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Aaron Livesy: Blog Stats

Danny Miller finally bids farewell to the dales in tomorrow night’s episodes of the show, after four amazing years in the role of troubled Aaron Livesy. He’s certainly been through the mill has Aaron, with fires, fights, crashes, comings out, assisted (and attempted) suicides, not to mention the tears – my God the tears!! – and all of that within the last twelve months alone. Quite frankly, the kids cursed, but throughout all of that there’s been this here blog, posting spoilers, videos, interviews and much more since April 2010. Now, I could just sit here and say thank you for visiting the site and watching the episodes over the last few years – and I probably will do at the end of this post – but before I do that I thought I’d share with you some of the blogs statistics (it’s really not as boring as I make that sound, honest). So, without further ado…


Search Terms

Ahh yes, the search terms! These are the words or phrases people have typed into search engines such as Google or Bing, and as a result have ended up on this blog.

Some of them were fairly standard, Aaron Livesy for example was by far and away the most searched for term, attracting a combined total of 68,300 visitors to date. Danny Miller proved to be the more popular cast member with over 16,000 searches, Marc Silcock trailed in second with a considerably less 5,200 whilst Dominic Brunt and Pauline Quirke took 1,100 apiece.

Aaron and Jackson regularly topped the days searches throughout 2010 and 2011, with over 23,000 hits for the pairing. Jackson Walsh picked up a fair few searches himself, with well over 3,000 of you wanting to know what would be happening to him next. Hundreds more asked if we would ever see him walk again, or even if he would die. Needless to say, that question has now well and truly been answered. *sniff*

Then there were the not so innocent searches, which made for a VERY interesting read. Over 4,000 of you dirty-minded lot wanted to see Danny Miller Naked (not that I blame you for trying), and a further 1,200 were hoping to see Marc in the buff. Lloyd Everitt (Ed) and Ryan Prescott (Flynn) acquired 600 and 200 nude requests respectively.

I won’t even mention the 21 people who were hoping for a glimpse of Dominic Brunt (aka daddy Paddy) in his birthday suit, you know who you are!!

As for the picture above, no it isn’t a direct upload from Lloyd Everitt’s iPhone of the Emmerdale lads on a dirty weekend away to Rhyl… mores the pity. Nope, it is merely a rather poor photoshopping effort, but if any of you 6,000 searches would like the uncensored version then you are more than welcome to ask for it. (I’ll apologise in advance to Marc for putting his head on the guy with the small penis, I’m sure he’s hung like a horse in real life. Well, with a name like Silcock…) *ahem*

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, moving swiftly on.

Top Ten search terms:
1. Aaron Livesy (68,300)
2. Aaron & Jackson (23,400)
3. Danny Miller (16,100)
4. Emmerdale Spoilers (9,200)
5. Aaronlivesy WordPress (8,000)
6. Marc Silcock (5,200)
7. Danny Miller Naked (4,400)
8. What happens to Jackson in Emmerdale? (3,400)
9. Danny Miller Girlfriend (2,900)
10. Danny Miller Strips (2,300)


The rest of it

And I say the rest of it because, well, the rest really IS pretty boring. Still, here’s some other not-so-interesting facts for you all to ‘enjoy’.

  • On June 8th 2011, a day after Jackson’s on-screen death, the blog achieved it’s highest number of visitors in a single day with 5,686 hits. That record was almost beaten earlier last month when 5,606 people visited on March 5th 2012.
  • Despite the relatively high figures for June last year, it was actually October 2010 that proved to be the busiest month to date, remaining unbeaten ever since. Almost 108,000 hits were achieved across the month following that train crash on October 6th.
  • The most popular post in the sites 2-year history – and it really was the run away victor – is this one from May 2010, posted just ten days after the blog launched. 19,000 people have drooled over that picture since it was first posted, it is almost certainly the reason behind the high ranking of Danny naked in the search terms top ten… well, along with this one, and this one, aaaand possibly this one.
  • Readers from over 100 countries have accessed the blog so far, with the UK making up 38% of the 1.35m hits. The USA came second (19%), Canada third (14%), Sweden fourth (11%) and France fifth (4%). Special shout out to the one person who visited from Fiji.


A thank you

Speaking of shout outs, special thanks to Sharon, Shawn, Keith, Nic, Cutie, Mark and Charlie. You guys contributed to the comments sections more than anyone else recently (based on the last 1,000 comments), so thanks for making the experience that bit more enjoyable. And to everyone else who’s ever clicked on here, or watched the episodes on YouTube, thank you! I know it wasn’t always easy sticking with this storyline, God knows I came close to giving up on it myself on numerous occasions, but I’m pleased there’s still a few of you left out there who stayed with it until the end. This isn’t the end of the blog, I’ll still post updates from time to time, but it’s the end of an era (this is all getting rather mellow-dramatic now).

A huge thanks to the Emmerdale cast and crew for producing some of the best programming on British TV, 40 years and still going! To Danny, Marc, Dominic, Lucy, Pauline, Adam and everyone else who featured in Aaron’s story, thank you.

Last but by no means least, the biggest thanks is reserved for the incredible Gavin Blyth, the man responsible for Aaron’s storyline and some of the best episodes in Emmerdale’s history. Without him none of you would be here now reading this incredibly long-winded post. RIP Gavin.


And that’s it, I literally have nothing left to babble on about. Enjoy tomorrow’s episodes (you might wanna stock up on pocket tissues). There’ll be a new poll added following Aaron’s exit, here’s hoping it’s a good one!

Over and out.

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Aaron’s exit: Preview

Aaron behaves strangely in the build-up to his court appearance in tomorrow’s double bill of Emmerdale.

Chas and Paddy are both fretting as they wonder what the future has in store for Aaron, but the mechanic remains unusually calm about the situation.

Dressed in his suit, Aaron tells Chas that it would be best if she stayed at home today. However, Chas knows something is amiss and is determined to go. Will Aaron show up for court?

The door also remains open for Danny Miller to reprise his role as Aaron in the future. His exit episodes air tomorrow, but Aaron’s story will continue via the soap’s new digital initiative.

Emmerdale‘s series producer Stuart Blackburn appeared on This Morning today, answering viewer questions and offering a number of character teasers for the coming months.

Hear what he had to say about Aaron below.


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Au revoir Aaron!

As Aaron’s departure draws closer, actor Danny Miller relives some of Aaron’s highs and lows from the past four years.

He’s come a long way since the troubled teen who arrived in 2008. Full of angst as he fought against his sexuality and his turbulent relationship with his mother, Chas.

His romance with Jackson proved to be Aaron’s defining moment and helped to reveal his true character traits, one of those being fierce loyalty to his family and friends.

But it’s this loyalty that will be put to the test, when he steps up to take the rap for his best friend Adam in the aftermath of the fire.

Is there any hope for happiness in Aaron’s future?


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Spoilers: Aaron’s Exit

Monday 2nd: The police arrive in the village to ask Cain more questions about the garage fire, now suspecting that it could have been an insurance job. Once the police have left, Debbie stresses that the garage has been deliberately targeted and is worried about their safety. Cain is then forced to tell a shocked Debbie and Cameron the truth. Debbie is seething and heads straight to see Adam, warning that if the police ask her directly, she will reveal his guilt.

Later, Adam is determined to turn himself in, so Holly tries to cause a delay by offering to drive him to the police station. Holly then discreetly contacts Aaron, who quickly arrives to talk Adam out of it – adamant that he needs to be around to look after his family. Adam agrees, but panics when the police arrive. Taking matters into his own hands, Aaron heads out to greet the officers, telling them that he was the one who torched the garage…

Tuesday 3rd: Aaron is questioned by the police at the station and they warn him about the severity of the situation. However, Fletcher seems suspicious of Aaron’s story. At the same time, Adam is unaware of what Aaron is up to until Holly lets it slip. After being released, Aaron visits Adam, telling him to stick to the story. However, Adam is torn and Aaron worries that he won’t go along with it. Later, Aaron explains what he’s done to Debbie and Cain. They’re stunned that he is protecting Adam, but Cain agrees to go along with it. Cameron suggests telling Chas, but Debbie insists that it isn’t their problem and to leave it alone. Soon afterwards, Aaron meets Adam at The Woolpack and tries to convince him that everything will be alright – he has a plan…

Wednesday 4th: Aaron makes a phone call to Ed, before telling Chas that he torched the garage and he’s already confessed to the police. Chas is angry, but becomes confused by his calmness and determination when Aaron asks her to trust him. Over at the farm, the police question Adam about Aaron’s confession, while Cameron is torn as he still wants to tell Chas the truth. Later, Chas begs Adam to tell her why Aaron would have started the fire, but Moira pleads with him and he lies to Chas. At the same time, Aaron is in the café as Ed turns up to see him following his call. After his meeting with Ed, Aaron tells Adam that he’s got to trust him and not speak to anyone before tomorrow when he is due in court…

Thursday 5th (7pm): Dressed in his suit on his day in court, Aaron visits Chas at The Woolpack and tells her that it would be best if she stayed at home. However, Chas knows something is amiss and decides to go. Cameron offers to attend court with her, but Cain doesn’t trust him not to say anything stupid, so insists he will go along too. They’re ready to leave for court when an unimpressed Edna tells Chas that she cleared up cans from Jackson’s grave, assuming it was Aaron.

Later, everyone waits at the court, but there’s no sign of Aaron as the usher calls him. Chas panics and tries to phone Aaron, refusing to give up hope on him. When she struggles to get hold of both Aaron and Adam, Chas is horrified to discover that there’s now a warrant out for her son’s arrest. Does Aaron make it to court in time?

Thursday 5th (8pm): Adam contemplates losing his best friend as Paddy struggles to stay strong. Chas is reduced to tears as she is forced to say goodbye to her son in heartbreaking circumstances. Does Aaron face a future behind bars, or will he escape court and go on the run? Last in storyline.

These scenes air from Monday 2nd April, weeknights at 7pm, ITV1.

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Danny Miller: Interview

Danny Miller‘s tears were real when he filmed his final Emmerdale scenes – because he’s going to miss his co-stars so much.

The award-winning actor joined the soap as tortured gay teen Aaron Livesy when he was 17 and feels like he grew up there. But seven years on he admits there is one thing he won’t miss — kissing men.

Danny said: “Romantic scenes are embarrassing, especially when you’re only 17, but you just have to get on with it. I didn’t have to kiss anyone for the first six months but then it was Victoria Sugden I kissed first. You just have to prepare yourself for it and forget people are watching.

“I won’t miss kissing blokes. I haven’t got a problem with it but I don’t think I’ll be reminiscing!”

But the storylines have had their plus points, Danny admitted, as they never made his real-life girlfriend — former Emmerdale star Kirsty-Leigh Porter — jealous. He said: “Kirsty has never got jealous because I’ve been kissing lads for three years. Though that could all change now. But because she’s an actress she’s understanding.”

But things could change when Kirsty hears who Danny’s dream leading lady is — and it isn’t her. He said: “It would be Angelina Jolie I think. It might be too weird working with Kirsty again!”

Fans of the soap will see Aaron’s last appearance on April 5th, and he says they were the most emotional scenes he has ever filmed. He told TV Biz: “On my final day it was very teary-eyed because the others set me off. It’s the realisation it’s the last scene you’re going to do there. The tears in the final scenes are real tears. You can’t hold it back. The realisation I was leaving just kicked in.

“I’ll miss everyone — there is not one bad person on Emmerdale‘s cast or crew. I’ll miss Kelvin Fletcher, who plays Andy Sugden, and Adam Thomas, who plays Adam Barton, a lot.”

Aaron’s storylines have touched upon violence, homophobia, euthanasia and even self-harm, so Danny took up running to cope with the stress. He said: “Aaron has had an emotional rollercoaster. I have to go running and burn off the emotion at the end of the day. You have to leave the building and leave the emotion there.

“Crying from Monday to Friday can get draining but you have to learn to leave it behind. You have to go and get rid of it by having a run.”

The hardest time on Emmerdale for Danny was when producer Gavin Blyth passed away in November 2010. He died in a matter of weeks after being diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer. Danny said: “Gavin’s death hit everyone very hard. It was such a shock.

“He got cancer then a month and a bit later he just died. He was like a father figure for me. I looked up to him and he helped me play the great storylines. He nurtured me. He was a very talented young man. He was there 24/7 for me.

“He stood by his word and he stood by me and said he’d support me and he did. We all miss him so much.”

Leaving Emmerdale was a tough decision for Danny, but now he wants to get into more dramas. He said: “It was hard leaving. I could have stayed there for ever but I want to branch out. I love Sherlock — I’m the biggest fan of Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s unbelievable. Gritty roles like Dominic West’s as serial killer Fred West in Appropriate Adult would be a dream come true.”

Working on soaps is notoriously hard work and Danny is excited about the idea of spending more time on scenes and developing his acting. He said: “The likes of Pauline Quirke and people who’ve been in dramas — they come in and they don’t know how we do it, 16 scenes a day.

“You’ve got ten hours to do all those scenes. It’s a massive reality check. You don’t have six hours to spend on a scene. It annoys me when people are snobby about soaps. People come up to me and say, ‘I don’t watch it and its sh*t.’ It’s pretty disrespectful because that’s my job. It’s something we do day in, day out, week in week out, not like a film.”

Before Danny auditions for any new roles he plans to get his driving licence. He said: “It’s ironic. I play a mechanic but I’ve been too busy to learn to drive.”

But down whichever road his career takes him, Danny is thrilled to have been part of Emmerdale. He said: “The years have flown by. But they do say time flies when you’re having fun.”


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Spoilers (26th – 30th March)

Monday 26th: Adam is unnerved to see a fire investigation vehicle parked up at the garage. Soon afterwards, Aaron finds Adam and is shocked to see that he’s in a bad state with a bottle of vodka. Aaron encourages Adam to face his fears, promising that he’ll help him through it. Eventually, Adam returns home and Moira does her best to reassure him that everything’s going to be okay.

At the same time, Ed is shocked about the garage fire and tells Aaron about a mechanics job all ready for him in France if he wants it. Paddy thinks this is an amazing opportunity and tries to get Aaron excited about it, but Aaron is preoccupied as he worries about Adam. Later, Ed’s gutted when Aaron tells him that he can’t move to France because it’s not fair to leave Adam.

Tuesday 27th: Chas and Paddy are thrown when Aaron tells them that he’s not going to France with Ed. Chas is worried when Aaron tells her that it’s because of Adam, and she tries to talk sense into him. Paddy also tries to intervene, but Aaron is adamant that he’s staying for his friend.

Wednesday 28th: Chas reckons that Ed can persuade Aaron to go to France.

Thursday 29th: Aaron postpones his drink with Ed to stay with Adam. When Aaron eventually arrives at the pub to meet Ed, it’s too late. Ed leaves, explaining that as he only has one week left, he doesn’t want to spend it just talking about Adam or being messed around. Aaron’s left devastated.

Friday 30th: Chas tries to question Aaron over why he split up with Ed, but Aaron doesn’t want to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Aaron tries to hide his concern when Debbie reveals that the investigators think the fire was started deliberately. Debbie is suspicious and grills Cain over who could have started it. Aaron can see that Cain is already losing patience with protecting Adam. Later, Adam braces himself when he discovers that the fire investigators know it was arson. Holly and Moira are terrified for his future when he says that he will have to own up…

These scenes air from Monday 26th March, weeknights at 7pm, ITV1.

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Adam’s Fiery Revenge: Behind the scenes

Cain had better watch his back, as Adam is out for revenge!

Things have gone from bad to worse for poor Adam, who’s carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders since his dad died.

Increasingly desperate, he finally snaps and goes hunting for the man he blames for all the wrongs that have befallen him – Cain.

Go behind the scenes with Adam Thomas and Danny Miller as they film Adam’s fiery revenge, and keep an eye out for a peek of Danny’s thermals!


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Spoilers (19th – 23rd March)

Monday 19th: There’s a sense of Aaron fooling himself as he tells Chas and Paddy that he’s okay with Ed going to live in France.

Tuesday 20th: Aaron is unexpectedly upset when Ed cancels a date.

Wednesday 21st: Chas and Paddy worry that Aaron is going to get hurt by Ed. Aaron pretends that he wasn’t bothered by Ed standing him up yesterday, but gives Ed a taste of his own medicine by leaving him waiting at the café. Aaron then gets sick of Debbie and Cain’s meddling when they tell Ed that Aaron will meet him in the pub that night. Aaron tells them there’s no point stringing it out – he’s finishing it with Ed.

Later, when Ed arrives at the pub, Aaron tries to end it. However, Ed soon leaves Aaron gobsmacked when he asks him to consider moving to France with him…

Thursday 22nd (7pm): Aaron tires of Adam’s increasing resentment towards Cain and reminds him that his mum wasn’t an innocent victim. Soon afterwards, Adam quizzes Moira about Cain, but she finally snaps – telling him that he should look at his own actions if he wants someone to blame. Adam then drives erratically into the village, looking for Aaron.

Adam is unable to find Aaron, but instead sees Cain working at the garage. Cain riles Adam until he throws a petrol canister at Cain’s injured leg, with petrol leaking everywhere. Cain is left in agony and is powerless when Adam knocks more flammable liquid to the floor. In a moment of madness, Adam picks up the blowtorch and reckons it’s time that Cain begs for forgiveness. Adam throws down the blow torch, igniting a fire. He hesitates for a split second, before leaving Cain locked inside the garage…

Elsewhere, Chas has a go at Ed about his hopes of whisking Aaron off to France.

Thursday 22nd (8pm): Cain desperately looks for a way out of the garage as the fire spreads. Hearing his cries for help, Adam panics and accelerates away on his quad. The fire starts to take hold and Cain sees the situation becoming more dangerous.

Adam’s conscience soon makes him turn back, but he realises that he can’t get into the garage and calls the fire brigade.

Soon afterwards, Adam kicks the door in and heads into the flames. Aaron sees the fire and alerts Debbie before racing to help, ignoring Bob’s warnings. Cain, Adam and Aaron all make it out of the garage and Cain seethes about what Adam has done. Aaron confronts Adam about starting the fire, but seeing how petrified Adam is, tells him to keep quiet. Aaron then implores Cain to spare Adam, promising that he’ll never ask anything of him ever again…

Friday 23rd: At the scene of the garage fire, everyone is shocked as they come to terms with what has happened. Soon afterwards, Holly finds Adam panicking and is stunned to hear that he started the fire. Moira is suspicious of the pair’s behaviour, but Aaron arrives and backs up Adam’s story. However, Adam continues to panic as he doesn’t know what Cain is going to tell the police.

Later, Cain tenses when the police arrive to take his statement. Shortly afterwards, the police arrive to question Adam at the farm just as he is about to crack. Suspicious of Adam’s story, Moira visits Cain and is left reeling when he reveals that Adam started the fire. But has Cain told the police yet?

These scenes air from Monday 19th March, weeknights at 7pm, ITV1.

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‘Emmerdale’ cast say goodbye to Danny Miller

The Emmerdale cast and crew have bid farewell to Danny Miller in a spoof Tinie Tempah video.

The clip, screened at Miller’s leaving party last night (March 9th), sees Adam Thomas (Adam Barton) rap along to ‘Written In The Stars’, while Kelvin Fletcher (Andy Sugden) dons an afro to play the keyboard shirtless.

Members of the Emmerdale team also don tracksuits like Miller’s character Aaron Livesy and swab themselves with tearsticks in reference to his numerous emotional plotlines.

The 21-year-old filmed his final scenes last week and wrote on Twitter afterwards: “Can’t explain the emotions i feel at the moment!

“It’s been a pleasure to play Aaron and I love you all for taking the character on and loving his storylines. Thank you so much for your support for me the last 4 years!”

Thomas also tweeted: “Can safely say @DannyBMiller had the send off he deserved love u kidda thx for an amazing 3 years love tinie T!x”

Miller has teased that Aaron’s departure from Emmerdale will be “amazing”, but “heartbreaking for some people”.

His final episode is due to air on April 5th.

Watch the Emmerdale team bid farewell to Danny Miller below:


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Find Ed on Facebook!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have access to your favourite characters’ inner most thoughts and private conversations? Well now you can!

Amy, Alex, Victoria and Aaron’s new flame Ed have just opened their own Facebook pages.

You can follow their shenanigans here:

Amy’s Facebook / Alex’s Facebook / Victoria’s Facebook / Ed’s Facebook

See what they’re up to, share their stories and join in their conversations.

And if you think that’s good, you’ve seen nothing yet – this is just the tip of the iceberg for Emmerdale’s new digital initiative for 2012.

Stay tuned as introduce more characters, more stories and more new and exciting ways to get involved in the world of Emmerdale.


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