Adam Barton

Adam Barton is portrayed by Adam Thomas. He is the son of John and Moira Barton. He made his first on-screen appearance on 17 July 2009, when he arrived with his parents and sisters, Holly and Hannah. Adam has recently been befriending Aaron Livesy, who has been causing trouble for the Bartons.


Towards the end of 2009, Holly Barton starts flirting with Aaron and it looks as though a relationship is brewing between them. At first, Adam isn’t keen on the idea but comes round, making friends with Aaron. When Aaron suddenly starts playing hard to get with Holly, Adam questions it, but Aaron says its all part of the plan, but everything slots into place when the boys and Holly go on a “lads” night out. When Aaron and Adam are on the way back, they are involved in a car crash and Aaron cuts his head. As Adam is checking it out, Aaron leans in for a kiss. Adam is horrified and pulls away, questioning Aaron’s sexuality, but Aaron makes him think it’s all in his head. Not completely convinced, he tells Holly after realising that she has slept with Aaron but his parents insist he drops it when Holly, refusing to believe Adam, gets annoyed with him. Aaron watches jealously as Adam gets closer to Scarlett Nicholls and starts dating her.

In the beggining of 2010 Adam is still convinced that Aaron is gay, but begins to lay off Aaron. Adam also learns of Hannah’s bullying, but is confused as to why Victoria did it. When sheep on the Bartons farm are being born dead John is certain something’s up doesn’t know what. When Carl King’s kids Thomas and Anya are hospitalised the blame is pointed at the Jai and Nikhil, but test are done that prove their not to blame. Adam remembers moving some toxic filled barrels a fe months back and when he investigates where he moved them he’s shocked to discover he’s to blame for it all. When he confesses to his parents John goes mad and after shouting at Adam decided they must come clean to the village. After being fined by Nathan Wylde for the spilliage clean up John stops Adam’s wages until the bill is paid. Adam is left gutted by his actions. In April Adam witness Aaron kissing secret boyfriend Jackson and is positive of his sexuality. But tells Aaron whether he’s gay or not he’ll still be his mate and promises not to tell any one. On his birthday Adam and punters at the Woolpack witness Aaron punch Jackson, after Aaron thinks he’s coming on to him in public, resulting in Aaron being arrested. When released Aaron decides he can no longer risk people finding out he’s gay and attempts suicide in the garage. When Adam and Cain Dingle discover him they try to save him and they succesed, but Aaron later reveals in hospital he wishes he had died.

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Speaking of his casting, Thomas said that “Adam’s a family man… Whatever his dad says, he does. The whole family is really close. Even with his sisters, he’s the middle child but he wants to be the older brother and look after them all.”



  1. je l’adore il est tres beau et dans la série je le voie bien êtres le petit ami de aaron il forme un tres beau couple

  2. I would like to see aaron turning adam barton gay because adam is Aaron’s long term goirlfriend. And they decerve to be togetherr. And i would like to see adam barton self herm himself and attempts suiside in the garage. And i wopnt to see adam struggleing with his sexuality so when aaron cames back and sees adam self herming himself he can stop adam from taking his own life

  3. I think that adam should let aaron give gay kiss to adam both of you deserve each other the fire and you both are the some should have gay realationship to

  4. Aaronl and adamb deserve to be together because adamb is his long term girlfriend they live together in Leeds I would like to see aaronl turning adamb gay and have a happy gay life together all. They have to. Do is comIt to each other

  5. hi iam your fan
    text back from tarataylor

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