Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 2, 2012

Au revoir Aaron!

As Aaron’s departure draws closer, actor Danny Miller relives some of Aaron’s highs and lows from the past four years.

He’s come a long way since the troubled teen who arrived in 2008. Full of angst as he fought against his sexuality and his turbulent relationship with his mother, Chas.

His romance with Jackson proved to be Aaron’s defining moment and helped to reveal his true character traits, one of those being fierce loyalty to his family and friends.

But it’s this loyalty that will be put to the test, when he steps up to take the rap for his best friend Adam in the aftermath of the fire.

Is there any hope for happiness in Aaron’s future?



  1. the pleasure of seeing you again in other productions, I do not know if I can continue the series, which already was difficult without Hazel , then without you is worse, because of you 3 (Jackson, Hazel and you),i have stomach ached for 3 days 🙂 a first in my life, then BRAVO’re a great guy ,we will miss you
    Greetings from Canada
    a bientôt Aaron/Danny .

    • Yeah I was destroyed by Jackson, Hazel, Aaron for days. Never happened to me before that way. It shows how epic all this has been

  2. I’m not ready to say goodbye!

  3. Aww, Danny saying that this is last VT brings it all home that Emmerdale’s best loved son is leaving our screens this week – sniff sniff :’-(

    It really has been a great journey for Aaron, though his story crammed into three minutes is no way long enough – even thirty minutes wouldn’t come anyway near!

    Loving those clips of early Aaron – god, he looked so young before he grew that stubble! And that clip of him and Paddy at the end – ‘thanks for everything…Dad’ – made me well up!

    Danny, thank you so much for bringing ‘Aaron’s Story’ to life over the last four years, the pleasure has been all ours x.

    • Here here Shawn the pleasure certainly has been all ours. It’s so sad that this is the last week of Aaron. The scene with Paddy made me cry, its lovely that he finally calls him ‘Dad’. I’m going to be a complete mess on Thursday evening 😦

      • You and me both. It won’t be the same without Aaron. Danny has created one of the best loved soap characters of all time in my opinion. I’m sure he will do well in the future but I’m really going to miss Aaron. The tissues are at the ready for Thursday night.

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