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Spoilers: Aaron’s Exit

Monday 2nd: The police arrive in the village to ask Cain more questions about the garage fire, now suspecting that it could have been an insurance job. Once the police have left, Debbie stresses that the garage has been deliberately targeted and is worried about their safety. Cain is then forced to tell a shocked Debbie and Cameron the truth. Debbie is seething and heads straight to see Adam, warning that if the police ask her directly, she will reveal his guilt.

Later, Adam is determined to turn himself in, so Holly tries to cause a delay by offering to drive him to the police station. Holly then discreetly contacts Aaron, who quickly arrives to talk Adam out of it – adamant that he needs to be around to look after his family. Adam agrees, but panics when the police arrive. Taking matters into his own hands, Aaron heads out to greet the officers, telling them that he was the one who torched the garage…

Tuesday 3rd: Aaron is questioned by the police at the station and they warn him about the severity of the situation. However, Fletcher seems suspicious of Aaron’s story. At the same time, Adam is unaware of what Aaron is up to until Holly lets it slip. After being released, Aaron visits Adam, telling him to stick to the story. However, Adam is torn and Aaron worries that he won’t go along with it. Later, Aaron explains what he’s done to Debbie and Cain. They’re stunned that he is protecting Adam, but Cain agrees to go along with it. Cameron suggests telling Chas, but Debbie insists that it isn’t their problem and to leave it alone. Soon afterwards, Aaron meets Adam at The Woolpack and tries to convince him that everything will be alright – he has a plan…

Wednesday 4th: Aaron makes a phone call to Ed, before telling Chas that he torched the garage and he’s already confessed to the police. Chas is angry, but becomes confused by his calmness and determination when Aaron asks her to trust him. Over at the farm, the police question Adam about Aaron’s confession, while Cameron is torn as he still wants to tell Chas the truth. Later, Chas begs Adam to tell her why Aaron would have started the fire, but Moira pleads with him and he lies to Chas. At the same time, Aaron is in the café as Ed turns up to see him following his call. After his meeting with Ed, Aaron tells Adam that he’s got to trust him and not speak to anyone before tomorrow when he is due in court…

Thursday 5th (7pm): Dressed in his suit on his day in court, Aaron visits Chas at The Woolpack and tells her that it would be best if she stayed at home. However, Chas knows something is amiss and decides to go. Cameron offers to attend court with her, but Cain doesn’t trust him not to say anything stupid, so insists he will go along too. They’re ready to leave for court when an unimpressed Edna tells Chas that she cleared up cans from Jackson’s grave, assuming it was Aaron.

Later, everyone waits at the court, but there’s no sign of Aaron as the usher calls him. Chas panics and tries to phone Aaron, refusing to give up hope on him. When she struggles to get hold of both Aaron and Adam, Chas is horrified to discover that there’s now a warrant out for her son’s arrest. Does Aaron make it to court in time?

Thursday 5th (8pm): Adam contemplates losing his best friend as Paddy struggles to stay strong. Chas is reduced to tears as she is forced to say goodbye to her son in heartbreaking circumstances. Does Aaron face a future behind bars, or will he escape court and go on the run? Last in storyline.

These scenes air from Monday 2nd April, weeknights at 7pm, ITV1.


  1. 😦 boo hoo, sob sob sob!! I still can’t believe he’s going.
    I’m pleased that his exit storyline is more to do with Adam than Ed, that somehow seems right as Adam is such a big part of Aaron.
    I’m worried that as Edna finds cans at Jackson’s grave, this suggests to me that we won’t actually see him go to say Goodbye to Jackson and this will make me scream!! Very annoying!

  2. Really sad this this is Danny’s final week on the show, it’s been a hell of a rollercoaster we’ve been on with Aaron and I know Thursday the 5th will be a sad day.

    I’m really hoping that Aaron doesn’t go to prison but I don’t want him to go on the run either, though I think he will. I hope Adam owns up and Aaron can leave on his own terms but again, I doubt this will happen.

    It seems a shame that because of this, it seems unlikely he’ll able to return to see his family again.

    And Nic, I really hope we’ll see Aaron say a proper goodbye to Jackson too !

    • If not then hopefully one of our wonderful fabric friend’s will oblige us!

      • Ha ha I meant fan fic!

  3. Can’t believe that this is Danny’s final week. Emmerdale won’t be the same without him. He is a fantastic actor and will be really missed. I hope he gets a happy ending though. The character of Aaron has been through so much and deserves some happiness:)

    Best of luck with everything Danny that you do in the future.

  4. hope u do well danny we will miss u so much

  5. Gee, Danny – even though I know you’re leaving – I’m still devastated. You’re one of the finest young actors around…and you did such an absolutely incredible job on Emmerdale. Please, please come back from time to time. Your character has become so very real to me. It’s hard to let go, my friend. Thank you for something unforgettable! The best.

  6. Props to Danny, and I’ll miss him and all that, but…I don’t like this ending at all, at least not from what has been leaked. What kind of a PLAN is that, Aaron? If Aaron gets sent down for this, I’ll be pissed; if he goes on the run, I’ll be annoyed. That’s no life for him. I wasn’t expecting perfection, but now I’m worried that he won’t even get a semblance of a happy ending. Aaron is not a devious character. Sure, he’s had his share of trouble, but he doesn’t need a big criminally-charged exit with car crash stunts or cops chasing him or maniacal laughter. Nathan didn’t even gett hat. There’d better be one heck of a twist to this story!

  7. This is so sad! His character and all the storylines related are the best thing I´ve ever seen on a soap. Way above soap level. Something else
    And, I really don´t know what´s going to happen, hope he goes to France, that would be heartbreaking too cos we won´t see him and his people are going to be sad (Paddy, etc) but it would be like a happy ending. I need it

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