Danny Miller Interview

What’s the atmosphere like between Aaron and Jackson since Jackson told him he loved him?
“The atmosphere between them is not good at all really. Jackson truly believed Aaron would reciprocate his love so when he couldn’t find it in him to say those three words, Jackson was just embarrassed.”

Aaron didn’t reciprocate – does he feel the same way?

“He genuinely doesn’t know if he feels the same way, it’s all a bit too much too soon for him. Aaron just doesn’t say anything back to Jackson so it makes the situation worse.”

Does he feel he’s too young to be settling down? Especially as Jackson’s his first relationship since coming out?

“Yes, definitely, he feels far too young to settle down and jump into such a serious relationship. It really just feels too quick for him – he’s still coming to terms with and accepting, who he is.

Jackson sarcastically congratulates Aaron for controlling his temper – do you think Aaron could change for Jackson? Or is it comments like these that push him away?
“I think he probably could change for him if he really put his mind to it, forgot the past and got on with his life but I think Aaron still has a few issues to deal with first. It’s a really tough job and huge commitment – Aaron is quite set in his ways. We’ve seen both Chas and Paddy try over the last couple of years and failed to succeed so I don’t see how Jackson could.”

Whose idea is it to have a night on the town?

“It’s Aaron’s idea – it’s his way of trying to make it up to Jackson. He suggests they go to a local gay bar as a way of proving to Jackson he is comfortable being together. Of course, Aaron doesn’t plan on Paddy and Marlon coming along so his initial plans are scuppered somewhat!

How does Aaron react when they tag along because in the past Aaron has got quite angry about people encroaching on his and Jackson’s alone time?
“At first he’s a bit annoyed as it’s supposed to be their night out and he wants to build some bridges with Jackson. His concern is more about what Jackson thinks but when he says he’s ok with them coming Aaron relaxes.”

What happens whilst they are out, do they have fun?

“Yes, Aaron and Jackson are having a ball – laughing at Marlon and Paddy dancing and making fools of themselves. It’s actually just what they needed – they’re relaxed in each others company and having fun. It gives Aaron the chance to apologise and they both agree to put the past behind them and just enjoy their time together. However, when something ignites the volatile side of Aaron, Jackson has to question if he will ever be able to change.”

The night takes a horrible turn, can you describe how it transpires?

“That would be telling, but the night goes drastically downhill from there. The four of them go out but when someone takes to the wheel of the vehicle, his life will be left hanging in the balance after he looses control and crashes on to a railway track with a train fast approaching.”

How would you describe this episode in one sentence?
“From watching Emmerdale since I was a child, I personally think it will be one of the best episodes viewers have ever seen.”

Obviously it is a really harrowing and emotional episode, with all the highs and lows, what was it like to film?

“The stunt and the episode are both amazing. It embodies everything Emmerdale is about. Filming for the bar was hilarious and then in complete contrast, the emotional drama on location was great to get my teeth into. It’s a spectacular episode but this will only mark the start, what comes after is incredible.”

Aaron’s got a relationship with everyone out that night. How do you think he’ll react to the tragic consequences?

“Aaron keeps his cards close to his chest, he always has. It won’t matter whether he’s the one behind the wheel or not – whoever’s life is in jeopardy that night, Aaron will struggle to cope with the consequences. He’ll more than likely want to shut everyone else out to deal with it alone.”



  1. Really looking forward to wht will happen bw Aaron and Jackson Wednesday!! Becuz I’m sure Aaron wants to be the one to make things up with Jackson!! And even though it must be a bit awkward for Aaron to deal with the situation tht he loves Jackson and tht paddy and Marlon
    come along, he still noes tht Jackson is all tht matters!! He wouldn’t want to upset Jackson and really want to let Jackson noe tht he is in fact comfortable being around him!! And personally, I’m really happy tht Aaron is concern abt jackson’s feelings…

  2. I couldn`t agree more Kara. It`s going to be an AMAZING episode from start to finish. Then the next one sounds just as amazing. I`m super excited. 😀

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