Chastity Dingle

Chastity “Chas” Dingle (previously Livesy) is played by Lucy Pargeter.


Chas Dingle arrived in Emmerdale in a blaze of glory – dressed as a nun. She had been hired by her father Shadrach for her cousin Marlon’s stag night. Chas ended up locked in the back of a van with vicar Ashley Thomas.

She moved into Wishing Well Cottage with the Dingle family and soon got a job at the Woolpack.

She has a son, Aaron Livesy with her ex-husband Gordon, who had custody. Sadly, Aaron hated his mother, feeling she had abandoned him. Every attempt to build a relationship ended in disaster and eventually after Aaron gleefully told her about Carl’s one night stand with her cousin, Del, she gave up. She left Gordon and Sandra to become a family with Aaron and the baby that Sandra was expecting.


Relationship with Carl King
Chas made friends with Carl King soon after he and his family moved into Holdgate Farm. They bonded over feeling like parental failures as both were part-time parents and started dating. They soon fell in love but his family didn’t appprove and grabbed the opportunity to send him away after Paul Marsden died. When Carl needed support because he felt guilty for Paul’s death, Chas offered it and forgiveness too. In return, Carl backed Chas up when his father tried to evict her from Pear Tree Cottage.

Chas and Carl’s relationship was rocky and during one split, Carl had a one night stand with Chloe Atkinson. Thinking she and Carl were an item, Chloe was horrified when Carl and Chas got back together. Wanting to split them up permanently, she undermined Chas’s trust in Carl and wrote a series of poison pen letters. Her plot worked and soon Carl and Chas had split up again.

Trying to make Carl jealous, she had a brief fling with builder Syd Woolfe. Syd realised she still had feelings for Carl and left the village so she dated Denzel, a local policeman. She cared for him but her feelings for Carl arose again and he dumped her. Heartbroken and angry, Chas joined the army, leaving Carl, now single (he dumped Chloe when she admitted she had lied about being pregnant) and desperate to make amends. After a drunken one night stand with Chas’s cousin, Delilah Dingle, Carl suggested they have a relationship but Del convinced him to fight for Chas. Carl went to Chas’s barracks and followed them to a wedding reception. Once there, he declared his love publicly, making Chas furious, especially as Carl tripped while carrying her. He dropped her and she broke her leg, ending her army career.

Carl set up a romantic treasure hunt, featuring a videotaped marriage proposal at the end, but Chas refused. Determined not to give up, Carl promised to do a wing walk to prove his devotion. Stunned by his determination, Chas agreed but Aaron tried to ruin things by telling her Carl had slept with Del. She went mad but Del convinced her not to throw away her relationship with Carl because of a drunken one night stand.

Building a life together
Chas and Carl moved into Home Farm and she worked as a PA for King & Sons, having done a business degree in the army. They were just starting to make wedding arrangements when Tom and his girlfriend, Rosemary Sinclair, bullied Chas into leaving Carl, giving her money to compensate. She spent weeks fretting over whether to tell Carl and, when encouraged by Eli, confronted them at the wedding. It didn’t go to plan, ending in her berating and threatening Tom, making her a suspect when he died that night. She was cleared and even reconciled with Carl briefly but it didn’t last.

Life after Carl
Chas stayed single for a while, getting a nasty shock after waking up next to a dead man, Colin McFarlane. She and Lexi Nicholls had dared each other to sleep with a man they met that night. Chas and Lexi ran away, leaving the staff to find his body, fearing Chas would be suspected of murder but a ost mortem revealed he had died of natural causes.

Chas saw that Lexi fancied Carl and warned her to stay away from him. Carl and Lexi, however, had other ideas and began dating. When Chas found out, she ended her friendship with Lexi and punched Carl. Lexi tried making amends but Chas wasn’t interested, preferring her other friends, Katie Sugden, and her niece Debbie Dingle.

When Chas saw Katie had romantic feelings for Grayson Sinclair, she confronted her, telling her to stay away from him. He was married to her business partner and old enough to be her father but Katie denied it and ignored her. Chas wasn’t happy but supported Katie when she offered to be surrogate as Perdy couldn’t have children and took over as Grayson’s hostess after he and Perdy split up. Unfortunately Katie was devastated to discover that Grayson wasn’t the man she thought he was and in revenge, planned to give birth in London and put him up for adoption there. Chas was going to be her birth partner but baby Sinclair had other ideas – Katie gave birth to him in the back of Matthew’s car with Perdy and Matthew assisting.

Moving on
Chas dated locum vet Josh Grainger briefly. Everything was fine until the Dingles wound him up about Chas and Shadrach moving in. Not surprisingly, Josh ran a mile. Chas didn’t see the joke at first but came round.

Laurel told Chas that she had a half-sister, Genesis Walker. Shadrach had put her up for adoption after Gennie’s mother died in childbirth. When Chas calmed down, she helped her father write to Gennie and felt neglected when Shadrach seemed almost obsessed with his new daughter. Chas and Gennie became friends and Chas advised Gennie on how to look after her mother.

Becoming a family
In November 2008, Donna arrested Chas’s son Aaron for drug offences. Donna called Chas and she went to the police station to see him but he wasn’t happy to see her. Driving him home, she dropped him off and left, thinking he had had gone in. He had run off as he was on the run from the McFarlanes and was sleeping rough, eventually being kidnapped by them. Discovering this, Chas and the Dingles saved him and took him home when his father and stepmother threw him out for his disruptive behaviour.

He moved into the Dingles and began building a relationship with Chas and her family but still argued occasionally. Chas obviously wanted him to stay with her and enrolled him in school nearby, trying to right things with him in December until Lisa threw him out for encouraging Belle to steal. He and Chas moved in with Paddy Kirk as Chas was his receptionist. They all got on and Chas and Paddy began a romantic relationship. Chas wasn’t sure he was her type but Katie encouraged her as Paddy is a kind and gentle man.

Back with Carl
Carl’s marriage to Lexi broke down and he was determined to get Chas back. She resisted for a while but – drunk – had a one night stand with him. After some soul-searching with Katie Sugden, Chas decided to keep this secret, looking to build a future with Paddy. Carl, however, told Paddy, who threw Chas and Aaron out confronting her in the Woolpack. She stayed briefly with Katie but moved in with Carl as Gennie made her disapproval very clear as did Scarlett Nicholls and Nicola De Souza. Aaron was furious as he had warned Chas she had to choose – him or Carl – and moved in with the Dingles. Chas went to try and make it up with him but Zak wouldn’t let her see him.

Wanting to let the dust settle, she and Carl went on a business trip to Italy. On her return, she was surprised but pleased to discover that Aaron was back living with Paddy. They came to an agreement, but after Aaron disconnected the brakes on Carl’s car Chas lost her temper with him, telling him that she no longer wanted anything to do with him.

Chas has since patched things up with her son and plays a big part in Aaron coming to terms with his sexuality.


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