Hazel Rodes

Hazel Rhodes (previously Walsh) is the mother of Jackson Walsh. Hazel made her first appearance on 12th August 2010.

Hazel first appears when she turns up in the village to meet Jackson and quickly clashed with his boyfriend Aaron Livesy. After Hazel floods Jackson’s flat, he is evicted and Paddy Kirk suggests that they move in with him, but Aaron doesn’t like the idea of being under the same roof as Hazel. Jackson sees how uncomfortable he is and suggests moving Hazel into the B&B, but then Aaron surprises Jackson by saying that Hazel can stay with them and Paddy.

Hazel settles into the village and starts art classes for the locals and she meets Viv Hope. The pair start to get to know each other and throw friendly insults to each other. They then become friends. Hazel gets a job at the cafe and becomes friends with Viv’s husband Bob. Bob asks Hazel on a date and she accepts, but when Bob takes her to his home Hazel says she only wants to be friends. Bob says he had hoped for a relationship but he agrees for them to be just friends.

In October 2010, Jackson is critically injured in a road accident when he loses control of his van and crashes on a railway line after arguing with Aaron. The van is then hit by an oncoming train and Jackson is left with life threatening injuries. Hazel arrives at the hospital with Bob. She questions Aaron about the circumstances of the accident. Hazel calls Jackson’s dad Jerry to tell him about what happened to Jackson. A nurse treating Jackson then tells Bob, Aaron, Hazel and Paddy that Jackson is on life support. Aaron then breaks down in tears, blaming himself and Hazel comforts him and tells him that no one is to blame and that Jackson will pull through. When she is allowed to see him, Hazel talks to Jackson while he lies in a coma. Aaron refuses to go in and talk to him because he thinks Jackson wouldn’t want him there but Hazel tries to reassure him. Jackson’s father, Jerry, arrives in the hospital and blames Aaron for the accident, and when Jerry goes in to see Jackson with Hazel, he says that he thinks that it was Hazel’s meddling that caused the accident too. Hazel tells Jerry he has no right to blame anyone. She reveals to Aaron that Jerry hit Jackson when he revealed that he was gay. A few days later Jackson wakes from his coma. However the nurse tells Hazel, Jerry and Aaron that Jackson has two broken bones in his neck and may never walk again. Hazel remains positive and hopes Jackson will walk again. Later that day the nurse breaks the news to Jackson with Hazel and Aaron at his bedside.

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