Marc Silcock

Marc James Silcock, born November 4th 1988 (age 21), is a British actor.

He is best known for his role in the Channel 4 show Hollyoaks as the character Eli, for which he joined the cast in February 2008. He has also appeared in series one of Waterloo Road as Anthony Sugden, the Channel Four hit show Shameless as the dearly departed Fergal Maguire, and Emmerdale as Josh Hope, the long lost son of Bob. He returned to Emmerdale in 2010, playing gay character Jackson Walsh.

Before making his debut on Hollyoaks he studied acting at City College, Manchester where he undertook roles previously mentioned after a year out of acting.



  1. I don’t remember him in Waterloo Road (my all-time favourite programme)! I’m gunna have to rewatch the WHOLE of series 1 now :L Does anyone know if he had a major part?

  2. hes propa lovely i luv him

  3. i love him 🙂

  4. i am amaized how you can sit still in that wheelchair and not move any other part of your apart from your head…(as jackson) it must be very hard not to move at all. well done…me myself i am in a wheelchair and i was never quite sure if you had a identicle twin brother with whom you shared that part…WELL DONE!!! am looking forward seeing lots more of you..;)

  5. You are my favourite character in Emmerdale. You are a wonderful actor, and very handsome! I am an actor too and have been with my company “Lung Ha” for 25 years. We all have learning difficulties and do a production every year in the local theatres. This year our play was “Around the world in eighty days” and we had a full house every night. We won a special award last year as the “best ensemble” which made us very proud. We have also performed in Paris! I wish you all the best in the future and hope we will see you on TV for many, many years.
    Love Leigh Tracy Flynn.x

  6. God help me , I cannot stop watching A&J online– not even sure how i stumbled on it. Never heard of Emmerdale before today– we are so deprived here in the U.S.; they will not even put good shows like this on BBCA for us to watch. Nor can i buy it on Amazon or Ebay. Rubbish is what all the soaps are here in the States. I wish WE could get iTV. I could pay. I need to call someone about this. I need to get this term paper done but there are sooo many eye-candy episodes clips to see. These guys can REALLY act! I can’t even find a T-shirt for it. At least I got the Snow Patrol album. I have loved them for years since i heard a session on TV of Set Fire to the 3rd bar. I knew they would get better. I loved them back in 2001 & it was that song that kept my loneliness bearable when I was away for a semester in Hawaii. And was missing my other half, my soul mate.
    How can a couple actors so change someone’s outlook & happiness level? Oh, it makes me want to improve the tourism & visit Manchester or something. If I lived there, I would donate time to form a brigade to guard against stalking from scary, deranged ladies bullying such a nice sweet guy who donates his time to special needs youth, meaning Danny B. Miller, his co-star from Emerdale. She would need to come through me with that 4 inch blade, needing a good tasing.
    Well, i do not care if they are straight (we can’t all be perfect). They are THEE best at gay acting and cute in the extreme. That is great acting. Why is no one telling me about this popularity across the pond? Someone is not doing their job in promotion if it took me years to hear of this. Wow. If i cannot get the soaps on dvd or cable tv channels, at least let me buy the 2010 set 3 years later! I cannot even find a poster or shirt or what-not.

  7. I like him so much

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