Marc Silcock Interview

Why did Jackson decide to confess his love for Aaron?
“I think Jackson saw a vulnerability in Aaron after Clyde was killed that made him realise he had real feelings for him. He saw a side to him which he doesn’t show very often and that’s the side he wants to bring out and the side he loves – not the aggressive Aaron.

How did he react when Aaron didn’t reciprocate?
“Jackson just saw it as one step closer to the end of their relationship. He felt quite taken aback by it because after everything they’ve been through, he really loves Aaron and thought he felt the same.”

What’s the atmosphere like between them since?

“Jackson moves out of Smithy and in with Andy Sugden so the atmosphere between them is very frosty. Aaron starts to come round though and there’s a slight reconciliation when he asks Jackson on a night out.

So that’s the night of the collision?
“Yes, Jackson agrees to go out with Aaron but Paddy and Marlon decide to tag along. Whilst they are out there’s a definite thawing between the two lads and I think having Paddy and Marlon there actually makes it less awkward. Aaron is so comfortable with them both which in turn it makes him more comfortable with Jackson.

Jackson patronises Aaron when he congratulates him on taming his temper – do you think Aaron will ever change for Jackson?
“I think it’s something that Jackson has come to terms with – that Aaron has an aggressive side. Part of him knows that he’s attracted to that flaw in Aaron, because he feels like he can help. Jackson is very anti-violence and has a very relaxed demeanour so he counters it quite well.”

What type of night is Jackson expecting when he agrees to go out with Aaron?

“He just wants to have a drink and a chat to try and resolve their issues. When Marlon and Paddy invite themselves along they realise it’s probably best if they just have a fun night out and have a laugh. So instead of talking to each other about their feelings they end up having fun and seeing the best in each other.”

Why do Marlon and Paddy decide tag along?

“They just want a big night out, they overhear Aaron and Jackson talking about going out and decide it’ll be good to get out of the village.”

What happens in the gay bar?

“It’s just one big laugh, especially at Paddy’s expense. He attracts a new fella and is too polite to tell him he’s straight, so the other three take great delight in teasing him. It all brings Aaron and Jackson closer together.”

That must have been fun to film?

“It was hilarious; there was a lot of ad lib and random laughing. Working with Mark, Dom and Danny is a lot of fun, you almost have to add half hour onto the day for all the laughing.”

The night goes horribly wrong from there, how can you describe what the viewers will see next?

“The whole accident begins when the van steers out of control trying to avoid a lorry. The van ends up flipping and smashing onto a train track. After a few seconds, we realise that the train is coming. The train absolutely decimates the van and sends it spinning uncontrollably into the air and angrily lands on some timbers and pallets and that’s when all the real damage happens. It just leaves a mangled van and a body inside.”

It’s a fantastic episode and turns from the best night to the worst night quite rapidly, what was it like to film?
“It was very long and because we film out of sequence it got quite confusing because we had to remember emotions we hadn’t felt yet and conversations we hadn’t had yet. It was a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish.”



  1. Marc Silcock is an amazing actor. He has added so much dimension to Emmerdale. Wants him to stay on as a regular! I’m such a huge fan forever!

  2. Totally agree with you Cindy. Great Character, very-well acted. Hoping that Jackson is spared on Wednesday, but should he bear the brunt of the accident, I’m sure Marc will rise to the challenge of what is to come 🙂

  3. Couldn`t have said it better myself Cindy. I agree with ya 100%. I adore Marc as Jackson. He`s so great on Emmerdale. He should be a regular for as long as possible. I just LOVE him. He`s my favorite character. 😀

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