Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 29, 2012

British Soap Awards 2012: The Winners

Emmerdale found some much-deserved success at the British Soap Awards last night, picking up three gongs at the London ceremony.

Danny Miller proved a worthy winner in the Best Actor category for the second year running, fending off stiff competition from the same three contenders as last year (Chris Gascoyne, Coronation Street; Shane Richie, EastEnders; Emmett J Scanlan, Hollyoaks).

Jackson’s controversial assisted suicide storyline also proved popular, picking up Best Storyline ahead of Carla’s Rape in Coronation Street, Lauren’s Murder in Doctors and Tanya’s Cancer storyline in EastEnders.

Emmerdale‘s final award of the evening came in the form of Spectacular Scene of the Year for John and Moira Barton’s car accident. It triumphed over Carla’s car crash in Coronation StreetEastEnders’ B&B Fire and the critically acclaimed murder of Rae Wilson in Hollyoaks.

Other winners included Scott Maslen (EastEnders) and Michelle Keegan (Coronation Street), who both retain their Sexiest Male and Female awards respectively. Corrie’s Andrew Lancel was named Villain of the Year ahead of HollyoaksJeff Rawle, whilst Alison King (Coronation Street) was awarded the Best Actress gong.


EastEnders were victorious in several categories, including Best Dramatic Performance for Jo Joyner and Best Young Performance for Lorna Fitzgerald. For the fifth year running, the southern-based show was named Best British Soap by viewers.

In total, both EastEnders and Coronation Street took home seven trophies apiece, whilst Doctors and Hollyoaks left completely empty handed – undeservedly so, I hasten to add!

A full list of winners is now available here.

The British Soap Awards 2012 air on Wednesday 2nd May, 8pm, ITV1.


  1. you are the best guys!

  2. I haven’t watched much Corrie, but what I have seen doesn’t compare to Emmerdale IMO. Not to mention Sean drove me nuts. Hollyoaks not winning any is just wrong. I also have to ask why Michelle Keegan keeps winning sexiest female? She’s very good looking, but I don’t really see the appeal.

    I am very happy with the wins Emmerdale did get. They were all well deserved. I would love to see the clips they used to for the panel voted categories. I can’t believe that The Longest Day and John Barton’s exit were not the best. Any chance of you posting the awards on YouTube?

    • The awards haven’t been on TV yet, they are televised on Wednesday night. I’ll upload the videos then. x

      • Thanks for that, and for all your hard work posting Aaron’s story for the last few years.

  3. A big well done to Danny – ‘Best Actor’ by a mile in my opinion and so well deserved, plus what a great high to leave on!

    Nice to see the ‘Jackson’s Choice’ storyline win an award as the performances there were brilliant all round and so lovely to see Marc up there, award in hand, with Danny! Long overdue!! Aarson reunited!! x

    Shame though that Emmerdale never win that top award for ‘Best Soap’…

    By the way, Marc’s girlfriend, Amy, looks absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Absolutely brilliant! Danny thoroughly deserves his award for the second year running!

    Also lovely to see Marc on stage with him. They are the ‘best soap couple’ ever, in my opinion. I would have given them an award for that any day!

    Congratulations to our boys!

  5. What a great night for Emmerdale. Danny Miller retaining his best actor award for the second year running, what an achievement and thoroughly well deserved too. I’m so pleased that Jackson’s story was recognised as well. Marc, Pauline & Danny did an amazing job with such an emotional storyline. How lovely is it seeing Danny & Marc together again? I agree with you Keith they are the best soap couple by a mile. I still miss seeing them on screen together even after all this time. I’m looking forward to Wednesday to see what they have to say.

  6. I´m so happy. Danny deserved it again, so obvious. But I´m also happy that Emmerdale won more than usual. So deserved the best storyline and the best spectacular scene. It was so great and realistic seeing John and Moira inside that car. What makes me really excited is that Marc was there. After not attending or winning anything last year I didn´t expect this win and him actually going and receive the award. I can´t wait to watch it on your channel Jon! Thank u for everything… yeesssssss ED haha

  7. I forgot to say I would have loved to see Pauline there in that stage receiving the award with the boys too. She has been the best actress of the past year to me. Sublime

  8. I cant think of any one who deserves an award for best Actor more than Danny & what a thrill to see Marc & Danny pictured together again sharing that best storyline gong!

  9. Yeay well done to our boys!! So delighted that they both won and just fab to see them on stage together and both looking fit! I can’t wait to watch on Wednesday night. It was a shame Pauline wasn’t there as she was just as big a part of Jackson’s choice and I’m always surprised that she doesn’t get any nominations. PS Scott Maslen sexy?! He’s a lovely bloke but not sexy IMO!

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