Dominic Brunt Interview

Things seem to have calmed down for Paddy after the year he’s had with Aaron, is this the calm before the storm?
“It’s definitely the calm before the storm, it always is with Paddy! I have been totally spoilt for storylines it’s just been amazing. So yes, if this year is anything to go by Paddy should be careful.”

Obviously the viewers have seen a glimmer of attraction between Paddy and Rhona – is it just friendship?
“I think Rhona is falling for him in the sense she has a crush, but Paddy is totally unaware. He’s not the most socially dynamic person in the world so he’s slowly realising that something may be going on.”

How is Paddy and Aaron’s relationship at this moment? Are things still strained after the loss of Clyde?
“It’s a love hate relationship, Paddy irritates Aaron and always tries to do what’s best for him. Aaron’s developed this catch phrase now “Shut up Paddy”, but he knows that Paddy’s always going to be there for him. He’ll mature one day and thank Paddy for all he’s done.”

What makes Paddy and Marlon decide to tag along to Aaron and Jackson’s night out?
“They are just having a boring day, Marlon brings round some beers and they just settle in to doing the same old thing. Then Paddy mentions that Aaron and Jackson are going out on the town and they think – why not? Paddy seems to think Aaron doesn’t mind but I don’t think he has a choice!”

How does Paddy react when he realises they are going to gay bar?

“He’s nervy because he’s never been to a gay bar before and they don’t know what to expect.”

What was the episode like to film?

“It was good fun in the nightclub, it was really fantastic. Marlon and Paddy have a dance and meet some men. Paddy gets an admirer so it’s all very comical.”

Then something goes horribly wrong, what can the viewers expect?

“Tears and laughter, every emotion possible I think. It’ll be very dramatic, with some great highs in there too.”

How would you describe the stunt and the way this storyline plays out?

“It will be spectacular, really amazing. The aftermath is gut-wrenching, it’s all they need after the year they’ve all had.”

What will it be like to watch?

“It’s great because sometimes when there are big stunts all the scenes are dark and you’re just waiting for this moment to happen. But I love the way it’s been written because it’s some of the silliest stuff we’ve filmed in ages, it’s real comedy and it makes it all the more dramatic.”



  1. Love you Paddy! X

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