time, long before Ed appeared or even Jackson.

    Adam’s always been there for Aaron and maybe Aaron feels it’s about time he returned the favour. Maybe Aaron stills feels like he’s shouldn’t be happy after what happened with Jackson.

    • I agree Shawn, it’s surprising that after seeing each other for about 2 weeks Ed asks Aaron to go with him and gets fed up with Aaron putting Adam first?! It seems like a very rushed storyline. I would’ve thought Aaron would be questioning himself regarding happiness and a new relationship more than we’ve seen, but then again this is Emmerdale! Perhaps it’s going on in secret;-)

      • It is extremely rushed. It’s strange how little of it there is. Look at its very beginning. Ed starts to hit on Aaron, even though he doesn’t know if he’s gay or not and there’s clearly no indication that he might be interested. Ed is very insistant so he finally he gets what he wants. But then they have an misunderstanding over Aaron not telling him about Jackson, even though, Ed is not looking for anything serious (which we learn on the very next day). Then France cames up and they go to bed. All of this happens within a week. And now this. And in two weeks Aaron is leaving. They don’t leave you much time to get involved in this story, do they?

      • I know the storyline seems rush but it actually has similarities to some of my own experiences.

        I met my partner on a Friday and we were living together by the following Saturday. Two weeks later I got an opportunity to interview for a job in Hawaii and he was willing to move from California with me. I didn’t get the job offer.

        Two weeks after that, he was threatened with deportation back to South America. We survived that and stayed together for 12 years. I still don’t understand how we fell for each other so quickly but the love was real.

        To this day we are still best friends and speak by phone at least once a week. So, based on my experiences, “rushed,” at least for me, is a relative term.

        I trust that this story will end well.

  2. What happened to the way we could watch the episodes last week, directly from this site? Now it’s just a download link for shorter clips instead of full episodes. I liked it better before, why the change? Where can I get full streaming episodes?

  3. Aaron was never going to move to France because he does not Love Ed he only ever loved Jackson & besides he cant speak French!!!

  4. “he only ever loved Jackson” man u’re killing me with this one !!! love u !

  5. Hello! I know how you can see Emmerdale .. just ask me if you want

    • I’d love to know, please!

    • Me too!

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