Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 21, 2012

Aaron & Ed in France: Update #05

Keep up to date with Aaron & Ed via Ed’s official Facebook page.


  1. The phone call between Aaron and Chas was really sweet. Adam’s birthday message made me laugh, Ed’s singing, well let’s just say he should stick to his day job but it’s lovely to see Aaron so relaxed and happy.

  2. Mignon Aaron !, mais Ed est noix !

    • c’est vrai, je suis d’accord!!

  3. The call between Aaron and Chas was sweet and it was nice to see that nothing had changed within their relationship. When Ed said ‘do you want him back?’ and Chas replied, ‘no chance’, you could tell that she really did want him back.

    The birthday message was very short which was a shame but very funny, especially Ed with the bag over his head! Ed with his arm round Aaron was nice and shows how comfortable they’ve become with each other. Ed’s singing? Typical sportsman, lol!

    I have to say, they looked more of a couple here than they have before and at the end of the day, we just want Aaron to be happy, so good luck to both of them.

  4. I wasn’t ‘into’ these clips at first, but they are getting better as they go along! Nice to see Aaron and Ed becoming closer and Aaron seems happier now that Ed knows his secret!

  5. Is that the last of the updates or are ther more to come? (Anyone)!

    • Hiya. Yeah, I think that’s it now regarding the updates.

      I know Danny and Lloyd only filmed these extra scenes for a few days and in the last one, Aaron’s birthday message for Adam, he said he and Ed were fine now, suggesting the end of the story.

      • Thank’s Shawn.

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