Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 2, 2012

British Soap Awards 2012: Videos

Best Actor: Danny Miller

Best Storyline: Jackson’s Choice

Spectacular Scene of the Year: Barton’s Car Accident

Aftershow Interview: Emmerdale Cast


Other Awards

Best Actress
Best Single Episode
Best Young Performance
Best Comedy Performance
Best Dramatic Performance
Best On-Screen Partnership
Villain of the Year
Best Exit
Best Newcomer
Sexiest Male & Female
Lifetime Achievement Award
Special Achievement Award
Best Soap


  1. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for posting these videos, I watched the BSA’a last night and grinned like an idiot at the screen when our boys were on so to be able to watch them again this morning has brightened up my day.
    Is there any chance you can post the clip of Danny and Adam Thomas talking about bromances? It just made me smile and Danny looked so happy. It was from the aftershow party but they weren’t interviewed by Joe Swash, those other two lads did it. If you can find it, it would be great x

  2. It was great seeing Marc & Danny together again at the Soap Award’s.It reminded me of just how special the Aaron & Jackson story was.Marc revealed that he would be on screen again later in the year in the BBC drama “Privates” & i hope it’s not long before we see Danny in something new too! I’ve already forgotton about Ed!!

  3. Brilliant seeing the boys win their awards, much deserved, especially for Marc who hadn’t won before and for Danny – a fitting leaving present!

    When the Bartons car crash won the Spectacular Scene award, Danny was really happy, on his feet and clapping at James and Natalie, bless. I suppose it’s a shock when Emmerdale win an award as they usually miss out! 😦

    When Jackson’s Choice won, I thought Marc was going to burst into tears!! It made me smile because it looked like he wiped his eyes on Danny’s suit when he hugged him! It was so nice to see Marc accept the award and make the speech and nice of Danny to let him as he hadn’t won before but Marc forgetting to thank Danny and Danny nudging Marc was just so funny!! Marc was a bit overcome, bless him. Did you see him glance back at the audience as he left the stage, savouring the moment, I guess?

    When Danny won his award for Best Actor I loved how the rest of the cast were made up for him, especially Dominic Brunt who was beaming like a cheshie cat! Nice of Danny to thank the public first and by thanking everyone he seemed to suggest that this would be his last awards do he’d attend, which I suppose is true :’-( it was brilliant he one won of the biggies of the night though.

    Thanks for posting Jon! x

  4. So.. I guess… this is it?

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