Posted by: Kimbaforeva | February 21, 2011

Gavin remembered…

Watch a personal message from the cast of Emmerdale to those who attended the Gavin Blyth Memorial Ball.

After the exertion of the football match between Emmerdale and Corrie earlier in the day, there was a chance to get glammed up for a fabulous evening of entertainment, including performances by Tony Audenshaw’s (Bob) band White Van Man.

It was all in memory of Emmerdale series producer and former Corrie producer Gavin Blyth, who sadly passed away last year.

The event organiser, Danny Miller (Aaron), shared his thoughts on Gavin:

“Gavin Blyth was an inspirational and passionate producer. But not only that, he was a fantastic man, father, mentor and friend who was like a brother to me and so many others.”

The whole memorial was a massive success, raising an incredible £60,000 for MacMillan Cancer Support.

If you’d like to make a donation, please click here. Thank you.




  1. Congratulations to all concerned. A great achievement, but I think the best memorial that they could now make to Gavin Blyth is to appoint his successor to ensure the programme goes forward. It seems strange that after three months there is still no sign that steps are being taken, and until things are settled, I should imagine many of the cast feel unsettled about the direction of the programme,and their long-term futures. A few have already voted with their feet.

    For example, what about Marc Silcock’s contract?. He is a fine actor doing a great job, but he doesn’t know if he’ll still have a job in a few weeks time, and until a new series producer is in post many decisions must be being put on the back buner

    • Definately agree with you, Alan. Let’s hope whoever takes over recognises Marc Silcocks talent and popularity and keeps him on permanently.

      And hats off to Danny Miller for helping to organise this event and for openly recognising the person who gave him his big break. Credit where credit is due.

  2. […] Speaking via his own blog, Danny said, “Gavin Blyth was an inspirational and passionate producer.“But not only that, […]

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