Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 10, 2012

Aaron & Ed in France: Update #02

Keep up to date with Aaron & Ed via Ed’s official Facebook page.


  1. Must be cold in France. I’m sure Chas would be impressed that Aaron’s keeping his vest on. Wouldn’t want him to catch a cold now would we?? 🙂

    • Haha, very good, Sharon! Haven’t we seen that vest before? I can just imagine him in a string one and a knotted hanky on his head at the seaside 😉

      Loved Aaron squirting the shaving foam over Ed’s phone – serves him right for perving on Aaron in the bathroom!! Though I hope he’s wasn’t shaving off his lovely stubble!

      I have to say, Ed with ‘Yorkie’ was a bit weird, kind of freaked me out a little, brrrr.

      • Yes, we have seen that vest before in one of my favourite episodes. In fact, we’ve seen too much of that vest in my opinion and not enough of what’s underneath it 😉 Can’t really blame Ed for copping an eyeful though, wouldn’t you if Aaron was shaving in your bathroom???

        Hmm, not sure about Ed talking to that Yorkie thing either although it did appear to have more to say to him than Aaron has 🙂

        • R u talking about the ‘breathe in’ episode? I love that one!
          Might have to go and watch it now. The ‘Yorkie’ thing is weird but l liked Aaron squirting the shaving foam!

          • Yes, I am talking about that episode, it always make me smile. Aaron was at his cutest, most adorable best. I might have to watch it again later myself.

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