Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 4, 2012

Aaron Livesy: Blog Stats

Danny Miller finally bids farewell to the dales in tomorrow night’s episodes of the show, after four amazing years in the role of troubled Aaron Livesy. He’s certainly been through the mill has Aaron, with fires, fights, crashes, comings out, assisted (and attempted) suicides, not to mention the tears – my God the tears!! – and all of that within the last twelve months alone. Quite frankly, the kids cursed, but throughout all of that there’s been this here blog, posting spoilers, videos, interviews and much more since April 2010. Now, I could just sit here and say thank you for visiting the site and watching the episodes over the last few years – and I probably will do at the end of this post – but before I do that I thought I’d share with you some of the blogs statistics (it’s really not as boring as I make that sound, honest). So, without further ado…


Search Terms

Ahh yes, the search terms! These are the words or phrases people have typed into search engines such as Google or Bing, and as a result have ended up on this blog.

Some of them were fairly standard, Aaron Livesy for example was by far and away the most searched for term, attracting a combined total of 68,300 visitors to date. Danny Miller proved to be the more popular cast member with over 16,000 searches, Marc Silcock trailed in second with a considerably less 5,200 whilst Dominic Brunt and Pauline Quirke took 1,100 apiece.

Aaron and Jackson regularly topped the days searches throughout 2010 and 2011, with over 23,000 hits for the pairing. Jackson Walsh picked up a fair few searches himself, with well over 3,000 of you wanting to know what would be happening to him next. Hundreds more asked if we would ever see him walk again, or even if he would die. Needless to say, that question has now well and truly been answered. *sniff*

Then there were the not so innocent searches, which made for a VERY interesting read. Over 4,000 of you dirty-minded lot wanted to see Danny Miller Naked (not that I blame you for trying), and a further 1,200 were hoping to see Marc in the buff. Lloyd Everitt (Ed) and Ryan Prescott (Flynn) acquired 600 and 200 nude requests respectively.

I won’t even mention the 21 people who were hoping for a glimpse of Dominic Brunt (aka daddy Paddy) in his birthday suit, you know who you are!!

As for the picture above, no it isn’t a direct upload from Lloyd Everitt’s iPhone of the Emmerdale lads on a dirty weekend away to Rhyl… mores the pity. Nope, it is merely a rather poor photoshopping effort, but if any of you 6,000 searches would like the uncensored version then you are more than welcome to ask for it. (I’ll apologise in advance to Marc for putting his head on the guy with the small penis, I’m sure he’s hung like a horse in real life. Well, with a name like Silcock…) *ahem*

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, moving swiftly on.

Top Ten search terms:
1. Aaron Livesy (68,300)
2. Aaron & Jackson (23,400)
3. Danny Miller (16,100)
4. Emmerdale Spoilers (9,200)
5. Aaronlivesy WordPress (8,000)
6. Marc Silcock (5,200)
7. Danny Miller Naked (4,400)
8. What happens to Jackson in Emmerdale? (3,400)
9. Danny Miller Girlfriend (2,900)
10. Danny Miller Strips (2,300)


The rest of it

And I say the rest of it because, well, the rest really IS pretty boring. Still, here’s some other not-so-interesting facts for you all to ‘enjoy’.

  • On June 8th 2011, a day after Jackson’s on-screen death, the blog achieved it’s highest number of visitors in a single day with 5,686 hits. That record was almost beaten earlier last month when 5,606 people visited on March 5th 2012.
  • Despite the relatively high figures for June last year, it was actually October 2010 that proved to be the busiest month to date, remaining unbeaten ever since. Almost 108,000 hits were achieved across the month following that train crash on October 6th.
  • The most popular post in the sites 2-year history – and it really was the run away victor – is this one from May 2010, posted just ten days after the blog launched. 19,000 people have drooled over that picture since it was first posted, it is almost certainly the reason behind the high ranking of Danny naked in the search terms top ten… well, along with this one, and this one, aaaand possibly this one.
  • Readers from over 100 countries have accessed the blog so far, with the UK making up 38% of the 1.35m hits. The USA came second (19%), Canada third (14%), Sweden fourth (11%) and France fifth (4%). Special shout out to the one person who visited from Fiji.


A thank you

Speaking of shout outs, special thanks to Sharon, Shawn, Keith, Nic, Cutie, Mark and Charlie. You guys contributed to the comments sections more than anyone else recently (based on the last 1,000 comments), so thanks for making the experience that bit more enjoyable. And to everyone else who’s ever clicked on here, or watched the episodes on YouTube, thank you! I know it wasn’t always easy sticking with this storyline, God knows I came close to giving up on it myself on numerous occasions, but I’m pleased there’s still a few of you left out there who stayed with it until the end. This isn’t the end of the blog, I’ll still post updates from time to time, but it’s the end of an era (this is all getting rather mellow-dramatic now).

A huge thanks to the Emmerdale cast and crew for producing some of the best programming on British TV, 40 years and still going! To Danny, Marc, Dominic, Lucy, Pauline, Adam and everyone else who featured in Aaron’s story, thank you.

Last but by no means least, the biggest thanks is reserved for the incredible Gavin Blyth, the man responsible for Aaron’s storyline and some of the best episodes in Emmerdale’s history. Without him none of you would be here now reading this incredibly long-winded post. RIP Gavin.


And that’s it, I literally have nothing left to babble on about. Enjoy tomorrow’s episodes (you might wanna stock up on pocket tissues). There’ll be a new poll added following Aaron’s exit, here’s hoping it’s a good one!

Over and out.


  1. ILMAO. Thank you.

  2. Excellent post Jon! You are amazing and I enjoyed all you shared with us, and specially these last two years of amazing storylines we could watch thanks to you

  3. Hi Jon,

    Well, this has just made my morning. That picture of the three guys is hysterical and thanks again for the link to the towel picture. It’s one of my favourites funnily enough but who wouldn’t like a picture of Danny looking like that.

    As for thanking me for commenting on the site, it’s me who should be thanking you. Your site has given me somewhere to talk to other people who are as mad about Danny/Aaron as I am. It’s been somewhere that I’ve been able to kick off when I haven’t been happy with Aaron’s story and heap praise when I have been. I’ve spoken to a lot of people on here and become good friends with a couple of them who I now keep in touch with away from your site. That would never have happened without Aaron’s Story.

    Thank you for all your hard work over the years, not just with the website but with the YouTube stuff as well. I came to watching what was going on with Aaron quite late into his story so it was through what you put on YouTube that I was able to go back and catch up and see why he was behaving like he was. I’m sure it must have been very time consuming getting all the stuff together and publishing it for us and I’m really glad you didn’t give up on it. I’m sure everyone appreciates what you’ve done over the last couple of years as much as I do. You’ve done a great job so once again, thank you!!!! xx

    • Sharon, just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your posts here and your heartfelt views on the story. Always looked forwarded to seeing what you would have to say about this nutty journey. xoxo

      • Hi Mark,

        Lovely to hear from you again!! Glad to see you stuck it out until the bitter end. Aww, thanks for saying what you did, it was always a pleasure to read your views and chat with you about our Aaron too. Chatting on here kept me sane and made me see that I wasn’t the only one completely caught up in Aaron’s story, especially when he was with Jackson. Take care xx

  4. Awww Jon thank you so much for everything you have uploaded for us and for giving us this site. I have really enjoyed being able to come on here and chat to like-minded Aaron fans. As for the YouTube clips I am forever in your debt! I mistakenly stumbled across an Aaron and Jackson scene one night when I pressed 3 on the remote instead of 1! I was bowled over by what I saw, became an instant Emmerdale viewer and then searched for more Aaron and Jackson on the Internet. Your uploads enabled me to watch all of Aaron’s back story and become a complete addict! I still get a regular Aarson fix by watching some of my favourite Aarson episodes.
    It really is the end of an era 😦 but thank you so much for everything you’ve done.

  5. Jon – so happy to be included in your round-up and to see the names of people who have prodded me, pushed me and supported me through this amazing, draining, crazy ride. All the folks here have been incredible and this has been such a great haven during the story’s darkest days. I am eternally grateful to you all here. xoxo

  6. Hi Jon,

    Thank you for creating this site for us ‘Aarsonists’ to express our views! It has been quite a journey and I have made real friends (not ‘virtual’ ones!) along the way.
    Difficult to believe that Aaron is no more! But, I can understand Danny wanting to move on and try other things, he is only 21 and such a brilliant actor that I’m sure his star will shine for a long time to come.
    As for Aaron and Jackson…well, I think it’s all been said! They are, to put it simply, THE BEST soap couple ever! Two lads who slowly fell in love with each other and pulled us into their relationship like no-one has ever done before.
    I will be watching the ‘old’ clips for a long time to come!
    Once again, thanks for all your hard work. x

  7. Hi Jon

    Aww, thanks for the mention, mate and the brilliant mock-up picture of the boys, haha, it made me laugh so much, just so funny!!

    Aaron Livesy. Now what I can I say about him? For the first year so, I didn’t like him, he was just another soap badboy but it was the ‘coming out’ storyline that caught my attention and THAT brilliant episode between Aaron and Paddy and after that I was hooked on ‘Aaron’s Story’.

    Not long after that, I stumbled upon this website and I became hooked on this too! It was amazing to have somewhere to visit where people had the same love and interest in Aaron and then Jackson as I did! My own secret haven.

    I’ve enjoyed the comments to the posts, sometimes quite lively(!!) and it wasn’t long before I jumped in and added my own two pennies worth! The spoliers have been brilliant – better than any TV listings magazines! And the YouTube uploads have been so good and much appreciated – an opportunity to watch ‘Aaron’s bits’ only!

    It’s been a pleasure to visit the site day in, day out and even when the on screen storyline was pratically breaking my heart, I knew I could always log on here and hear what other ‘friends’ were saying and actually gain some comfort from that.
    I’ve made a couple of really good friends from visiting this site and that wouldn’t have come about without you, Jon!

    So, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your hard work on the site, I hope you feel like it’s been worthwhile and I know we all appreciate your efforts. I’m glad you’re going to continue posting updates about the badboy who we grew to love.

    Thanks again, Jon. Much love xx.

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