Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 4, 2012

Aaron’s exit: Preview

Aaron behaves strangely in the build-up to his court appearance in tomorrow’s double bill of Emmerdale.

Chas and Paddy are both fretting as they wonder what the future has in store for Aaron, but the mechanic remains unusually calm about the situation.

Dressed in his suit, Aaron tells Chas that it would be best if she stayed at home today. However, Chas knows something is amiss and is determined to go. Will Aaron show up for court?

The door also remains open for Danny Miller to reprise his role as Aaron in the future. His exit episodes air tomorrow, but Aaron’s story will continue via the soap’s new digital initiative.

Emmerdale‘s series producer Stuart Blackburn appeared on This Morning today, answering viewer questions and offering a number of character teasers for the coming months.

Hear what he had to say about Aaron below.



  1. It’s good to hear that we’ll still be finding out about what’s happening with Aaron for a while longer.

    Nice to hear also that the door has been left open for Danny to return. It’ll be great to see Aaron back in the village again one day. We live in hope!

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