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Thursday 5th April 2012 (Aaron’s Exit)

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Summary: Dressed in his suit on his day in court, Aaron visits Chas at The Woolpack and tells her that it would be best if she stayed at home. However, Chas knows something is amiss and decides to go. Cameron offers to attend court with her, but Cain doesn’t trust him not to say anything stupid, so insists he will go along too. They’re ready to leave for court when an unimpressed Edna tells Chas that she cleared up cans from Jackson’s grave, assuming it was Aaron. Later, everyone waits at the court, but there’s no sign of Aaron as the usher calls him. Chas panics and tries to phone Aaron, refusing to give up hope on him. When she struggles to get hold of both Aaron and Adam, Chas is horrified to discover that there’s now a warrant out for her son’s arrest. Does Aaron make it to court in time?


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Summary: Adam contemplates losing his best friend as Paddy struggles to stay strong. Chas is reduced to tears as she is forced to say goodbye to her son in heartbreaking circumstances.


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Summary: Does Aaron face a future behind bars, or will he escape court and go on the run? Last in storyline.

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