Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 6, 2012

Aaron & Ed in France: Update #01

Keep up to date with Aaron & Ed via Ed’s official Facebook page.


  1. Ok, I wasn’t sure how this was going to work but that did make me smile. Aaron’s expressions are priceless and it’s nice to see he’s not lost any of his sarcasm. I may just have to keep watching!!!

  2. So, from now on do we follow them, or is there a chance we still get alittle bit of Emmerdale?

  3. Well that was different! But I liked it! LOL

  4. Two thoughts: Ed did seem mightily impressed by running water; and he really did say “This is where the magic happens.”

    oh, my.

    • Maybe too much information from Ed!! He’s so excited about the move bless him and Aaron looks thoroughly underwhelmed by the whole thing. Love the bottle of cleaner by the sink being called marc:-)

  5. Yes, this is great!
    Loved the ‘This is where the magic happens” quote and the “Looking for an escape route?” LOL
    One can only imagine.. 😉

  6. It’s nice to see that Aaron has recovered after his emotional farewells and to see him being Aaron again, complete with his usual scowls and sarcasm!

    Aaron does seem very underwhelmed by it all or is that just Aaron?? Ed seems like a little boy in a sweetshop! And the ‘this is where the magic happens’ – too much info!!

    Glad to see Aaron with Ed though and not on his own.

  7. Hey, maybe they should create a new spin-off series called “The new globe-trotting adventures of Aaron Livesy and friends”. Featuring Ed and Hazel. Could be fun. 🙂

  8. I could actually understand what Ed was saying, which is more than I ever could in Emmerdale! Maybe they should have recorded him on his mobile phone all the time! He did say “amazing” a lot though, didn’t he?

    I’d also like them to make a spin-off, but featuring Danny and Marc Silcock as Aaron and Jackson, showing all the bits we didn’t see in Emmerdale! “Aaron and Jackson – the early years”. Sounds good to me! Danny and Marc might both be available, too!

    • Actually it would be “the early weeks”. 😉

      • Good point! I did think of putting that, but it doesn’t have quite the same ‘ring’ to it!

        Would still like a show or a DVD like that, nevertheless! 😉

        • Haha, that would be brilliant, wouldn’t it?

          Though didn’t Danny say recently ‘I’m so glad I won’t be kissing any more blokes’?

          Could be a problem there then 😦

          • I’d like to see ‘Aaron and Jackson what could’ve been if Emmerdale hadn’t paralysed and killed Jackson’! Danny’s so young maybe he’ll be over the kissing blokes thing in a couple of years when his girlfriend gets jealous if him kissing other women?! I mean panto, seriously Danny, not a career move I was expecting?!

            • I’d like to see any Aaron and Jackson story as a spin off or DVD, I’m not fussy, any opportunity to see those two together again would be a winner for me. It will be interesting to see how Danny’s girlfriend reacts to him kissing girls, far easier to see him kissing blokes I would imagine. Haha, I wouldn’t knock the panto thing though even if it’s not what we were expecting. Apparently the tickets are flying out of the Box Office. Where else are people going to get a chance to get that close to Prince Charming!!! 😉

  9. I don’t see what the big deal is ,about kissing blokes, It only takes a few seconds, and considering the big boost this story has made to his career.It’s the best one we’re had on tv for a long time.

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