Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 5, 2012

Aaron’s Exit: Full Episode

So that’s it! Aaron has finally departed the Dales for good after four incredible years. But how did things end for our troubled young cherub? Is he behind bars? On the run? Or did he finally get his head into gear and jet off for a new life with Ed in France?

If you missed tonight’s action – where were you??! – then you can catch up below.



In tears? Yeah, me too.

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  1. It was actually much better than I thought it would be. It touched on so many things from his whole story. Geer cans next to grave, the solicitor from the first court case, things like that. It’s almost as if Aaron was a ghost wandering through his life. And it all makes sense. Cheers for sharing all this! 🙂

  2. Aoooouf, one end of size for Aaron, who will really miss, play a role so complex, the child, the friend, the rebel, the lover, the good guy, a charmer, the protector …….. ., the best and great role in Immerdale, that he played to perfection, I have lived peaks with incredible emotions with Hazel and Jackson, it was the top of this show and I welcome(je salue) the three players for their performance,
    even when I am happy to the end and with the hope of seeing Aaron soon,
    excuse my english,it s the first time that i look and discover an english show out Agatha Christie,or cherlok homs with subtitles:))
    Bravo Danny/Aaron t es épatant mec!

  3. I have bern disappointed by the whole exit storyline it feels very rushed. But I thought the final episode itself was very good, if we’d had a look at Aaron saying goodbye to Jackson rather than it just being alluded to then I would’ve said it was excellent! Of course Danny’s acting was fantastic, the last little look/smile down from the escalator really made me cry! Chas and Paddy were also fantastic and it was fab that Aaron called Paddy ‘Dad’ at last! I don’t have many feelings for Ed, he’s quite fit, but dull and we and Aaron barely know him, at least he seems like a nice guy. In my head though Aaron rode of into the sunset with a resurrected Jackson.

  4. I agree with the last comment, The last story line was rushed. Also the comment about Jackson ,we could have seen Aaron in the grave yard , it would have made a more complete ending . The writers missed a good opportunity there.

  5. The storyline with Ed has seemed rushed and unrealistic in my opinion. Aaron’s only known Ed for two months and has just moved abroad with him? Really? Though I’m glad he didn’t end up in prison or worse still, dead.

    Also, after the warrant for Aaron’s arrest was issued, he had way too much time on his hands to change his clothes, pack his bag and say all of his goodbyes! The police were no where to be seen! In real life the police would’ve been round to arrest him within minutes, not that I wanted him to end up in prison.

    Though it’s hard not to be moved by Danny’s amazing performances in last night’s episodes – the scenes with Paddy and then Chas especially – made me well up with the amount of real tears on screen!

    It’s so sad to see the end of ‘Aaron’s Story’ but hey, it could have been worse!

  6. I always love Paddy & Aaron moment and they’ve been lacking ever since Rhona & Paddy hooked up. I was glad to see them together again for this episode. I’m really going to miss Aaron though. Not sure how he’s going to be able to travel with his new work with a warrant out but it is soapland. Anything is possible!

  7. Hey, I’m Polish
    I have not watched all the episodes only Coming-out Aaron and Aaron & Jackson on YouTube.
    Danny Miller, a very good and talented actor. Well I fell into the role of a gay.
    My English is not too good but I greet all.
    I wish Danny Emmerdale went away with anything hard

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