Danny Miller

Danny Miller (born 1991) is an English actor from Stockport, Great Manchester.

Still relatively new to the world of television, Miller won his first major role in 2007, when he played Kyle Brown in the long-running BBC children’s show Grange Hill. He followed this in 2008 with his most prominent role, being the second actor to portray Aaron Livesy in the popular ITV1 soap opera Emmerdale. In real life, he currently shares a flat with his friend and on-screen Emmerdale co-star Adam Thomas who plays his character’s best friend Adam Barton.



  1. im crazy about you danny miller have ye stuck in me head all the time wish you were gay im your number 1 fan would love to meet you

  2. n dont think im a stalker i love watching emmerdale only watch it couse of you im just a realy big fan of you i wish you were here so i couldpropaly meet ye n talk to ye its a pity tho it wasnt realy hard for mecomin out i dont flaunt it im myself im happy the way i am as long as you have the confedence in yourself be happy fuck wat every1 thinks at the end of the day every body is differant and thats a good thing becouse if we werent the world be a fucked up place so dont let peaple run you down becouse of the way you are at the end of the day you are you its your life so be happy x

    • you do realise that danny miller aint gay so he doesnt have to be worried

  3. Danny is a wonderful actor and i am sure he will go far in his career. He’s handsome too, he has a lovely smile and gorgeous eyes.

  4. I Love Danny Miller, I Don’t think they could have found a better person to play Aaron. And he is also gorgeous. 🙂 ❤

  5. all i have to say is that, when i was living in england, emmerdale meant nothing to me, cause it was so boring, but Danny mate you as an actor has truly inspired me to do more acting in my future, seriously mate, there are a few actors i like world, and you made my list, if you keep up the work, i’m sure that you will be doing amazing things, and who knows if i carry out my dream in the film and television industry, we might cross paths, cause it would definitely be an honor

  6. has danny miller a girlfriend?

    • yes

  7. he’s amazin i luv him loads

  8. Hey Danny… I am from Bangladesh and just
    recently started watching Emmerdale and I must admit your simply an
    amazing actor… You’re doing an excellent job playing Aaron
    Livesy…!!!… And I am thoroughly enjoying the current story line… Well done to the entire team of Emmerdale for presenting us audience with such a… true and touching storyline… Great work everyone…!!!

  9. I absolutly love you! I would do anything to meet you your the best actor in the world and the sexiest person ive ever seen! xxx

  10. ilove to vote danny miller on emmderale

  11. Danny Miller<3. Love this man!! I love his portrail of Aaron and I don't think they could have found a better actor!! He blew me away with the whole 'Jackson's death' storylline!!! Shame he has a girlfriend though!!;P

  12. From a Emmerdalion i bid you adieu & wish you continued success in the future Danny. You will be greatly missed on Emmerdale it will take bit 2 get ova but realize great opportunities come to those who push through & smash down all barriers. Your self belief, hard graft & pure raw talent has propelled into the hearts of people around the world. Its sad 4 us Emmerdale fans but now the rest of the world gets 2 see what we took 4 granted that’s fantastic. I still hope you make a return 2 a small town in the Yorkshire Dales some day. Ps Thanks man & god bless

  13. u really good action at emmerdale really was good on tv i watch i like danny miller are fanstic i am deaf from glasgow

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