Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 22, 2010

TV Now Awards: Results

The TV Now Awards took place in Dublin tonight, with Danny up for Best Male. But did he win? Well, in a word…No! All the results for the soap categories have been added below.

Best Soap: Coronation Street
Favourite Male Soap Star: Tony Tormey (Paul Brennan – Fair City)
Favourite Female Soap Star: Katherine Kelly (Becky McDonald, Coronation Street)
Favourite Soap Family: The Dingles (Emmerdale)

Meanwhile, here’s a few pics of Danny at the ceremony:


So Danny has missed out yet again, one of these days real talent might actually be recognised at these shows! Remember to keep voting for him at the TV Choice Awards here!


  1. Oh well! There were a lot of nominees in the male soap star category and Fair City is an Irish soap. It was almost inevitable that a local soap would take this award, I personally thought.

    It’s fantastic news that the Dingles took Favourite Soap Family! There was some stiff competition in that category too, including some Eastenders and Irish soap families. With Danny, Lucy, Jeff and other Dingles there, I’m sure that they’ll have had fun celebrating.

    It’s better than the BSA’s anyway.

  2. To be fair it would have been really hard for Danny to win over Tony Tormey, all the housewives of Ireland love him in Fair City.

    I wish there was a catagory for Best Storyline, because I think Danny would have won that hands down. Fair City isnt really that good with storylines so Emmerdale would have taken that catagory! Im Irish so I can say that !! Haha

    Atleast they won something though! Best Family is an awesome award to win I think!

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