Mark Charnock Interview

Marlon is so loved up with Rhona he seems to have been neglecting best pal Paddy recently, is that why they decide to have a night out together?
“They team up for a typical Paddy/Marlon night which involves computer games and takeaway food with cans of beer. But they both just look at themselves and think right, we’re still here still doing the same thing, let’s do something else. Paddy mentions Aaron has planned a night out so they decide to get out of the village and have some fun.”

Have they any idea they are going to a gay bar?

“Not a single clue until Jackson tries to order a taxi and Marlon sees Paddy react to the name of the bar. They both go into which they don’t really come out of until they have had a few more beers and are strutting their stuff on the dance floor a few hours later.”

They aren’t aware of the awkward situation between Aaron and Jackson so how do the boys react to having these two dancing dad types tag along on their night?

“Aaron’s really not happy! They have obviously forced this situation on the lads and unbeknown to them it’s actually a big night for Aaron because he’s trying to prove himself to Jackson. Aaron is worried that Jackson will think that he’s bought them along as a buffer.

What happens in the bar? Do they have fun?
“Paddy and Marlon are full of wonder, they have such a laugh. The next thing you see is Marlon and Paddy throwing shapes on the dance floor and letting go of all their inhibitions. They get really drunk and Paddy and Marlon get a bit emotional about their friendship and how much they love each other.”

The whole night is fantastic but it goes horribly wrong when the van is hit by the car, what can the viewers expect from this episode?

“It’s one of those amazing hour long specials that turns completely on his head. It’s romantic and very funny and then fate just flips it in the last 5 minutes. What’s brilliant about it is that it’s been played so light throughout, then it just comes like a bolt from the blue. It absolutely staggers you as a viewer. I cried when I read the script.

What was it like for you to film this episode and what follows?
“The episode is a rom-com but without the happy ending. It was fantastic to be involved in it. It’s always exciting to do something that is a bit special and getting to work with Danny, Dom and Marc has been such a laugh. The director, Duncan Foster, has done a brilliant job of making it look like this thronging nightclub and in admist of it all these four guys are blissfully unaware their lives are about to change forever.”

How would you describe the stunt?

“Duncan Foster, the director, has filmed a lot of big stunts so he absolutely knows how to film an action sequence and make it look like something you’d only see in a cinema. They have covered it with a million shots and it’s going to look spectacular, and quite shocking. The viewers will be on the edge of their seats as they think it’s over but there’s more to come. It really is something else.



  1. Love you Marlon! X

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